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Operation: We Gotta Get It Together

4 years ago

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Photo: The septic tank emerges from the winter wasteland! Look at that! Also, it’s kinda ewww because you know what’s down there and why that’s warm enough to melt the snow… gross. But then again, I’m happy to see it. It means that the snow can and will go away!


The sun is shining on the farmhouse this afternoon.

The sun is shinning on the farmhouse this afternoon!

And we had a normal morning. There was a school drop-off, a grocery store run, even time to chit-chat with other folk face-to-face… even in the brutal cold. My goodness gracious, how wonderful it is to have some normalcy!

Now, the snow is still everywhere and yeah, it’s pretty ugly in some places, and it is terrible cold. But you know what? The roads are clear, school is in session, and I can see the blue sky out my window.

And the 7-day forecast only has flurries on it.

and we are 25 days to Spring.

Don’t get me to hopin’, dear reader, but I think… I think I see some of the rays of dawn. They are faint on the horizon. So faint. But I swear, I see them.

And even if it’s just an illusion, I FEEL A LITTLE BETTER today. Best I’ve felt in weeks.

And since I’m coming out of my mental fog, my eyes are coming down on… this mess. My Lord, this house is a mess. And not just this house. We are a mess. I woke up on Saturday morning, turned around and was just like, yup, it’s time to get it together! Little boys needed hair cuts, daddy needed to trim that beard, and I am in desperate need of a retwist and a pedicure.

It started with the house. I went out and bought some polish/restoration stuff for the floors. The sand from the summer and now the salt from the winter are really doing a number on them. They look dry or dull, and there are scratches in places where little boys have been running their various cars and trucks. What we really need to do is have a professional come in here and really get at these floors with the machine and stuff but… money… so I am buying the stuff in the bottle for now. I bought some stuff for the linoleum  in the kitchen, too, which is supposed to make it shine, at least. I haven’t been able to use either product because they need to dry over night and I’ve been tired. But I’m committed to getting it done. I’ll tell you what happens on Wednesday. Hopefully, with a picture of pretty shiny floors.   At least every floor in the house was swept and mopped on Saturday. I was like, “ahhh, so much better.”

The kitchen got scrubbed well, and so did the upstairs bathroom. The downstairs bathroom, still covered with painting paraphernalia from the living room DIY, will be The Husband’s domain. He’s the one that got it messy, so he’s gotta clean it up!

And I got at this office, too. The daybed has been the catch-all for mail and other papers, my desk has had binders and notebooks and ideas in various stages of disarray all over it (I am ashamed of how many post-its were sticking on my computer before I cleaned it. I’m equally ashamed about how many remain.) I thought that if I cleaned off my desk and did some organizing, I’d remove my writer’s block. It, uh… it didn’t really work. So…boo…

"This is organized?" Shhhhh, reader! It is MUCH better than it was, I swear!
“This is organized?” Shhhhh, reader! It is MUCH better than it was, I swear!

The boys got their hair cuts yesterday and they look hilarious. I tried to get a picture, but they came out blurry. Basically, Major’s hair is so short, there is no curl really, but Lord if it isn’t trying, which means that his hair looks sorta spikey-wavey. And that’s not so bad as compared to Minor’s hair, which looks… I don’t even know. I looked at The Husband and the man just shrugged. “His hair isn’t Black, it isn’t White, it’s just… it’s just a thing of its own.” So there are curls in some places and waves and others are perfectly straight strands… Lordy. He looks adorable and different with his hair short. When it’s long, he’s got that weird Zac Efron hair thing going on: big and wavy and textured and out of control and when it’s short, it’s still like “you cannot tame me!” I don’t know what I’m going to do with that child.

And, of course, Mama is always last, right? No retwist yesterday, too busy with the boys. No pedicure yesterday, too busy with the boys. So today, I went to CVS and went a little crazy buying stuff for my feet. I am SO looking forward to getting them back in shape tonight. And tomorrow? This hair. This winter has really killed my locs. They are screaming for moisture, and they just need to be neatened up. I hope to be a whole new woman tomorrow.

Oh yeah. Things just got real. For my feet.
Oh yeah. Things just got real. For my feet.

That will end my writer’s block, right? RIGHT!?

I am still sewing, though. Check this out: 20150219_102559


Two funny stories: First story, I totally cut my fabric wrong the first time. It’s a long story but, basically, I put the fabric on the wrong order during the pinning, so the wrong fabric ended up on the outside and on the inside… it was a strange thing to do. But I learned a lot, so, I’m over it! I’m currently on attempt two! I know what I’m doing this time! Pinned and cut perfectly and faster this time around! Woo hoooo!

And then, second funny story:




The long war with my sewing machine has finally ended in my surrender. I spent two hours trying to get it to sew, but for some reason, I get about 4 stitches in and the machine decides to ferociously eat my thread and my fabric. I messed with the tension, the bobbin, the feet, the needle, the stitch the thread… everything. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with my machine.


Sleep sack might have to be sewed by hand. Which isn’t a terrible thing–I prefer hand sewing to machine sewing–but this project, ultimately, was supposed to be a gift for a friend’s new baby. First, I’m afraid the babe will be too big before I finish sewing and, second, I want to make sure that it’s securely constructed and won’t fall apart or anything. So, I’m annoyed. But still working. The Husband is threatening to look at the machine. “I’m an engineer, after all…” Uh huh. I might just do it. That’ll learn ya, stupid machine…

And remember, this was supposed to be a quick practice sack before I actually make the real one! Hopefully, I’ll have pictures of the finished prototype before the end of the week!

Are you feeling hopeful, too, dear reader? Or, are least, are you ready to banish this winter blues? I hope so. It’s a new week! Let’s make it a good one!

Stay warm and take care.


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