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Windy Days Deserve Pappardelle

3 years ago

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Non-photo: I… didn’t take a lot of pictures today. Because I was hella busy. And many of the pictures I did take ended up blurry because I apparently suck at taking pictures. So… uh…. there. But there are pictures below. Don’t judge. 🙂


The wind ripped and raced around this house last night like it just had nothing better to do. There was much crick-crackle to go with the howling, much scritch-scratching to go with the roar. The boys woke up multiple times because of it, and when they weren’t awake and yelling for us, we were awake listening to the sound and fury of the house and the wind. Needless to say, it was a long night.

We got lucky: twigs and small branches on the lawn, but nothing more. No roads blocked off by felled trees. But the school? Well, a tree busted one of the fences, so the kids couldn’t play outside today. Just as well–the wind is still whipping and the wind chill is somewhere in the teens.

What a miserable, miserable, no good kind of day.

So everything that needed to be done today… everything was just that much harder. And there was plenty to be done…

And yet still more. I’m sitting here trying to make a crucial decision: am I going to go to bed with things left undone or am I going to stay up and do everything that I slated to do today?

I realize that this is a decision that many, many women face on a nightly basis. There is always something to be done, something left undone, and the list… it just gets longer and longer. Yet the world doesn’t stop spinning, does it?

You know what I did do today? I tried out a new recipe. My mom sent me a link to a recipe for Pan-Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Confit. It looks pretty amazing in the picture (don’t they always look amazing in the picture? I suppose that is the point, yeah?), so I was intrigued. “You’ve gotta test it, Kyra,” Mom instructed in the email. “Yeah,” my aunt (who was CC’d) echoed. “tell us how it is.” Well, it calls to b served over rice or something similar (why? Tomato sauce and rice? You’re killin’ me) but I had already decided to serve it over pasta. And today was a perfect pasta sort of day. So I picked of some pappardelle and other ingredients today and got to work.

Hmm? the Mushroom Confit? What, exactly, is mushroom confit?

Well, I made it today, and… I don’t rightly know. A marinated mushroom? I will tell you right now, I followed the directions to the letter and… I wasn’t wowed. Yeah, they are cooked mushrooms, but the oil technique with the thyme and the shallot added little to no flavor to the mushrooms themselves. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that. Next time I do it, I’m at least adding garlic. And maybe some pepper, like red pepper.




Hahaha, that probably looks unappetizing… stupid camera…

And then there was the cooking itself: the recipe calls for the chicken to be brined in buttermilk and salt (it did nothing) and then I needed to mince my newly cooked mushrooms and stuff them in between the skin and meat of the chicken thighs. Interesting? Yes. Fancy? Yes. Does it do anything for taste or texture? Not really…

The only thing that was fantastic about the meal I tried out tonight was the sauce (which was enhanced by using the left-over oil from the confit cooking). It was rich and thick and flavorful (make sure you choose a GOOD wine if you try it) and it coated the pappardelle beautifully.


If I were going to make this recipe again (and I probably will… someday…), I may very well do the mushroom confit but I would NOT stuff the chicken with them. I’d simply add them to the sauce. I’m also not sure I’d keep the skin on the chicken. Even after that breaded browning, it gets soggy.

Anyway, it’s fun to take up a culinary challenge. I haven’t really done any “new” cooking in a while. I’ve been cooking a lot of the same things using the same techniques, and that has been really boring. I made a big pot of beef stew yesterday using stout instead of the usual red wine, and that was… fun, but not challenging. I should probably do this a little more often.

Anyway. it is 8:30, and while this post is done, there is so much more to do. How much do you want to bet I crash before 9:30? Such a mess I am… at least the wind is dying down. The boys haven’t noticed it, anyway. Here’s hoping they both sleep. Lord, do I need them to sleep.

See you Friday for Sleepy Thoughts.

3 Replies to “Windy Days Deserve Pappardelle”

  1. I’d grub the hell out of it. mission accomplished. closest I could come to that is a bucket of KFC covered in Catsup.

    maybe not your fault with pics. check camera settings for auto focus, and maybe try using the macro setting. cameras focusing on the wrong part of the objects?

    1. Nope. Totally my fault. I keep clicking on the wrong thing on the screen or something. I dunno. Fancy degrees don’t get you nothin’, it would seem. 😉

      Also, Catsup. That’s really a thing?

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