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[Bonus Post] Stand-up Comedy, Courtesy of Ursa Major

4 years ago

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Major: “What did the door say to the other door?”

Me: “I don’t know, what did it say?”

Major: “Nothing! Because doors cannot talk!”


Major: “What did the banana say to the other banana?”

Me: “Uh… don’t slip? or something?”

Major: “NO! He said nothing! Because bananas can’t talk!”


Major: “What did the puppy say to the other puppy?”

Me: “Woof?”

Major: “Mama! He said nothing, Mama! Because puppies can’t talk!” 


After all instances of this same type of joke over and over again, both boys explode in hysterical laughter. “I told you a joke, Mama! It’s a funny joke!”

This was adorable the first 15 times…

But now that I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen in perpetuity… I’m feeling a little… tired.


Currently, the boys are singing the ABC song, putting W in the wrong place.

In unison: “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOW” [hysterical laughter]

That has happened about 20 times…


And both will happen ad nauseam. until Daddy comes home… probably.

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