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3 years ago

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Photo: Old shoes, new shoes. Big shoes? Boy shoes. Big blue boy shoes. ….sorry, I just got finished reading Fox in Socks to the boys. Anyway, yes: Older shoes that still fit Minor on the left, crazy new awesome shoes for Major on the right. Let’s talk about Stride Rite quality though: those old shoes still light up after a million washes and have held up to heavy use for now their third summer, and they’ve got a bunch of good miles left in them. Just in case you ever wonder why I’m payin’ this money to get these shoes. That’s why. They are worth every single penny (and no, they didn’t pay me to write that!). (Also, like what I did with the title there? hahaha… so corny…)


Eww… it’s hot, ya’ll.

(I saw you roll your eyes. “You complain all winter! You’re not allowed to complain in the summer, too,” you’re thinking. Yeah, well… you are right. But still…)

It’s hot, ya’ll. Sticky gross hot. Legit southern hot. Don’t touch me, don’t talk to me hot.

And it’s gonna be this way all week.

Of course, I saw the Today Show this morning and they said that the forecast in the southwest was something like 110 for daytime highs and I was like… oh… it’s not that hot here… and then I emailed my girl Leah just to send her my (slightly cooler) thoughts because she lives out that way, and she informed me that it was 102 during the night time last night and that… that’s hot, ya’ll.

So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

No no, I still will. It’s Massachusetts hot, ya’ll. I get that’s whimpy hot, but I don’t care. 🙂

Anyway, since you are now sufficiently judging me, I might as well get on with my Monday post.

We got Major a new pair of shoes, as you can see, and he is crazy super pumped about them. It ended up being a Daddy trip with just Major while Minor and I stayed home. Let me tell you, Minor was pissed about it.

“But I want to go, too!”

“I want to go with Daddy, too!”

“But when do I get to go with Daddy?”

“When is [Major] coming back? Why did he go with Daddy?”

Oh boy…

Remember when the only thing that made Minor happy was a little Mommy Snuggle Time in my lap with his favorite show? Nothing in the world mattered as long as he was in my lap.

Welp, those days are over. Minor is lookin’ for a little more inclusion now.

There was nothing I could do to calm down this child for the two hours his father and his brother were gone. It wasn’t always an anguished wail (that was the beginning). Eventually it turned into an icy sort of settlement, along the lines of “if you thought you were gonna have an easy time of this, you were sorely mistaken, madam! Now get you some legos and build.”

Yeah… No rest for the mommy. No work done, either. Lots of “vroom-vroom” sounds and “drive your truck over here.”

And when Major came back with his glorious new light-up shoes with the cool blue lightsaber on the side, struttin’ his stuff and showin’ off because he was just too cool?

Ohhh…. Minor was all set. “Where are my new shoes? Did you bring me new shoes? Daddy, are my new shoes in the car?”

Twenty minutes of crying. Inconsolable.

You gotta understand: The Husband and I are first-born children. First-born children get the new stuff. They also get all the parenting mistakes and all the pressure to perform… so… it’s an equal exchange. We make sure we buy nice stuff for Major that we know is gonna last for two kids. So Minor’s current shoes are now on their almost third year of use, with countless washes and dries (and you know what? The lights still work on them! ), and they are still in pretty good condition. The shoes Major just grew out of will also do nicely when the time comes. It’s just how it is. I know that I can’t do this forever. They will grow at different rates, find different styles, etc… but it meant the difference between $40 on shoes this weekend (that was the outlet price and even on clearance, which just happened to be a happy happenstance) and $80 worth of shoes. So, I was able  to get a little extra for little boys at Old Navy because we saved that bit of money.

But he doesn’t understand that. He just understands that he was left out. And that sucks. We’re going to have to be better about that.

Now, before you go thinking me some cruel and terrible mother who only give my second child left-overs, please keep in mind that Minor does get a lot of his own things, including but not limited all things yellow. I honor the yellow thing. All yellow shirts. All yellow toys. Favorite yellow outfit for school washed and dried on time every school day because that’s what he wants. That’s his way of distinguishing himself from his brother and it’s an easy thing for me to do for him. He gets to pick his own library books, he gets special little somethings whenever he asks… he is, in all ways, the spoiled little sibling.

Back to Major for a second: That child came home in size 11 1/2 shoes this weekend. He’s just about out of the little kid sizes and I’m just astounded. Matter of fact, at Old Navy, he’s now officially too tall for the “toddler” section and I’ve got him in the big kid “boy” section of clothes. Isn’t that wild? He won’t be five until January! He’s just off the charts, ya’ll! He is going to be so tall. My father is 6’4, my father-in-law is the same height. My husband is 6’1ish. I am pretty sure that Major is going to be taller than his father. We’ll see.

Still feeling back about Minor? Don’t. He surprised us both last night when, in our heat exhaustion, we put on some DVR’d episodes of Battle Bots to watch (My husband might have done some stuff like in high school… we might, the two of us, be nerds of the highest order and I just sorta hide it). While The Husband and I were discussion the merits of the design features of the remaining bots in the tournament, we noticed that Minor was the most excited we’ve ever seen him. “Again! More! Can we see that again? I want the robots to fight again!” He needed to watch all of the final battles (we fast-forwarded through all of the commentary, interviews, commercials and nonsense, drastically reducing the viewing time) and then, when it was all over and the final robot was found triumphant (The Husband and I were disappointed by the final outcome), that child was looking for yet more.

