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3 years ago

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Photo: My two boys find Blue Jay feathers and what do they do? Treat them like swords… Lordy…


I really must say, these swim lessons were money well spent. Every day this week, my two little boys have splashed around and had entirely too much fun! Major, believe it or not, is now confident enough to kick around on his floating noodle thingy totally independently. And he’s also jumping into the arms of his instructor from the side of the pool. I really can’t believe it! Minor isn’t that enthused, but he’s certainly comfortable in the water.

Yesterday, I was able to get a little bit of reading done during my 30 minutes of time, but not a whole lot. It’s hot in that indoor pool and it’s also loud. I also feel guilty when I don’t look up and wave if the boys are looking in my direction. So… I spent a lot of time retweeting stuff and feeling like a fool. I brought my Kindle again today with the commitment to doing some real and actual reading this time around, but had a more pleasant surprise instead.

Contextual flash-back:  I was on the playground earlier this summer and I ran into a woman. Actually, what had happened was, I saw this woman running with her jogging stroller and her 3 year-old and 2 year-old. I’d seen them cross the street (she’s a pretty woman, so a Ford 150 practically caused an accident while stopping for her at the crosswalk) at an intersection pretty far away. So when she came to the playground, I was like, hey! I saw you! 

Because I’m an awkward idiot…

She was actually quite friendly, and happens to be a music teacher in one of the very rich towns slightly south of here. We swapped war stories and had a laugh.

Well, I didn’t recognize her earlier this week, but she has been in my same swim class. “I thought I recognized you on Monday,” she told me this morning, “but I didn’t want to say anything.” Well, we ended up on the same bleacher this morning.

When the kids were settled into their lessons, I took a leap. I’d forgotten how old her son is, and I was wondering if he was already in kindergarten. I get to choose which elementary school my boys will attend, and I’m feeling really anxious. I was hoping she’d give me a little inside information.

Unfortunately, her son is younger than mine, so she couldn’t help me. But she told me her impressions based on the rumors she had heard from other parents. She asked me if I knew anybody. I told her no, most of our social life is scattered around the region instead of focused where we live.

“You’ve gotta start putting more of your life in town. No need to go next door for everything!” She told me, as we spoke. It’s true. My grocery store, my elementary school, my church, my CSA… everything is in one town or another. A severe geographical realignment is in my future.

Inevitably, we got to talking about diversity. She was one of the two white women that I’d observed on Monday. All of the other moms were of other nationalities, each paired off, clearly having signed up for this class together so they could have time to chat.

She asked me if I’d seen any Black people around. I was like, NOPE. I don’t know if it was pity in her eyes, per se, but there was certainly disappointment there. “I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Asian families here, and it’s wonderful. We’re diverse in that way,” she said. “But yeah, I don’t know how many Black families you are going to find.” I wanted to just say, “girl, believe me, I know.” But I didn’t.

There is a mother’s organization that runs playdates and such in the town that I need to sign up for. It’s got annual dues, which I find a bit annoying, but if it goes toward children’s activities, I guess I’m game. I articulated my concerns before I really knew I had them: “Major has made such great friends in preschool, but all of those kids are going off to [other town] schools. I really want him to at least know one kid on that first day of kindergarten, you know?”

It’s funny, because thinking about that again, I actually don’t think that this should be my chief worry when it comes to Major and kindergarten. He’s actually a pretty friendly kid and is happy to introduce himself to other children. His problem isn’t the opening bit, it’s the cooperating stuff, the sharing and such. I’m also concerned about him getting used to the structure of school and understanding that what his teacher says goes.

So. Maybe I shouldn’t lose my mind over this one.


It never hurts to take a few first steps, though. Right?

At least I have something to write about for the next couple of months, right? I saw that eye roll, Dear Reader! Don’t tell me you aren’t interested!

I resubmitted my work today, and I have another that I will send off in September. Back, now, to large projects: editing Project Vi and getting it ready to pitch, outlining my novella for November, and working on my project with my sister. First draft due September! I’m trying to strike a better balance between the longer works and the smaller ones. There is also that little problem of summer being a terrible time to get any work done. 😉

It’s hot, Dear Reader. Stay cool out there. Partake in a popsicle or some sparkling wine. Or maybe a popsicle made with sparkling wine? That’s a thing… I’m pretty sure.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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