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3 years ago

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Photo: Have you ever driven around a neighborhood and seen that yard that has all the toys in it? You know the one…the one with the trampoline and the bean-bag toss and an old stove for no reason and like forty bikes even though you know there are only 2 kids in that house… I feel like my yard is starting to look like that. The Husband went to a yard sale and retrieved this basketball hoop, two scooters and a fleet of plastic dump trucks for $17 (!! Yard sales are awesome). But now, the front yard looks like the playroom: a hot mess.


Oh man. I can’t be takin’ Mondays off like that or else I’ll just give up on blogging forever. I mean, I’m sitting here like, “what? I have to blog now? I can’t go back to reading and junk!?”

Just kidding! I wouldn’t do that to you. 🙂

It really was a lovely time away. And by “away,” I mean that I stayed right here but refused to turn on my computer for any reason. I also refused to pick up a crafting needle of any kind. I dusted off my Kindle and dove into a book.

And a bottle of awesome Riesling.

“Weren’t you supposed to be doing mother-stuff?” You ask.

The answer is, no! The Husband took the boys to Connecticut to see my cray-cray in-laws! I had the whole house to myself! Unlike last time, where I caught up on TV and movies, I chose to keep the media to a minimum this time around. I only watched about 3 hours of television the entire time, trying to take the time to really revel in the quiet and listen to the house. I did watch two episodes of House of Cards, but that’s it. It took some discipline, but I did it. 🙂

Now I am sitting here post-Memorial day staring down some hard truths: Summer is coming. The end of school is 3 weeks away. And then… and then

I have to entertain these boys. Everyday. Alllllllll daaaaaaaayyyyyyy

Camp Mama begins again!


I’m not totally screwed. We invested in a few things that will break up the weeks. First, we split a CSA share with another family, so every other Wednesday I get to take the boys to the farm and get my mystery box of wholesome veggies. This will spark awesome experiences, I’m sure (No, I’m not being sarcastic). Thanks to some generosity from my mom, we have a membership to the local pond and I was able to sign the boys up for a week of swim lessons in July. The swim lessons are only 30 minutes long, so I won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything with myself but, it’s something.

Unlike last year, I feel like I have a fairly good toolbox for keeping the boys engaged and entertained, while preventing things from getting monotonous really quickly. The difference between this year and last year is the dreaded dropped nap. What the hell do I do with these two boys from 2 to 4 when they are crazy and tired and I’m crazy and tired and yelling?

I’m calling it Project: Three O’Clock. Stuff to do in the mid-afternoon when Little Bears should be sleeping but aren’t. Project: Three O’Clock is also known as Project: You Can’t Kill Them. or Project: You Can’t Kick Them Out. Or maybe Project: You Can’t Give Them Away To Your Neighbors.

I’m working on weekly themes, gathering worksheets/coloring books/craft ideas, gonna get some books from the library (books with engaging stories that I can read in chunks and still have pictures). I am also going to get some stuff that specifically works on phonics. I am learning that my boys are math whizzes (Major is doing basic addition and subtraction problems. Jesus take the wheel.) but they are having a hard time with letter sounds and meanings. We’re also gonna start letter tracing. This is happening! For the rainy days, the no-nap days, and the too-hot days. I’m praying that if I can run them ragged in the morning (Play outside! Go to the playground! End up at the beach! Go go go!!!) they might nap for at least 1 hour every day. Minor absolutely will. Major… might be more of a challenge. But an hour is all I need. Just one little hour…

I have some preschool curriculum books already (Yes, I do. No, don’t ask), and some websites I’ve already visited, but if anyone knows of some particularly great resources, I’d loved to know about them. Especially ya’ll home-schoolin’ Mamas! Where do you go and what do you use?

I’ll share as the summer goes on. Adventures will be had and will need to be shared.

I have to cut this a little short because I’m in laundry hell. I went into the boys’ closet yesterday looking for the old shorts and stuff from last summer and was a) pleasantly surprised by the shape the clothes were in and b) pleasantly surprised many of those items still fit! So now I have to take the stuff that is clearly too hot to be warn anymore downstairs to be washed and dried, then I have to sort them into “this might fit?” and “this ain’t neva gonna fit” piles and then put them back in the closet. While digging in the closet, I found clothes from when the boys were infants. Literally infant-sized onesies. What…. what the hell am I gonna do with those? I need to find a charity or something, but some of them aren’t in the best shape?

Blarg. Anyway, that’s what I’m off to do. If I’m not still drowning in cotton onesies by Friday, I might try to find some Quiet Thoughts.

It’s a short week, dear reader! Same amount to do, less time to do it! Stay productive!

See you Friday.

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    1. lol I just saw this. It’s SO BAD, right!?!?! My neighbors must be utterly embarrassed when they look out their window and see my lawn. Like, “damn, lady! Get all that junk up! Don’t you have a barn!? Put all your shit in THERE!”

      Not respectable in the least. THE LEAST!!!

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