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3 years ago

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Photo: I’ve only been to Walden Pond twice, each time to take someone else who wanted to see the legendary place with their own eyes. It’s certainly worthy of the many words written about it. It’s a supreme privilege to live in such a beautiful area and to raise two little boys here… they’ll never fully know just how lucky they are.


These two little boys…

These two little boys!

Lemme tell you about these two little boys:

Jumping on furniture.

Telling me “no” with attitude.

Asking for stuff without a “please” or a “thank you.”

I’m talkin’ ’bout that full blown “you need to get me” nonsense!


Demanding cookies and junk without eating the lunches and dinners they asked me for.

Hitting, screeching, running, pulling, jumping…

These two little boys

lost their damn minds

while my relatives were here! 

I really thought I was going to beget violence upon my children. For real.

didn’t, but Lord did I want to!

It’s all really my fault. I didn’t tell my boys that my uncle and his husband were coming for a visit. I thought that I could have it be a fun surprise. Frankly, my uncle and his lovely husband are in their late 60s, so I didn’t actually think that they’d be of much interest to the boys. I figured the boys would be excited within the margins of reason and then they’d go about their business while grown folk visited and talked about grown folk’ stuff like back pain and mortgages.

I was damn wrong.

Little boys were just over-the-top. Yelling every word, jumping on the uncles, pulling and tugging, throwing things… it didn’t help that the uncles, who were delighted to spend time with the children, just thought that everything was cute. When they weren’t being (mercifully) patient with some sort of behavior, they were smiling and laughing at whatever nonsense the boys were doing. And all I could do was be “that mom” who was not in control of her children but was just yelling at them the entire time while watching them blatantly ignore every single rule in the book.

Every single rule in the book!

Embarrassing.  Seriously. These are the moments I work hard to avoid. I know we’re all family and children are children, but then again, I know that my boys know how to act right and they just chose not to. So here I am, company gone, exhausted, with a messy house, trying to get little boys back on track. I’m also sitting here licking my wounds and waiting to hear the interpretation through the grapevine in Maryland about how the uncles experienced it all. I can hear my grandmother now… and my mother… oh no! I’m so not excited.

Makes me want to punish those two little fools for all the days forever amen!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but my mother used to call this behavior “showin’ off” when I was a kid. “Stop showin’ off, Kyra!” I can hear it right now. That sharpness. That “you’re in trouble” voice, but with a smile. That “you’re in trouble” smile that I think all mothers have. That “I’m embarrassed and that’s a big problem for you” smile. And there were consequences. Big ones.

I suppose that’s part of my problem, too. Too few consequences for these last two days of insanity. I was appeasing instead of parenting. Those two really got me. They really, really did. They know how to act right, and I know how to mother. So I think, ultimately, I’m more angry at myself than I am at them. To be clear, though, I am angry at them!

Next time… we’ll all be better. I’ll will it so!

There were highlights, including a little trip to Walden Pond. It’s much better when there aren’t a million people there. The boys really loved it and we saw a freaking eagle while we were there! Those things are huge and beautiful!

This morning, I had the high privilege of going on a nature walk with a good friend. We chatted about what mothers chat about, but mostly we were awed by nature’s beauty. If you’re ever in Massachusetts and you are looking for something off the beaten path, come to MetroWest and ask someone to direct you to Hutchin’s Pond. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to go back! That walk was most certainly jar filling after an intense two days. Just what I needed!

If I were a poet, this dry riverbed would certainly be inspiration. I love the contrast of the solid and permanent strength of the stones against the fragile and fleeting beauty of the fallen leaves. The brilliant yellow of the leaves highlights the darkness of the stones. Their varying shapes highlight the smooth uniformity of the rocks. Somehow the number of the gathered stones seems accessible against the countless leaves among them. I could go on and on…

Be sure to watch your jar level this week, Dear Reader. Be sure to do something to fill it up a bit: big or small, it doesn’t matter! Diligent maintenance is key.

I’ll see you Friday for some Quiet Thoughts.


3 Replies to “Oh, Ya'll Showin' Off Today!”

  1. It’s been SO long since I’ve stopped by. I’m sorry. But, loved this post because I could hear your mama saying “stop showing off!” just by the way you described it. LOL. I’ve never been to Walden pond either. Seems like this mythical magical place in my mind. Lovely riverbed too. 🙂

    1. Heyooo! It HAS been a while!! So glad that you stopped in! Hope you’re well!

      In your travels, be sure to make Walden part of your wanderings. It really is a special place. I don’t go often because parking is $8 and it’s very popular but, in the off season, it’s often worth it. Go! You’ll love it!

  2. My mum used to call this being “ex and shoff” — excitable and showing off. Whenever I behaved like that, that’s what she’d call it. (Well, I think Dad used the phrase too, but yeah.) When I was little it didn’t bother me, but when I was older it embarrassed me a lot — especially as I often didn’t think I was showing off and didn’t like being accused of it!

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