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What's Old is New Again

3 years ago

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Photo: Carroll Creek (“The crick”) was always under construction when I was a little girl. It snakes through Frederick city and if you weren’t right next to Baker Park, it was just… I dunno, unavailable. But here I am, a grown woman, coming back with grown kids and I find this! A beautiful downtown promenade full of lotus, koi and lily pads. I’ve got more photos of this place. It’s astounding.


Our journey home is almost at an end and I am so full of stories and I have so many pictures to share. I will try to roll them out slowly over the next three posts so that you can enjoy them for what they are.

It has been such an interesting trip. Uneventful at the in-laws, interesting and sometimes frustrating with my own parents, fun and insightful with the boys and all in front of this incredible backdrop: the newness of the old “hometown.” The city that I was born in but wasn’t raised in, but what has always been my “family” home. This place, Frederick, Maryland, is totally transformed. So many landmarks from my childhood are here but different, still fantastic and still transforming.

I’ll write tomorrow about the strong push to bring me back down here. It was like constantly being in the car with a real estate agent: “Oh, Kyra, you must look over here. There are building an entirely new community and the homes are going to be fabulous.”

Oh Lordy. Tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m aghast as we finish up our time down here. There is a lot to digest and consider, some of it bad, a lot of it good… and it leads The Husband and I to some very adult questions.

Like, why the hell are we going back to Massachusetts?

Well, because it’s too damn hot in Maryland, for one.

and for two, I really love our home. Our house. Not always our community, but I really love our house. And, frankly, being down here with the family for a week reminds me that we’re lonely up there in MetroWest, but the upside of that is that we’re independent. Ain’t nobody have a hold on our time but us and that’s… that’s everything.

ok, ok… gotta save that for later. Seriously.

It has been difficult to focus on my many projects for obvious reasons. Time during the day is spent with family or getting the boys ready for the next big thing. Down time has been spent sleeping or knitting while conversing. I’m not complaining, but I’m ready to get back to it. I’m relaxed and renewed, full of stories and ideas, and I’m ready for the time and space to write what’s been bouncing around in my brain since I got here.

Here, I’ll let the rest of my little post be photos. My two little bears, enjoying a growing world:


My uncle was too excited to bring the boys down to the duck pond to feed the ducks. We went over the old “shaky bridge” he used to bring me and my sister over when we were little girls. The bridge doesn’t shake any more (thank God!) but the boys still enjoyed themselves. I told and retold the stories of a certain uncle jumping and rattling that old bridge while we little girls screamed and screamed. I suppose I survived. That’s what he told me, anyway. 🙂

20150706_160927 There is a moment of anticipation in every Maryland house when newspaper is set down and mallets are taken from the special drawer…

20150706_173902…and OH when the glorious bounty comes through the door… Heaven. Just Heaven! I must say though, the cost of a half-bushel of Maryland Blue Crab is outrageous. I’m grateful for this special treat. I hadn’t had this for two whole summers and, for a Marylander, that’s just torture. Little boys ate a little and, as children go, they really surprised me. Major, my adventurous eater, wanted nothing to do with them. Minor, my picky eater, ate a few! What!? The Husband, of strong mid-western blood, ate four crabs because he’s lame and he “doesn’t like all the work involved.” Just… disgraceful.

And what is 4th of July time without a few goofy hats?20150707_165014 20150707_165024 20150707_165152

These two boys are spoiled rotten. Lots of food, lots of fun, lots of hugs and kisses. A little too much tv, but few new toys to take home… all in all, they are full of smiles and great memories.

I have so much more to share. But vacations aren’t really vacations right now. So I’m exhausted. More tomorrow.

You can make it! 🙂 See you then.


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