[Bloggy Fail] Super Powers Only Go So Far


I woke up at 1:30 this morning with my hands still positioned on the keyboard, two blankets draped over me, my monitor black and a sticky note on my notebook: “You fell asleep while writing your post.”


Yesterday was the first day we’d been out of the house since Monday. Boys went to school, Mama went to Wegmans to get catered food for an important school event in the evening, then there was the 4-year check-up for Ursa Major in the city and then we needed to get back out here to the school event! Whoa. And all of that on not-so-awesome roads because it was snowing all day. That’s enough in and of itself… but of course there had to be the big tantrum episode by Ursa Minor in the middle of it at the little cafe where I thought we’d have some lunch (because we couldn’t go home because of the awful roads). The result? My absolute favorite peacoat (the one that has lost all its buttons and has a ripped lining but I love anyway and needed to get one more season out of it) has vomit all over it and is ruined. My favorite little gray -neck shirt was ruined in that episode as well… *sigh* Motherhood is sacrifice…

Anyway, it was a lot of day. Just a lot. And when I came in here and sat in this chair, I was alls about writing about the week and making the best of it… and I didn’t even get three sentences in. I write all the time about my mama super-power being the ability to manipulate time and space. Lord knows I did that (After that cafe episode, I drove home and then I got all three of us cleaned and changed –a shower for me included— and out the door in 15 minutes! BOOM!), but that requires a hell of a lot of energy. A hell of a lot.

So I’m sorry, dear reader. I just ran out of steam before I could get anything written…

And today, I feel hung over, and that makes no sense because I had not a single drop of alcohol yesterday. Not a single drop! But my head is foggy and I feel mighty sluggish just like it would if I’d been out partying all night. You know what that’s a sign of? Old. Just straight oldness. Dang…

So I am going to take my geriatric self downstairs to get some advil and some water, then I’m going to crawl under some 3 blankets or so and just be for a while. Gotta recharge to get some of that get-up-and-go needed to get something done today.

And then I’ll be back on Monday. You know they are talking about another foot of snow here? Winter is… a demoralizing time of year… just depressing as hell….

Stay warm and safe, my dear readers. I will see you Monday!

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  1. Where will you find another pea coat? Who the hell named them pea coats?

    My hometown’s getting hammered with a foot of snow as I type this. Not jealous.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Peacoats are awesome! They are so stylish! I always feel like a million bucks in mine, even when it’s falling part. 🙁 Gonna miss her… Gotta settle for the trench now until I can buy a new one. 🙁 Don’t know who named it the peacoat… it’s from the navy, though…

      Snow that comes in feet instead of inches SUCKS. It’s so miserable. They are talking 8 to 14 inches here, last I checked. Hate hate hate hate hate!!!

      1. Yes, I LOVE pea coats. Always wanted one. Never could find one too fit. Now I don’t need one lol. However I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Homeys are posting tons of pics of the snow dump, I remember well. I am proud to say, 30 years in Iowa winters and never once used a snowblower. Oorah, as they say.

        Massachusetts however? Yeah, Ida prolly bought a Bobcat. Also as they say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

        As a positive of all this, the bears’ snowman can be super huge and the bitchinest snowman EVER. I see a Guinness Record in your future. Or at least a case of Guinness and a space heater…

        1. K.C. Wise says:

          Hahahaha, maybe. Or maybe not.

          The Husband took the boys out to play yesterday and Major had a really great time. Minor? He ran inside to get a “magic wand” out of the toy chest, then returned outside and started hitting the snow, yelling, “go away, snow! Go away! Go AWAY, snow!” That’s my boy!

          So any snowmen made will be via my eldest child… limiting the size and scope, I’m sure!

          1. haha Minor is my Hero! haha

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you! I took an advil and drank some coffee and watched some TV and felt better. It did take half the morning to recover, which feels like a long time to me! A case of the olds… so old!!! 🙁

      Maybe I’m just depressed because of the weather…

      1. Eily Nash says:

        Glad you felt better and NO you are not old, beautiful lady! The cold is the culprit, I guess it is nature’s way of slowing us down so the body gets to rest. Easier said then done with our little one/s and an active minds 🙂

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