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3 years ago

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Photo: Little boys getting cozy with chickens a few days ago. Being a parent is fascinating stuff– the world blows up and they just don’t know. You keep their world spinning with your calm and your focus. They really do follow… it’s amazing.


It was a gray and drizzly morning yesterday, so when the sound of water falling came to my ears, I didn’t pay a terrible amount of attention. I looked out at the window to see that it wasn’t raining that hard, so I got curious. What was that?

I opened the window, but outside wasn’t the source.

I walked around the kitchen to see if little boys had turned on a sink.


I opened up my basement door. Yes, the sound was louder.

Headed down the stairs and stepped into water.

Hot water.

Water from my boiler.


It’s not a great picture, I know, but that’s my boiler willfully dumping hot, clean gallons of water water onto my basement floor. I figured out a way to stop it (thank God!) and I texted my (awesome) neighbor who ran right over and helped me clean it up. It was one of those full stop moments. Hello, Kyra. Ready for your next challenge?

My neighbor was just as befuddled as I was (am): “Here is the good news, though, you stopped the water. It isn’t leaking. Maybe you just overfilled it last time you put water into it. But I don’t know… but the water is hot, it’s clean, and there’s no oil anywhere. I think you are going to be ok.”

Ok… all things relative, that’s good news. I hope.

But I was still pretty worried for the rest of the day. It dumped once more after the initial incident, and it hasn’t done anymore since. Meanwhile, it functioned pretty normally: we had hot water all day without so much as a whimper from the machine. Still, we’re gonna have to get a guy out here. “Probably looking at $150 minimum,” my husband said in an email from work.

“If it’s a [something something mechanical coil thingy] leak, it’s probably going to be some $600 to replace it,” my neighbor told me later in the day. He came out to say hi because I was sitting on the front steps staring into oblivion while the boys were playing in the sandbox. I decided I needed a hard cider at 2:30 in the afternoon to take the edge off… it just made me worried and sleepy.

We dropped $450 last week on the car and probably need to spend another $600 before the year is out for new tires…

and we still haven’t gotten the bills for Major’s playground accident yet.

In other words, I had the “oh my God, the sky is falling” shakes for most of the day yesterday.

I texted my Mom with my woes. She sent me one back that maybe me smile: “You’ve lived in the North too long. Don’t you remember? These things come in threes. You’ll be ok now.”

I told her I hoped so. No more shocks to the system, please!

“He always gives you just what you can handle. You can handle this. Breathe easy. It could be a lot worse,” she told me on the phone later. “You’ve got a lot of support. Every homeowner goes through this. You’re fine.”

I’m usually annoyed with the “it could be a lot worse” line. Of course that’s true, but it’s not usually helpful. However, there is a lot of truth to it this round: I have a car that works, Major’s eye is fine (just ugly) and I still, miraculously, have hot water and heat. So… someone beyond me is really lookin’ out. I’ve been saying little prayers of gratitude all day.

I did tell her, though, that I’m feeling the squeeze: “It would be different if it were July… but I hear these big numbers and all I can think is, ‘Christmas is around the corner. Our budget is so busted.’ It just makes me anxious.”

“So you make Christmas fabulous for the boys and you tell everybody else that it’s tight this year. You know how many times the adults in your life had to do that? You and your sister always had fabulous Christmases while other people got a nice note from me or something. It was like that for a few Christmases, especially when it was just me. Life gets tight, Kyra. That’s what happens. Your job is to make sure they don’t know it. You’re fine. You’ve got this. You’re normal. You’ve got support!”

I love my mother. I’m pretty sure that she thinks that I’m an over-anxious idiot. But she patiently loves me just the same. Everybody should be so lucky.

Hopefully my Quiet Thoughts will be fine, too. Lessons learned and happy things. I finished my outline yesterday morning (before the drama) so that’s something. I’m already chasing my next idea. Maybe I’ll have thoughts about that… we’ll see.

In the meantime, Dear Reader, take care. See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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      1. Haha that does sound odd i suppose. I hate the mess it makes, the ocean is boring to visit, ponds are full of skeeters. I dunno, I do like its picturesque qualities, its obvious life-giving purpose, but it generally causes me problems, so I don’t mind having less of it here.

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