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4 years ago

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Photo: A party for our littlest bear, and boy did he love it. It was All-Yellow-Everything: Yellow plates, yellow cups, yellow napkins, yellow table cloth, yellow cake. Yellow cake with yellow frosting and yellow words and decorations. The girl at Wegmans was like, “Are you… sure?” and Minor was with me in the cart (in his yellow shirt and his yellow racecar cart) and he just looks at the woman and says, “I like yellow!” in the most gleeful voice. We all just fell out laughing. That child… dunno what I’m going to do with him.


Do you know how long my Skip Day self-done pedicure lasted?

Less than ten minutes.

Little boys had a picnic lunch on the front yard, watched me (poorly) paint my toes and the next thing I know, little feet (in sneakers!) were steppin’ on my toes so as to get their own nails painted! Major requested nail polish on his thumbs (this lasted for an afternoon) and Minor requested nail polish on all of the fingers of his right hand (this is still on, but mighty chipped). And Mama’s toes? Mashed and smashed, with little bulks and bunches and whatever nonsense bad pedicures look like.

I wore my flippy floppies today anyway. Because, well… what else am I gonna do?

Monday wasn’t just Skip Day. Monday was Recovery Day. Because, as the prophecies foretold three years ago, Minor’s birthday is our first official excuse to have a cook-out this year, and we really did make it a big deal. Two of our favorite families came over with their boys, I grilled fajitas three ways (chicken, steak and ground beef for the kiddos), yellow rice and beans (because Minor’s favorite color is yellow, of course) and marinated grilled shrimp for appetizers. It was a perfect day for it. Not too hot, but plenty sunny. Our lawn is dead, but not muddy, so little boys blew bubbles, played with sticks, ran and ran… while we adults talked about everything from current reading to back-in-the-day dating.

It was like, oh yeah… this is how we’re supposed to feel. This is joyful, this is fun, this is wonderful.

But  I was on my feet all day on Sunday because we had stuff in the morning before the party and then I was cooking for the party and…

By the time I crawled into that bed on Sunday (at 10:30 because we had to watch that Game of Thrones), I was all set. And yeah, I was pretty sore in the morning. Sign that I’m getting old? I’m still sore. And today was birthday number two. The real birthday. Minor is officially the big three! I can’t even believe it!

He really has been over-the-moon with happiness for the last few days. Major has been running around telling everyone that it’s his brother’s birthday: “He’s not a baby anymore. He’s a big boy now. He’s three.” And then Minor has been following close behind with, “It’s my birthday! I’m three!” Perfect strangers have (thank God) been really gracious about the whole thing. Of course, now that both of them get this birthday thing, expectations are all sorts of high.

Birthdays, as explained by my sons:

Major: “First, we get special breakfast, then you get special snack at school, then you get special birthday dinner–”

Minor: “and then we eat cake!” (That’s the only thing Minor really cares about)

Major, annoyed about being interrupted: “Yes, [Minor], then there is cake, but then, you get presents!”

Minor, clapping his hands: “Oh yeah! Presents!

Spoiled little children. How did this happen?

Little boy got a yellow school bus, a yellow dump trunk and a yellow digger for his birthday. Family members sent puzzles and books, and friends gave some pretty cool books, too. Little boy has had a lot of birthday. I sure hope he sleeps in tomorrow, because Mama could really use another break.

And what did I get today for my son’s birthday? You know, sore feet and a long day. I was parent helper in class, which meant getting up and baking cupcakes this morning. Not to mention another sheetcake for tonight so we could sing and blow out candles. There was also the 3-year wellness doctor’s appointment in the city, which takes a while (but is fun).. so I’m sitting here now at 9:00pm writing a blog post because this is the first time I’ve sat down all day. All day, dear reader!

Should’ve saved that bloggy skip day for today!

Nah… Monday was too good to waste. Seriously, I gained some color and probably lowered my blood pressure a good 10 points. Don’t worry, I won’t make that a habit this summer. 🙂 Thank you for indulging me in a little bit of time to be out in the sunshine. It has been really nice to hear the birds, see the world green, and even have the windows open and the heat off! Too many miracles!

That’s the best part of Minor’s birthday. It’s usually marked by the momentous changes of this short, but wonderful season. We turn around, we plan a party, and we watch the world change. And he grows one year stronger, taller, cooler, braver, better. That little bear… he drives me crazy, but I love him dearly.

We’re hosting a playdate on Friday, so my Quiet Thoughts may be late and more like Screaming Regret-Filled Thoughts, but we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for rolling with me turning a crazy week. Spring is a time of transition, and I am still trying to find a way to groove to the new rhythm.


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