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Industry in the Summer Sun

3 years ago

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Photo: All yellow all the time. Yellow shirt, yellow freeziepop, yellow errythang. Lordy. Also, Minor’s contribution to the flowerbed was to bless it with his yellow presence. Oh, and jump in it and on the frame of it… Lordy.


It’s the first day of Camp Mama…

And we had a playdate.

And it’s raining…


my house is a mess and I’m like blarg and no writing has gotten done and I’m pretty sure this blog post is gonna be crap and


ok ok, sorry. I did get Hawaiian buns baked thanks to the cool rainy day, so that’s something. Right?


Back to Camp Mama: That’s right, it’s me and the boys all summer long! We had a pretty full weekend to kick things off. Daddy went over to the school to do end-of-the-year maintenance stuff (a requirement of the co-op) while the boys and I went to our local pond for some fun in the sun.

I’m not gonna lie, this New England thing about going to your local pond instead of just building public pools is weird to me. I rarely did any lake swimming as a child and, though the water is perfectly clear and cool and beautiful… there is something about it that eeks me out. There are plants under my feet. There are fish nipping at my toes! It’s mud instead of sand. What?

But, that all being typed…

love our local pond.

It’s clean, it’s not too crowded, the sand is nice and groomed, the shallow part for the kids is so shallow that Major can go really far out and not be in water that goes past his knees. There is a lifeguard on duty, so I don’t have to be in crazy-high alert and there are plenty of other kids there so the boys have been pretty happily occupied. We got there on Saturday at 10 and didn’t leave until 2:30. I sat and chatted with a friend and had not a single care in the world!

I also felt very comfortable with all of the other “real” bodies around. Not a bunch of women in designer swimsuits and half-nakedness. We were all real women with real stretchmarks and real LandsEnd tankinis and “swim skirts” just enjoying the time out. The beautiful people (read: the younger folk with their younger bodies and their very skimpy swimwear) didn’t show up until mid afternoon. Perfect timing because that’s when young kids have had about enough of things.

In other words, my local pond is paradise and it’s the best thing I’ve ever paid for in the history of ever. I… kind think I might like…. New England… just a little bit.

Just a little bit.

There was plenty to do around the house after our tanning was done. I had The Husband douse this place in bug spray after finally coming to my breaking point with the early summer bug invasion. Spiders bigger than me walkin’ around here actin’ like this is their house. Flying things and ants and other stuff that I don’t care to identify… I told The Husband that if he didn’t want to pay for Terminex, that’s fine, but we need a solution now. Ortho Home Defense is certainly cheaper than the exterminator, but is it effective? We’ll see.

We also finished our walk this weekend (and by “we,” I most certainly mean “The Husband”). This posted picture means very little to ya’ll, but it means so much to us: No more floating rubber things during the mud season, and also uniform blocks from house to driveway! The spacing is uniform, too, which is a bonus. I am sure that must look a little strange, but we didn’t want the walk to have a huge footprint on the front yard. We want the stones to sink in and almost “disappear” into the grass so that when you’re looking at the lawn and the house, that’s what you see. When you’re ready to walk to the house, the stones are there and waiting for you. But they aren’t the feature, you know?

20150614_143237 Of course, if we had a more lush yard, we’d better obtain the vision. This is difficult thanks to lack of rain, pretty rocky soil and little boys who are delighted to run their big-wheels over a particular part of the grass. Oh well. At least it’s straight. 🙂

We also built ourselves a fantastic raised flowerbed! Hope to put my herbs, hydrangeas and maybe some tomatoes in it next weekend!




We filled it with our sweet, sweet, super dark and rich compost. It’s like ahhhhhh. But, uh… we don’t have any soil… so… another purchase we need to make next weekend. Baby steps! (I know Leah is laughing! Don’t laugh at me, girl!) Anyway, we felt very accomplished after we put the actual compost in it.

This is my mother while talking about the flowerbed: “I hope you know that the rabbits are going to eat it before you harvest a single thing.”

“What? No… Not everything.”

Yes, everything. That’s what the do.”

Thanks, Mom.

Hopefully Google will help me find a solution.

Oh, and there are still no flowers in my flower boxes! Hopefully we’ll find something for that next weekend, too.

Too much, ya’ll, too much!

Anyway, the Sesame Street break for Camp Mama is over, and thus my writing session must end. I’ll see ya’ll Wednesday, hopefully with pictures from some adventure. I’m hoping that the summer is full of them.

See you then!

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