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Oh, It Was Bad. But Not For The Reasons You Think.

3 years ago

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Photo: First flowers of the season in the dirt. Oh please, Lord, let them live…


Where do I begin?

2am Saturday morning. Dead asleep.  You know, that good sleep. That “It’s Friday and I had 2 beers because I know the kids are gonna sleep til 8” kind of sleep. The air is cool and moving, the bed is warm, everything is great….

And then the construction starts.






Flood lights.

Oh yeah, full blown ass construction. Right behind the house. At 2 in the morning.

Folk who have been with me for a while will recall that the commuter rail comes behind the house. And that hasn’t been a problem. You get used to the sound and, really, it’s not that loud to begin with. Well, they are laying down new track and doing some other work on the line behind the house. Someone decided that 2am is a perfectly appropriate time to do some major construction.

So, of course, all the windows needed to be closed, curtains drawn, pillows placed over heads. But you find yourself so angry that your sleep would be interrupted so, that you find yourself writing a very angry email to some schmuck in local government, and then you get back into bed and deal with your husband flipping and flopping in bed, so you decide to go downstairs, watch those last 3 episodes of Girls that you’ve been meaning to watch and do some sewing.

I didn’t get back to sleep (On the living room couch, mind you) until 4:30.

The boys were then up at 7.

And yeah, they were extremely excited and took great pleasure in watching the hubbub on the tracks below. Look at the diggers, look at the dump trucks, can we go outside and wave to the workmen!?

Can I take a sharp and pointy stick with me? A bat maybe?

Yeah… that was the start of my Mother’s Day weekend. Yaaaaay…

And it didn’t get much better after that. There was work to be done, and the boys are quite energetic and we two adults were tired.

And the trees are trying to kill us via pollen. Maybe “kill” isn’t the right word. Blind and suffocate us slowly is a better description.

So what kept me up on Saturday night? Minor’s coughing. He’s got allergies. No wheezing or struggling for air, thank God, but he’s got that post-nasal drip that makes him cough. There is just nothing worse than listening to your young child cough through the night. I don’t have the finesse of language to describe it well, but you convince yourself, all night, that your child can’t breath. And any lull in the coughing is not relief, but something worse.

So anyway, yeah, pretty shitty Mother’s Day. No sleep, lots of sniffles, very punchy around here. BUT, I didn’t cook a single meal on Sunday (wooo hoo!!) and The Husband, God bless him, really did his best to make me comfortable in what was a pretty awful circumstance (he didn’t get any sleep either, mind you!)

A little bit of joy did come when I opened my Sur La Table box and found a very lovely set of three stainless steel grill trays. They are for grilling stuff that would normally fall through the grates (Mama, you doubt my mighty grill skills!?). I am looking forward to making philly cheese steaks on one of the tomorrow. They will also make grilling onions and peppers a lot easier! Little boys took the box that it the trays came in and made a pirate ship out of it. They took the paper and the filler material and made car ramps out of them. They must have played that way for an hour yesterday… just two kids with a box and some paper, making their own world…


Then they started fighting. Lordy…

The Little Bears also presented me with potted flowers that they’d made at school. The pots were decorated with obligatory colorful squiggles and I love them dearly. Major then came home from Bible School with a spider plant in a box that he was supposed to plant in the church garden but was told he could bring it home. “Can you put it in the playroom to keep the spiders away?” CameraZOOM-20150511153054070

I transferred the flowers to the flower bed outside and I am praying that they will grow. The Spider Plant I put in the big red pot in the dining room (Because the other thing I had in there was dying). I’m not going to lie, I’m a little concerned. I’m terrible with plants. I want, very badly, to have a green thumb and cultivate beautiful greenery but I just don’t seem to have it. My great-grandmother used to keep African Violets, which I hear are the most needy potted plants on earth. She was a master with them.. None of her descendants seem to be good with plants! Oh to break the cycle!

Allergy medicine is taking a while to work for my littlest bear. I thought he was going to get some sleep tonight, but he is up and coughing. Hope you are having a better time of it than we are, dear reader. See you Wednesday.

One Reply to “Oh, It Was Bad. But Not For The Reasons You Think.”

  1. Oh hell no 2am. What is Boston’s deal with traffic? Jesus H Christ in a turn lane.

    On the upside, pic of the grill thingies? Brain can’t visualize.

    But I can visualize that preciously painted pot; it’s spectacular! Love it!

    Flowers outside: water a couple inches everyday for about a week, then give em a good drink in warm weather or if they look droopy.

    The Spider plant needs a moderately bright window, but not direct sunlight (it’ll burn). Water a few inches down for a week or so to establish then once a week a good soak will suffice. Let the soil “dry out” between watering–the once/wk rule usually works as a rule of thumb. And use your thumb to check the dirt. It should always be dark, clean-smelling, fluffy and loose, no white “powder” on the surface ( this is salt from water minerals, switch to filtered if you see it), and cool, but not wet.

    When the spider plant takes off, you’re gonna need to transplant it to a hanging planter to accommodate the off shoots that grow out via vining runners. Give em a google. The new “babies” can be cut off and planted as gifts. For the hanging pot, imagine those big, deep mixing bowls, but with drainage. If you can get one that bottom waters, even better.

    Good luck!

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