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2 Replies to “Protests Don’ts and Do’s”

  1. Havent read it all yet, but two initial thoughts:
    1. Getting any white people, outside of Iowa City, to gather together in support of black people halfway across the continent is news. Share it. We Iowans are historically democratic, but we’d really just rather stay home where our recliners are. Unless it’s summer and there’s a beer tent.
    2. These protests show national solidarity. As long as they’re peaceful, let people alone. Praise them for exercising their First Amendment rights. Bake them brownies, bring them water. Engage them in a grown up discussion. You have their full attention.

    1. This. Love this. Love this post and love your comment.
      I think that the biggest thing right now is that young people of color in America feel invisible. Or, at worse, they see themselves only visible -on demand-, i.e. when they are acting “cool” or “fun” or whatever. So when they are setting trends, are making music, or playing ball, they are seen and loved… but anything else, ANYTHING else, and they fade away… and that’s if they’re lucky. If they’re unlucky, they are constantly under siege by a system that criminalizes them by virtue of their bodies and their zipcodes….
      So to see other people marching with them is a much needed acknowledgement of simply sight, simple thought. It’s not enough, but it’s a start. That start can be everything…

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