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3 years ago

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My four year-old just rolled into my kitchen asking for a gummy snack, talkin’ ’bout, “if you give me a gummy treat, maybe I will leave the kitchen and be cool. If not, I will stay here and not be cool.”

Whaaaaaaaat?? For real?? Who does that??

Smart little dude bro…

I sent him right out with a commendation for his boldness and a wag of the finger. Good hustle, sir, but really, you’ve lost your mind!

4 Replies to “[Bonus Post] This child!”

    1. Umph. That child… ’bout to ship him to YOUR house. 🙂

      The best thing about blogging and having kids at this stage is that there will be plenty of posts like this in the future. I’m really pumped for that!

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