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[Bloggy Fail] Pithy Excuse Goes Here

3 years ago

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Oh hey, is it 11pm on a Monday? What? Time and space and dates seem to have no rhyme or reason when you are traveling… you know?

I would totally peck out my post tonight, but I have been informed by The Husband that typing out posts on the loud computer here in the guest room keeps him up. Sooo…

Tomorrow. Full post tomorrow. But you know I don’t like to straight-up miss a day so, this is me making it work on the phone (please excuse any auto-correct nonsense!) And putting up a place holder.

And leaving a picture.


That’s Minor with his very first crab. And he liked it! That’s my boy!

See you tomorrow, for real.

10 Replies to “[Bloggy Fail] Pithy Excuse Goes Here”

    1. He did. I haven’t met a kid who likes the bun… it wasn’t toasted, I guess… anyway, yeah. He ate about 2/3rds of the hot dog before I opened my first claw and then ALL HE WANTED TO DO IN THE WORLD was hit crabs with my mallet. Oh, child…

        1. It was at my mom’s place and she’s got a cleaning service so… nope. 🙂 Also, every good Marylander knows how to clean up a crab feast. There are tried and true methods. 😉

          1. I’d give anything to drive cross country for a lesson. Some tryin’ times back here could use some hammer time! (Then I’d steal a shovel and get me some dirt therapy in ’round that big ‘ole yard).

          2. Just to be clear, “Dirt Therapy” would mean building me a pergola, totally cleaning out the western flower bed, building me a trellis for the barn roses… and maybe putting in another flower bed ? 🙂

            All of that for some crabs? I think you’ll be hella disappointed. Crabs are a lot of work to get into and THEN you have to eat like, I dunno, at least a dozen to feel like you’re full. You’d be like, “dang, girl! What’s with all the WORK for dinner!?”

          3. Hey, man, in the winter, I’m daydreaming, too. Don’t even worry about it. I’ll be all, “how’s the desert? I hear it’s great this time of year!”

          4. We’re thinking that too right now while we’re basting away. Hey man, I heard Boston finally got rid of a snow mountain? So not funny. Eff the tundra.

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