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3 years ago

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Photo: The world is still covered in white and, for some reason, when I take pictures inside of my house they turn out blurry (because, obviously, I’m the greatest blog photographer you know!). So… uh… here is a picture of the golden-delicious buttermilk biscuits that I made for breakfast yesterday! Too bad the Wegmans-brand breakfast sausage wasn’t worthy to be served with them! 🙁 Can’t win ’em all…


First good day in Massachusetts, ya’ll! It’s like…. it’s like… ahhhhhhh… wonderful.

My driveway is still an ice rink.

I’m trying to not be mad about it.

anyway, that’s not what I want to write about!

I have to write about Ursa Minor and his ridiculous self. Because this little boy… he’s gonna destroy the world.

He did two very interesting things yesterday that I simply must share.

You see, Major and The Husband went to church yesterday for Major’s 4th visit to Sunday school (he’s adjusting well) while Minor (who isn’t old enough for it) stayed with me at home, which was perfect because there was cleaning/sewing/writing to do. As Major went upstairs to get dressed for church, Minor took the opportunity to play with Major’s favorite toy truck: the loud, stupid Hess truck that came with the damn loud, stupid spaceship that they got for Christmas. The boys have split the toys amicably: Major gets the truck, Minor gets the spaceship, everybody is happy. They both make obnoxious noises, so Mama isn’t happy, but whatever.

So when Major hears the truck sounds coming from downstairs, all hell breaks loose. “[Minor] is playing with my truck! I want to play with my truck! He can’t play with it!” It took forever to get him focused enough to finish getting dressed and get all of his damn winter gear on.

We had to explain to Major that he was getting a “special treat” by going to Sunday school and “poor [Minor] has to stay home, so he gets to play with the truck.” This was a less than satisfactory answer for Major, but he didn’t whine anymore about it and The Husband was able to get out the door.

As soon as the car drove off, Minor was all set playing with the truck.

He played with his spaceship.

And I got to cleaning.

and next thing I know, Minor wants to do a puzzle. I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but Minor has taken to doing puzzles by himself. The biggest one we have is this 24-piece Melissa and Doug “City” puzzle that has all sorts of vehicles on it. Major calls it the “New York City Puzzle” because he’s currently obsessed with that place for no reason. Minor just calls it the “city puzzle” and he does it at least once a day. He loves doing that puzzle by himself, no help. He swats at his brother whenever he tries to participate.

But the kicker is that the living room was a mess: there were toy cars and trucks all over the floor, not to mention pillows they’d recently been throwing around. But Minor knows that he needs a clear, flat surface to do a puzzle on, so he floored me with this: “I need to clean up. Clean up, clean up!”

He then proceeded to clean up the living room. No, seriously. I can’t believe it. Pillows off the floor. Cars and trucks in the toy box. I didn’t pick up a single toy. 10 minutes later, I look in the living room, and that child had not only cleaned up the mess on the rug, but he’d commenced putting together his set of 4 “small” puzzles: the racecar, the school bus, the firetruck and the train. He was done with all 4 puzzles in about 30 minutes. No help. Not even a whisper.

until he was done: “I did it! I did it all by myself!” He yelled as he jumped around them with joy.

Surely he did. I’m… astounded.

So anyway, satisfied, he asks me for some TV, which I oblige. I was sewing anyway. So he played with his spaceship and watched some (awful) Paw Patrol. Next thing I know, I look out the window and see that Major and Husband had returned.

“Hey look! [Major] is back! You get to show him your puzzles!”

“[Major] is back? Oh. Oh, oh, oh!” The child gets up, looks around him and locate’s the Hess truck.

And starts to play with it.

And you know what happened next, right?

The first words out of Major’s mouth as he walked in the door were, “where is my truck?”

Lord if he didn’t even have his coat unzipped before he was fighting with Minor about the damned truck! He’s screaming for Minor to share, Minor is screaming that he won’t, my peaceful happy little house on a Sunday morning now disintegrates into chaos.

And all I can think to myself is: Minor, you smart little stinker.

That boy knew that Major would be thinking about that truck all through church. He knew it would drive his brother crazy to know that he was playing with it! He had no interest in actually playing with that truck all morning. He hadn’t given that thing a second thought before I mentioned that Major and Husband were back!

That child is smart, and he’s cute, and he’s devious. What in the world am I going to do with him? I can only pray that I can teach that child how to use that intellect for good instead of evil (and, to be clear, torturing his bother by playing with the Hess truck is decidedly evil). And, just in case you’ve forgotten, that child ain’t even three yet!


Anyway. My sewing has yielded… something.

20150309_065707 (1)


This, as you recall, is a prototype, and it’s very ugly because there are a lot of mistakes that were made, but I’m sharing anyway because this is the first garment that I’ve ever sewn, ever. I picked a fabric and did it, and I learned a lot. And, I’ll have you know, this was sewn completely by hand. No machine! Because my machine… *sigh* I hate that damn machine…

Anyway, like I said, many mistakes were made. Sometimes because I was learning a new skill, sometimes because I didn’t understand a direction, or because I didn’t measure as well as I thought I did. I’m not going to lie, to see it, fully one, is sorta a miracle. 🙂 I’m surprised that it’s not a ball of scraps, to be honest!

So now, tonight, I start on the real thing. I’m starting all over again with the fabric that I really want for the sleepsack I plan to give to a friend. And that includes cutting that hand-pieced quilt top that I worked on a few weeks ago! I’m… nervous. But ready. And maybe a little bit excited?

Ok, a lot excited. Wish me luck!

and did I mention that the first 2 chapters of Vi are totally edited/rewritten?

And that I’m outlining the next story in the Meadowlark series and that I’ll start writing it next month?

And that I’m outlining a story to write and then submit to the big Ploughshares contest in May?

The snow is melting, and so is my creative block! So much to do! So little time!!!

Happy Monday, dear reader! What are you up to this week?

2 Replies to “You Smart Little Bear”

  1. too funny. It is amazing how those liitle minds calculate!!!
    Goid luck on your submission. I am submitting as well. Been working on a short for a week

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