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When Did All This GROWING Happen!?

3 years ago

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Photo: I don’t know if you can see them, but if you look carefully, you can see three deer in my yard. Three! We were sitting down to dinner, just started getting into a groove, and then one of them actually passed by really close to the house. She noticed us looking at her and she pranced away. Next thing I know, two more come prancing by, farther away from the house this time. OH! And I tweeted this on Friday: Our Pet Fox had a fourth kit! He’s much smaller than the other three, but he was exploring with the rest of the group! Such a cool thing to get to see all these animals about!


Remember last Friday when I said the boys hadn’t napped all week? Well, come Saturday, my Husband was still in denial. “Well, we’ll wear them out or something. They’ve gotta nap,” he said.

Uh huh.

So he played legos with them all morning (because it was freaking snowing and they didn’t want to go outside) and then did the nap routine. The boys were like, pfffffffft, but he did it anyway. And then he came back downstairs. It was quiet, for sure, but that doesn’t mean they were napping. But we didn’t hear them for a long while, so… The Husband claimed victory.

Well, when I decided to head upstairs to type out a quick email, I was surprised when I heard the nursery door open!

Out comes Major and Minor. Minor was the front man, with hand on the door knob and using all of his little strength to open the door. He emerged from the dark nursery first. “Hi, Mommy!” Less bold, and seeing that I wasn’t immediately wrathful (because I was so shocked by the audacity of the action!), Major came out afterward. He would be the spokesman for the duo.

“Uhm, little boys, what are you doing?”

Major: “Well, you see, we were done with napping and we were sick of napping and blah, blah, blah, so we just came out here.”

Minor: “Yeah! We were all done napping!”

Me: “But, little boys, isn’t there a rule about this? ‘No feet on the floor until a grown-up gets you?'”

Major and Minor, without hesitation: “Yeah.”

Me: “And, did someone come to get you?”

Little boys think about it. Then, in unison, “no.”

Me, feeling quite good about the trap I’d laid: “And are your little feet on the floor right now?”

Little boys: “Yes.”

Checkmate. “So, we are gonna have a problem, right, little homies?”

Spokesman Major: “No. No, we aren’t. Because we took a nap and then we were all done napping. We’re all done napping, Mom.”

His logic. Such infallible.

What am I going to do with these two little boys? And yeah, no, I didn’t punish them. I should have, because a bad precedent was set, but I didn’t. Because, first, they were working together and decided to find power in their numbers, and that was funny to me. Second, I applaud audacity in its many forms. Third, I dunno… they were done napping… what was I to do?

You know how else the little bears surprised us this weekend?



That, my dear reader, is Major’s first written letter. His very first one! He was going for an “A,” but because he doesn’t know anything about stroke order yet, so he ended up with an “H.” And he was SO proud of himself! And now, of course, my fridge is covered with little capital H’s!!  And though my photographic evidence is blurry because of my elation, Minor also surprised us with a little capital “L” when he discovered the chalkboard paint on the fridge! He also had a lot of fun making lines and squiggles.



I am just… these two… I can’t even. I was just complaining to my mom a few weeks ago that Major has shown absolutely no inclination to write any sort of letters. At all. And, as a matter of fact, I had to be talked off the ledge a little bit because I was going to tell his teachers to maybe push it on him. It would be nice for him to be able to at least write his own name by Kindergarten. And my mother told me he would do it in his own time… don’t push that boy so hard… what is wrong with you, Kyra?

So I decided to sit back and let things be…

And then that H! The Husband was with me when it happened! We were both just shockedSHOCKED!

Of course, I was like, “do you want me to show you how to write that ‘A’ now?” and he gave me a very adamant “no.” <sigh>

Oh, and one more thing. Little Bears decided to clear the table after dinner yesterday.

And then Major decided that he wanted to wipe down the table. What? And he was very meticulous about it and did a great job!



What…. what is happening around here? Is it the moon? It must be the moon. Little Bears are just… growing up. It’s amazing!

And though I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped I would, I did get started on my sleep sack for the school auction:




It will be a “double Irish chain” pattern when it is done. To be honest, I’m a little worried about my color choice here. I’m worried that it might be just not “baby enough,” which would be a problem. I, personally, don’t love the super baby colors of pastel pinks and blues that we see everywhere, so I wanted to heighten the level of sophistication with my color choices… I hope I didn’t go too far in that direction, though. I’ll show you another pick as more blocks are created… (The other set of blocks is brilliant white with a touch of gold… so you really see the “chains” of the teal and the gold well…)

Anyway, so much going on! And yeah, that includes a lot of writing! I’m all planned out and ready to go for a full month of April writing! Woo hoo!

Pass the coffee, dear reader.

And the sunshine. It snowed on Saturday and it has been snowing today. How much more are we expected to take!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


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  1. Terribly impressed by young misters. Well done mom and dad. They’re like little people now. Just last year they were so…little.

    Deer devour the flowers, plants, pine trees. Start thinking deer resistant plants for spring.

    The color pattern kind fits with the pattern name, yeah? And what’s a sleep sack?

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