What? It's Wednesday? Since When?


Photo: I was parent-helper in Minor’s class today, and they are preparing for the big auction that is next weekend. A teacher painted the kid’s feet with blue paint and had them stomp around on a poster, making a fun and interesting design. I’m sure that it will go for a high price. Anyway, watching Minor get his feet painted was hilarious and adorable.


I have to pause for a moment and return to my in-law post on Monday. I forgot to give credit where credit is due. You see, instead of giving just another annoying toy to the boys, my in-laws gave two books.



Now, I told you that she was pretty grumpy on Saturday, so I didn’t get much story about why these two books were chosen. Supposedly she was going to get a book that made noise (one of those things where you push the button and music plays while you turn the pages) but she opted for these instead. And you know what? I’m pretty proud of her for this.

I don’t know what that woman’s deal is: I know that my Blackness makes her uncomfortable and the bi-racialness of the boys doesn’t come up because, again, she is uncomfortable. She has brought books in the house, most of them old-school, which is fine. I like old-school things. But she has now surprised me twice by bringing books for the boys that feature characters of color. A few Easters ago, she gave them a Children’s Bible written by Desmond Tutu, and that was a big deal for me because Jesus is Black on the cover! Whoa! And she hasn’t done anything like that since. (though I praised her up and down for it!)  So to have this happen again… I’m going to give her the credit she is due. She isn’t 100% bad…

Now she did say that she’s never heard the Marley song that the book is based on…

Whatever. Baby steps.

Another surprising thing? The weather. It’s 80 degrees here! I’ve got all the windows open, the fans goin’, toes out… Nope, I’m not complaining! But I am surprised, because non-Spring turned into Summer really quick and I’m sorta like, whatthehuh?, you know?  So there are leaves on trees, and my lawn is just about fully green. And oh… Did I tell you guys about the vultures?

I know, it’s from far away. I didn’t want to get too close. Those things are MASSIVE. And they are QUIET. I fear them and admire them at the same time.




So I’m outside with the boys yesterday, staring at my phone, and Major looks up and he says, “I think that there are big birds in the trees.”

Now we have a huge and beautiful woodpecker who lives here, so I thought that he had popped over to say hello. I looked in the direction that Major was looking and I saw them: Three huge turkey vultures. VULTURES. First, I had to Google this. “Google, are Vultures native to Massachusetts?” Wikipedia for turkey vultures pops up. Duuuude. When I think about vultures I think about the desert. Or the zoo. Where have you ever been hanging out and vultures just rolled up?

So, Millennial and nerd that I am, I was like, whoooaaaa, cooolllll. Then my Southern superstition chimed in: Uh, don’t vultures represent death? Aren’t three vultures looming over your property a bad omen?

Where does a Millennial go for such answers?

Twitter and Facebook, of course!

On Facebook, I was told that the vultures are a good thing because they keep away from the zombies. On Twitter, I was told that they are only bad if you think they are bad. My Mom and sister, who I had to text, simply said that something in the area was dead and they were doing their jobs and cleaning it up.

None of these were really answers to my question.

I’ve decided that because they didn’t actually venture onto my property, but hung out on trees just outside of my property, they weren’t actually omens regarding me per se. Also, we have an entire brood of foxes living on our property and Foxes are known to be good luck, so I’m hoping that wards off whatever bad vibes the vultures might have brought.

Then again… I haven’t seen them in three weeks….

Anyway… I love this house so much. Birdsong of all sorts at 5 to wake me up, foxes to bring me luck, woodpeckers to keep me interested, fat groundhogs to drive me crazy, and now freaking vultures. If you asked me 5 years ago if I thought I’d ever see a vulture just out in the wild, I would have told you hells no. I’m putting that down as crazy stupid cool. Maybe I’m just easily impressed. Anyway, it reminds me that we made a lot of right decisions, and that this is where we’re supposed to be right now.

Is it Wednesday already, dear reader? I know that I have accomplished a lot, but not enough. So off I go to sew and possibly read over this short story one last time. The deadline for Ploughshares is next week!

See you Friday with Quiet Thoughts (about how much I hate tea and tea parties).

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  1. His feets are so tiny! Oooh, are they vultures or turkey buzzards? Or are those the same?

    Dump some skunk in her cup and make her listen to legend lol

  2. Marneymae says:

    Oh the feet
    So sweet!
    When I lived in the desert, a Native American woman I worked with told Turkey Vulture is akin to Eagle in their Story. It’s said that the Sun got too close to Earth & was burning things up so Vulture flew to the sky & pushed the Sun back with its head – which is why (the story goes) Turkey Vulture has no feathers on its head.
    They are majestic birds
    Sometimes soaring in at 200 at a time to roost at night in the massive Tamarisk trees out there.
    Happy Spring to you
    Glad to read about the small steps with the mother-in-law

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      So I read this comment and got to Googling and found some really interesting information about the symbolism of vultures and their stories. I was really pleasantly surprised and feeling SO much better about seeing them. What interesting creatures. I am still most surprised by how utterly LARGE they were and yet how silent they were. I wouldn’t have known they were there if not for Major and even as I was fixated by them, they a) didn’t really care about me and b) were still so utterly quiet… professional. Pretty much the coolest dudes in the sky. We’ve got massive hawks here and my neighbor claims there is an eagle around here somewhere. I write a lot about my love/hate relationship with suburbia, but I must say that being surrounded by this level of nature is just priceless. It’s unbelievable!

      Happy Spring to you too, dear! Even though it went from 50s to 80s around here in a snap. The Husband and I were like whaaaat? Thought for 2 seconds about putting in the AC units. But we got over it. Trying to make it to June before we do that. What’s the temp up there? Are you guys in full-leaf yet?

      1. Marneymae says:

        Leaves are unfurling…
        Not full-on just yet (thankfully)
        I like thinking of the TV’s as “professional”
        That’s just brilliant
        Suburbia sure comes with its love/hate factors. I suppose any place does, & the nature IS priceless
        Happy again for you & your family that it’s around
        Bow of respect to Major for his interest & attention to the majestic birds

      2. Marneymae says:

        Temps have been (too) warm
        HIGH 80’s
        Um, hellooooo its Maaaaaay.

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