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3 years ago

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Photo: Pachysandra survived the crazy winter! Look at that!



Easter is over! Lent is over! I feel like there is a lot that has been lifted off of my shoulders! Onward to normalcy!

But out of the frying pan and into the fire and yadda yadda, because guess who is turning 3 next week? And guess who is having his party on Sunday? And guess who has to get all that ready this week?

Uh huh.

But let’s talk about Easter first. Because this:


Can we talk about Easter traditions for a second? I never really loved the dying of the eggs. I was only entertained by the first moments when you put the tablet in the vinegar and it did the fizzy fizzy… then Mom would be like, “here are your eggs!” and… I dunno… it was never a fun or satisfying things to do. And yeah, no, I never ate any of the eggs that I dyed as a kid. Ever. Blech. So… a big, pretty waste? The Husband feels like this is a thing we must do, so, we do it. And by “we,” I mean “they” and I take pictures. The result, I suppose, are pretty little things that are now are in my fridge under the pretense that my husband will eat them. He won’t. Waste of space and eggs. Do you know how many Brioche I could have baked with these babies!?



The other annoying thing about egg dying is this:








Because, of course, Minor only wants to dye his egg in one color, yellow. Because yellow is his favorite color. Somehow, some blue dye was introduced to that (I’m assuming it was Major who did the deed) and green was born. And… somehow the green was introduced to the fingers. It got on his hands, on his face…

and no, it didn’t wash off at bathtime

Not off his hands, anyway. Off his face, yes. “I think he’s going to be wearing green to church. Sorry, honey.” That’s what my husband said after bath on Saturday night.

Wooosah… Deep healing breaths…

So, we decided to go to the 8:30 service instead of the crazy 11:00 service because we’re champions. This meant getting up at 6:30 to pick up Donuts and then everybody up and moving so we could get fancy for church and get out the door. Easter baskets? Later. The Easter Bunny was “running late,” and would need to drop off baskets AFTER church, we told the boys (champions. Seriously.)

Now, a tradition of Easter that I have always loved is “new fancy outfit” tradition. For me and my sister, that meant a super-frilly Talbots dress, a hat, and a new little purse to go with it. Mom never made us wear the gloves (“that’s a little too old school. The hats are enough”), but we did have wear those God-awful itchy horrible tights.

Writer’s note here: I just tried to find a picture of those old Talbots dresses that mom used to dress us in… and I can’t find one. They were poofy and beautiful, usually with a floral print, and yeah, they had that crinoline stuff under them, I swear! They were so much dress! But they were wonderful. Never see dresses like that anymore.

Anyway, little boys needed new outfits, sooooo:


We can’t afford Talbots, so I went Old Navy top to bottom. $90 to dress both boys. Pretty good, right? They were probably the cutest children in church!

This is very impractical, though. Because, just like with those Talbots dresses of old, these outfits are sorta one-off gigs: When am I going to dress them like this again (before they grow out of these clothes?)? So silly! Talbots dresses got worn once and then they disappeared into the closet never to be warn again… terrible. I hope Mom gave them to charity or something… I don’t know what ever happened to those things…


The best part, though, was coming home to no obligations to entertain or be entertained. Boys played outside with their new bubbles and toddler-sized soccer and basketballs. Then we had a easy lunch and a nap  before this: 



That’s right, dear reader. Grilled leg of lamb! We took the grill out of the barn for just one day so that I could grill this beautiful beast. I served this with some pesto and bowties and a lovely spring mix salad. And before you think that we went over-the-top fancy, that piece of meat cost us $20 at Costco. That’s right! Amazing, right?? And with the leftovers from yesterday, I’m making gyros tonight!!!! Actually, after this post, I have to start the dough for my pita bread.

Homemade pita bread. Too exciting! I will tweet out some pictures tonight if I don’t eat them all first.

I feel like I’m very ahead on some things and very behind on others. Anyone else feeling that way? It is nice to have Lent and Easter behind me, though. Time to look forward to the rest of the year. I decided to forego the April NaNo challenge and instead focus on my submission for Plougshares. The due date is just over a month away and I’m feeling a little panicked. Of course, the Ploughshares submission is due the same week as the Preschool Auction… joyous of joy… and did I mention that my in-laws will be visiting the first weekend in May? And there is April Break (no school for a WHOLE WEEK) between now and then?

And that the boys are making it a habit of getting up at 6:45 instead of their usual 7:30?

It’s like… the universe really doesn’t want me to get any work done.


At least I have homemade pita bread…

It’s going to be a productive week, dear reader! How was your holiday weekend? Hope it was beautiful, warm and delicious!

2 Replies to “Easter Roundup!”

  1. Omg, $90 worth of ah-dorbs. Top notch.

    Have you SEEN what people ate doing with the eggs this year? Dyes made from vegetable skins and fruit bits, wrapped in silk, bloody gilded next year probably.

    1. I saw some weird links on Facebook about boiling silk on eggs? But I didn’t click because I don’t care. I DO like looking at the beautiful cultural painted art that is traditionally done to eggs, but that is it.

      such a weird pain in the butt…

      I am really pleased with the outfits. Every once in a while, I remember that old Navy has good stuff. Perfect for kids…

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