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4 years ago

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Photo: How did the window on my side of the bed become the draftiest window in the house? And yes, we did seal it with sealing winter caulk or whatever… Gonna have to get the funky ugly plastic to put over it instead!


The sun is shining in MetroWest. That’s adorable.

Because it’s 10 degrees (F) right now. When I woke up at 4, it was NEGATIVE 10.

“Why were you up at 4 this morning, Kyra?”

Well, my dear reader, it’s KINKLING WEEKEND!



BOOM! Golden fried deliciousness! White-out conditions outside call for brown crispy gold yumminess in the inside, amiright!? My house smells so good right now. Today is day 2 for kinklings: I made 3 batches on Saturday (most were taken, but not all because the snow came in early) and then I got up this morning and I’ve made 2 more batches and I’m waiting for folk to take them.  People who said they were coming today haven’t shown up or texted… I told The Husband that folk who do that (say they’ll be here but never show up) won’t be on the kinkling list next year.

Don’t think me too mean: this is an expensive thing to do. A batch of Kinklings takes nutmeg (expensive spice), a stick and a half of butter, 8 cups of flour, potatoes, milk, sugar and yeast. And then there is the time cost! It takes about 4 hours to make a single batch! Sooooo you know… people who get them will get them, people who snooze will lose.

In their defense, it totally looks like this outside:

I haven't seen my stone fence in a month!
I haven’t seen my stone fence in a month!
Basement? Covered. Thank God it's stone. Steps? covered. The little play set? Not QUITE covered. Need another foot, I guess...
Basement? Covered. Thank God it’s stone. Steps? covered. The little play set? Not QUITE covered. Need another foot, I guess…
I like how the ugliest feature of our yard is NOT obscured. The Husband: "That's a good thing. It's important for the function of the septic." Me: grumble, grumble...
I like how the ugliest feature of our yard is NOT obscured. The Husband: “That’s a good thing. It’s important for the function of the septic.” Me: grumble, grumble…


There were four accidents right in front of my driveway on Saturday afternoon when the snow started. It was so bad, I wouldn’t let The Husband go out to pick up our Valentine’s day sushi dinner (getting it today, though!).  I was very lucky to have two ribeyes in the freezer, so I made him steak frites instead, which was very easy because of this awesome trick I learned from America’s Test Kitchen last year. So between that and the fresh kinklings, my husband was a happy dude. For me, he ordered these:



Pretty springtime flowers, delivered in the vase and everything! Aren’t they lovely? I’m not a girl who lives for roses, so I was very pleased to see the pretty pinks, purples and yellows. And when the sun hits them on the dining room table just right… they bring a big smile to my face. The boys, too, have been enjoying them. As they run through the house, one or both will stop to admire them before taking up the chase again. Good job, Husband!

Of course, now that kinklings are over, I need to get back to work. I’m not one to procrastinate, but I’ve totally been doing it lately: Project Vi sorta came to a halt last week. Blame it on the snow, or the kids… but I’ve pretty much found every excuse not to sit in front of this computer and get it done.


Shh… don’t judge.

It’s school vacation week here in Massachusetts so I have to entertain these boys all week with no place to put them. They aren’t going to play in the snow (it’s too cold anyway) and the parks are covered. Taking them out to the usual haunts (children’s museum, aquarium, etc) will cost money and will also be crowded because all us moms are desperate to get out of the house. So… uh… anyone got some ideas out there? Lent also starts on Wednesday and I’m thinking about what I’d like to do about it. I’ve usually given up soda, but I don’t drink soda anymore, so that doesn’t work. I tried to give up cursing once but that is just… impossible. My blood pressure would go through the roof without my four-letter outlet, especially the way this winter is going! If I can find the right thing, I’d actually like to  take on something tangible for lent. Something I can create or cook or build or something, you know? Faith through the mind (reading the Bible daily, which I normally do for Lent) but also Faith through my hands (taking the time to be prayerful and meditative through some sort of work, having something to show for it at the end). If anyone has some ideas or resources out there, I’m all ears!

In the meanwhile, these hands and arms need a break. Kneading dough is work, ya’ll! I think a nap is in order. Wouldn’t that be grand?

See you Wednesday! Stay warm out there!

Bloggy feedback note: new theme? Love it? loathe it? Shmeh about it? I am on the fence…

Also: If anyone is wondering what dinner is going to be here in the farmhouse tomorrow for Fat Tuesday, I always pull out Ina Garten’s recipe for shrimp and sausage jambalaya. Yes, Ina is a yankee, so this isn’t straight from the source, but it’s good and it’s pretty easy. Though, as I typed this, I realized that The Husband gave me a real and actual cookbook from real and actual New Orleans last year, so I might have to try a new recipe this year!! Will get back to you about that…

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