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3 years ago

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Photo: Major picks his own outfits now and he’s found a preppy style that I love to pieces. After putting that awesome pull-over on and popping his collar (what? he’s New England born!), he looked in the mirror and smiled. He then yelled, “I look like Barack Obama!” I was like, “yeah you do!” Huh? Oh, that looks like a hospital room to you? Yeah, uh… it is…


I had every intention of writing a Quiet Thoughts post about the beginning of Autumn and the beauty and how much I appreciate living out among the farms and junk…

but then I had to take Major to the hospital this morning.

I dropped off the boys at school and chatted with some of the other moms for a minute. Both boys have two separate playdates after school today, so I needed to talk to both moms about contingency plans and stuff. Truth be told, I’m much more concerned about Minor than Major… today is his first “someone else picking him up” playdate. Big doings…

It was my plan to sequester myself in this office and get some damn work done. I’m so damn behind with all of my stuff! Augh! So I was just about to turn and head for the gate and high-tail it home when boom. Major fell head-first into the play-structure steps, gashing his eyelid open. Not as bloody as you would suspect it to be, but still messy. We got him right inside and cleaned up, but it was immediately obvious that he would need stitches.

I was so grateful in that moment for the time and care I’ve put in to making a few key relationships with the other moms in the community. It’s wonderful when your mind has run a straight line and other voices start to chirp in and say, “don’t worry, I’m going to do this, this, and this. Don’t even think about it.” There was someone to look after Minor, there was someone else who would pick him up after school, there were offers to make phone calls to my husband or to do other tasks. Major, who didn’t shed any tears after the initial pain, was cleaned up and given a cupcake within minutes… he even got to take a pair of to binoculars with him to the hospital. It took maybe 10 minutes from the initial incident to have all my ducks in a row and get my boy back in the car and head to the hospital.

I have to tell you how proud I am of my eldest son today. He was brave, he was positive, he was responsive… he really stepped up to a really big moment. It’s not a small thing to be on your way to a normal day, have a big fall, and then have all the plans change in an instant. He’s usually not a little boy who can pivot on a dime, but he did today. He wasn’t excited to be at the hospital, but he was right there with me, calm and ready for whatever needed to happen, trusting in me to know he’d be ok.

As if seeing my little boy be brave and in the face of newness and injury wasn’t awesome enough, seeing all of the hard work of his home-training pay off, too, was fantastic: he didn’t miss a beat with the “pleases” and the “thank yous” and the “no, thank yous” and he told the doctor his name when he was asked and politely (and clearly!) answered the questions the doctor asked him! Yesssssssss. Can’t tell me nothin’ right now! It’s so good to see it all in action!

In the end, though there was a little debate about it, Major got the glue instead of stitches. He didn’t wiggle or struggle too much with it (and that stuff briefly burns, so there were a few tears, but he was fine), so it was pretty quick and easy to get done. The doctor was so impressed, and so was the tech who came to help. We were joined by a “child life specialist,” who was there to help keep Major calm and be a smiling face, and all she wanted to do was talk about how cute he is. “He’s so well behaved! Is he really only 4!?” I really couldn’t help but smile at him the whole time. That’s my son! Being damn awesome! I can’t even believe it!

I learned that our local hospital has a really cool program where they give the kids little gift bags during or after their visit. I was expecting some small thing, but instead found a beanie-baby, a matchbox car, a coloring book, blowing bubbles, graham crackers, apple juice, play dough and some playing cards in it! Isn’t that incredible? You should have seen the look my that boy’s face! Little mini-Christmas! All funded by donations, too! If your local hospital has a program like this, please consider giving… it was a wonderful treat that really made our ER visit so much more pleasant. I’m looking forward to donating a little something to the hospital fundraiser, just because that was a really wonderful thing to have.

Believe it or not, we were done in 90 minutes! Major actually went back to school and he’s on his after-school playdate right now. It took me a while to come down from the stress of it, so I didn’t get my productive morning… but this post is done. Right? That’s something…

It’s Friday and I’m the mother of a challenging, bright, brave, smart, phenomenal little boy. It’s cold, but I’m warm and full, seeing a lot of things come together in what could have been a tough moment. I’m feeling very lucky knowing that my little boy wasn’t more hurt: no injury to his eye, no concussion or anything like that. Just a little blood, a little glue. God bless all nurses and doctors who do amazing things in ERs every single day.

What are you grateful for this Friday, Dear Reader?

I wish you bursts of color and pocks of warmth this weekend, Dear Reader. The kind that stays with you when the breeze comes through the open windows and it has the welcome caress of crisp, dry Autumn and all that means. I miss you something spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, even a dash of clove. I wish you an apple picked at the perfect time, maybe baked and stuffed with a lovely cheese. Or cooked down into a lovely apple sauce. Or simply sliced and lovingly placed in a dish for you to much on. I wish you the sweet smell of burning wood, a favorite sweater that’s been eagerly waiting for you to break it out, a the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves under your feet. Go explore, Dear Reader, on a long walk, your head full of your own Quiet Thoughts. While out there, I hope your thoughts lead you to some powerful, undeniable truths: you are well loved, you are admired for your good works, you are worthy of the good things that come to you, you have so much more to give and there are so many who are excited to see what you do next.

Until Monday, Dear Reader, take care.

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