Then he talked about it all day today. He even built himself a “robot” with his little duplos today. I’m pretty sure he found his purpose in life last night. 🙂

Of course, I texted my dear friend about our nerdy-parent victory, and she happily informed me that there’s a Lego set just for him just waiting for us to spoil him with. Well… that’s out of our price range, even for Christmas, but I am going to see if I can recruit the various grandparents to help us out. This is a passion I’ve got no problem with helping along.

Anyway, there was actually way more that went on this weekend, but I guess I’ll have to save it for Wednesday. Hey, we even had a spontaneous DIY that I need to take a few pictures of! Look forward to that!

Until then, Dear Reader, stay cool and productive out there!

11 Replies to “Those Little Sibling Blues”

  1. I don’t know if US sizes are the same as UK sizes, but I was still an 11 1/2 at the age of, like, 10. When I went to secondary school (11 going on 12), I was a size 2 in adult sizes — I know that’s not the same as US sizes, but it’s still super small. Now I’m a 3.5 and sticking that way. (Apparently that’s US size 6?) I come from a family of tiny-footed people… and generally just short people. Heh.

    1. Also, forgot to write what I actually clicked through to write, which was that as a youngest child, I definitely got a lot of second-hand stuff — I’ve got clothes that belonged to my brother and my sister. One of my t-shirts used to be my dad’s and he inherited it from my brother! But although I wasn’t so pleased about it when I was younger, my distaste of shopping means I came to love not actually having to buy anything. Plus, I inherit all the books my siblings decided they didn’t want anymore, so I have about 400 of them now. RESULT.

      1. Wow, 400 books is quite the collection! Good for you! I wonder about how you are gonna feel about them after you move into your first apartment and you have to BOX AND MOVE every last one of them. Books are HEAVY, ya’ll!! We lugged our books (we were so proud of our collection) to 4 apartments before we looked at each other and were like “half our moving truck is books AND THEY ARE HEAVY! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?” So we dumped them in various places, libraries and donations bins and such… and we’re going digital. Little boys will get the “real” thing for now, but eventually, these two are gettin’ kindles. I want them to love to read, but without the back pain! 😉

        I used to love wearing my mother’s old blouses to school when I was younger. She thought I was crazy but I wanted to be like her so badly, it just made me happy. Then, you know, things changed. I wish I’d had the opportunity to sorta make my own style out of second-hand stuff. Seems like a way to bring out creativity. I dunno, tho… maybe not.

        1. Haha, well, I currently take a number of books back and forth to university, but most of them stay at home. The plan is eventually to have a mini library, and I want it to be made up of books I’ve collected during my lifetime and which mean something to me, you know? Not books I’ve bought especially for displaying on shelves. I think my bookshelves say more about me than any other decoration in my room. So the books are staying, even if right now I’m totally overwhelmed by them and have slowly-growing piles of homeless books that I can’t possibly cram onto shelves. I may end up putting some of them away in boxes for a while until I’m living somewhere bigger.

    2. You and my mom wear the same shoe size. 🙂 I have adorable 8 1/2 sized-feet. I don’t know anything about the UK system and I’m barely beginning understand the kid system. My husband told me that the men’s numbers are easier than the women’s and I don’t see it. I’m just gonna let him handle the shoes.

      The thing about Major’s feet getting so big is that I’m worried about when he gets into high school and wants THE COOL SHOES. The Nike WHATEVERWHATEVERS that are going to cost me a fortune just for the damn swish. You know? OR that he’s going to have such crazy big feet that we are going to have to purchase special shoes for him!! That’s a thing, you know…

      1. Yeah, I have a friend who struggled a lot as a girl with UK size 9 feet — most women’s shoes don’t go up that high, so my friend pretty much lived in Doc Martens. This isn’t a problem I have. In fact I often find that shoes don’t start until a 4 and then I have issues…

        1. Try having flat feet! I am always looking for arch support and it is miserable. Also, since I broke my foot in 09, I pretty much can’t wear heels. They are excruciating. Not a huge loss, but every once in a while, I see an adorable shoe and just wish.

          Good news is all of those shoes are usually out of my price range anyway! ????

          1. Ah, I have the opposite problem — high arches and instep, which mean that a lot of the shoes with a bar across them (such as most little girls wore for school when I was that age) didn’t fit me because they were built for flatter feet! The world is cruel to those with even vaguely atypical feet.

            (I’ve worn heels once. It was traumatic and I will not be doing that again if I can help it.)

  2. We broke below the hundred mark during the day, so Im saving gas with the AC off! Good deal since i drive an hour to work. Still too hot to walk the dogs most of the day and the hood we moved to isn’t alone-walking smart.

    Do they still make erector sets?

    1. First off, WELCOME BACK!!
      Second off, I need to look into erector sets… I forgot about thise. They had these things call kinects when I was a kid and I wonder if those still exist… hm… you bring on the thiughts!

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