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3 years ago

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Photo: BARE GROUND, DEAR READER!!! I haven’t seen that since… since… I don’t even know!


I can see my stone fence.

I can see my stone fence, ya’ll!

And I’m pretty sure it was 60 degrees today. Errybody had their windows down, their coats off and their smiles on! Hell, if there hadn’t been so much snow and slush and huge muddy puddles around, somebody would have broken out some opened-toed shoes up in here!

(Not me, because I ain’t crazy and my feet are in need of some professional intervention. But somebody, I’m sure!)


It’s the first good day. Everyone was happy today. And I think we all felt like we were dressed up with no where to go: it was a perfect park day, but all of the parks are still covered. It was a perfect “sit on the front lawn” day, but lawns that have bare ground are very muddy messes. So you’re kinda out and enjoying it, but not really enjoying it the way you want to. Such a tease, universe, such a tease!

And speaking of teases, did ya’ll see this?

There is a beautiful inn in Maine… that isn’t for sale… well… it’s for “sale”… for 200 of the right words and a $125 entry fee, and all of the taxes and fees needed to conduct the legal business of transferring the inn to you…

And it’s a totally crazy idea, but Lord was it nice to dream about it all day long yesterday. What I wouldn’t give, seriously, for that kind of opportunity. I’d love to run my own B&B. I think I’d have the stamina for it, and the ideas… of course, I’ve never run my own business before, so that’d be a little awkward. And then there are the two little bears. And this house we worked so hard to get.

And the cost prohibitive fee and junk…

But it was such a wonderful dream to dream all day yesterday. “Oh, we’d host retreats every month!” I told my husband. “We’d rent out studio space in the barn!” I told my writer’s group in chat that afternoon. “Maybe I’d host mother’s retreats! Wouldn’t that be so cool?” I asked my sons, who looked at me as if I was insane (I was!).

Because, really, it’s an insane idea. Let’s be clear, the romance of the adventure is great, but it would be work. I’d probably never publish this novel of mine, never write another novella, rarely knit or sew, cook what I want, how I want. Lord knows, I’d probably have no time to blog anymore!

(though, I came up with a great blog name for it in my daydreaming.)

(and a bunch of ideas for a blog associated with the inn.)

(no, I’m not going to share…)

(Maybe… someday…)

The Husband, a romantic himself, was totally on board, believe it or not. “Don’t let me actually do this,” I told him, when I emailed my 200 word essay to him first thing yesterday morning. He was still on the train and the boys were still sleeping. He told me that my essay looked great. “If you really want this, we can make this happen,” he told me. He’s amazing.

But I told him no. It would be… such an incredible challenge. A challenge that thrills me, really, but… It’s a long shot. You know what I could do with that $125 entry fee? Buy us all Easter outfits. That’s what I really need to do.


It was nice to dream. Really nice. The universe is a bit of a tease. Someday, though… Someday, I’m gonna buy myself a little B&B…

Two things happened since I last posted that are really cool. The first is the following:




I cut the real fabric for the real sleepsack yesterday! That’s the hand-pieced quilt top that I made a few weeks ago. LORD was I nervous before I cut into the precious fabric! But it worked out. I’m very partial to the adorable owl lining. 🙂 I am so excited! Sewing starts tonight! I expect to be a lot faster and more accurate this time around.

The second cool thing that happened was that I was parent-helper at school today. I was “that mom” who brought make-your-own strawberry shortcakes for snack. With freshly whipped, homemade whipped cream. Yeah, that was me.

and then there was Major, who, instead of  wearing his school slippers (instead of his snow boots), opted to borrow some clogs from the school. They were entirely too big for him, but he just so loved the sound that they made. Clip-clop-clip-clop, you knew where he was at any moment!

Of course, I didn’t get much time to enjoy it, because parent-helping in Major’s class is clean-clean-clean, prep-prep-prep, serve-serve-serve and then clean-clean-clean! I managed to get that little picture in. He’s somethin’ else. What I couldn’t get a picture of was Minor in the next room with a space helmet on. Ridiculously cute!

Is the universe teasing you with anything right now, dear reader? Anyone want to enter the contest!? Oh please, someone enter the contest! And give me a discount when I come to visit!

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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