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3 years ago

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Photo: It is spring time and longtime readers know that I always think about the cherry blossoms during this time of year. I haven’t seen them in person since we moved to Boston (back in ’06) and they are really important to me. So I’ve been writing about them (they are a part of the novella I’m writing next month) and I’m dreaming about them and I’m even painting them at preschool. I call this “Study in Homesickness.” Tempera on poster paper.


I woke up this morning overwhelmed with the possibilities: this week was going to be a “full week” (read: 2 mornings) of baby-free school time. I was so excited. Breakfast and Old North Bridge? Grocery store and early blogging? Library and fiction writing? Ohhhh the possibilities.

Then I got an email. Today’s parent-helper for Minor’s class was sick. I was scheduled for backup helping.

I’m not going to lie. I was not classy about my rage. Thank God the boys weren’t up yet. And, I’m still not gonna lie, it took me a long time to get my head in the game. I only get 1 morning to myself this week. And 1 morning to myself next week because Good Friday is a day off. Fucking come on. I’m ready for a break.


School. I had to go. I got it together, I got the children there. And yeah, it’s pleasant to hang out in Minor’s class because you don’t really have to do anything but play with the children. I painted, I read a book, I built railroad tracks, I spoke with teachers…

I think the best part, though, was the quiet observation of both of the boys with their peers and in their classrooms. What a different there is from Autumn to Spring. They are totally different kids, totally different students. Minor has a routine of where likes to get started and where he likes to end up. He really likes to play with sand and vehicles, but he also really loves to make art (something his brother never got into).



Pretty, yes? I am calling this “Contemplation of Spring Sky.” Water color on thick paper. He was very interested in the interaction between his favorite color (yellow) and his brother’s favorite color (blue) on the paper. And while he wasn’t super deliberate, he was being fairly thoughtful as he painted. It was fascinating to watch!

And while I have been worried about Major and how he’s been getting along with his peers, I saw something really awesome:




You see, Major and his classmates came in from the playground and Major immediately took his snow boots off and went to the “dress up” box to “borrow” some school shoes. While Minor is content with slippers he brought from home, Major really likes to put on something different. I don’t know if you remember the picture from a few weeks ago with Major in the wooden clogs, but it would seem that ever since then, he has tried on a different set of flashy shoes. Sometimes red-sparkly, sometimes silver-sparkly, sometimes pointed, sometimes whatever. The point of the matter is, Major is lookin’ for something flashy. Well, today, he was joined by the three “alpha-male” older boys in his class. It would seem that he has started a trend. Five boys walking around in shiny-sparkly shoes. I didn’t know that had happened. “Oh yes, [Major] is generally a trend setter.”

And I love it. Because that’s so not me or my husband. At all. We’re not flashy folk. We’re not sparkly shoe folk. But we’re especially not trendsetters. We are, for real, the homely, plain, back-of-the-crowd kind of people.

So to see Major, in his own quiet way, set a trend. I’m feeling pretty proud. 🙂 And you know what? He looks great in them shoes! And I’m glad that he has a strong enough sense of self that he has no awareness of them being “girl” shoes. They are simply shoes that he likes and he wants to wear them. Fantastic.

My two boys, so very and utterly different… but doing ok, thank God. I know, I am on a bit of an emotional roller coaster when it comes to this school thing. That probably isn’t going to change. But I’m grateful for these reassuring moments. And I’m extremely grateful to have two healthy boys who seem to be developing at a normal pace, and who are getting a lot out of what we’re providing for them. What more can we ask for? It’s a blessing, I know.

I have so much more to write, but I need to save it for Friday because I’m exhausted and my day is just so utterly decimated at this point. Just because I lost a huge chunk of time doesn’t mean that today’s stuff gets to go undone!

So off I go. With little boys who aren’t napping (those days, I fear, are over) and a soggy outside that I get to watch thaw out the window. I’d open the windows today if the husband hadn’t sealed them! And that’s ridiculous to do. You know why? It’s only 46 degrees outside at the moment! But it feels like 70!

(no it doesn’t)

(but it still feels nice!)

My dear reader, it’s Wednesday already. Can you believe it?

My fox gave us a huge surprise this week. I’ll tell you about it during Quiet Thoughts on Friday.

Until then, take care.

4 Replies to “Walk in Shiny Shoes”

  1. Aww. What a lovely blessing seeing your amazing little bears in action. First Few lines I felt for you, we have a multitude of Apple and Cherry blossom where I live, not in bloom yet, but reading about your beautiful boys and the art and the shiny shoes….pure magic, I am snuggled with my boy and smiling:) xxx

    1. Ohhhh, but help me dream. Is it SPRING where you are? Like real and true? With no snow on the ground and actually consistently warm days!?!? Can you send some to Massachusetts? Pretty please!?!?

      Aren’t boys the best? I mean, they are work, but I’ve been really watching mine lately with a bit of amazement. They are really growing into what I’d like them to become. It’s fantastic. Hope your boys is surprising you (in a good way!) early and often!

      1. The sun shines but the air still has a slight chill Kyra. We have delightful yellow daffodils and pale primroses and purple hyancinths blooming in the garden. Blossom is in very early bloom and will be a delight soon. Snow? no snow!-I felt for you reading how badly you were affected. And boys, yes my own beautiful Ryan is a child full of sun shine even on rainy days he warms my heart. God Bless you and your lovely family and have a wonderful weekend x

  2. His painting is so beautiful!

    …a friend of mine has a son who like flashy shoes, too.
    Shoes are shoes.
    Boys? Girls? Who gets to say…?
    A bow of respect for holding the space for any shoes to happen

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