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Photo: I’m raising New Englanders. I mean, really. Who lays down in the freaking snow!? My boys do! They literally run around, crunch around, sled and be ridiculous, and then lay down in the snow. Just looking at this picture makes me shiver. One of the moms made fun of me today for all the slipping and sliding I was doing on the sidewalk, “You should have learned how to deal with this by now!” Yeah, well, what can I say. I’m not a New Englander. I just play one on a blog.


Multiple mistakes were made this morning.

The first being that I chose to sleep in. I don’t love the winter, but I love the Farmhouse in the winter. I love the sound of the windows rattling in the Massachusetts wind. I love the hiss of the radiators and the clanking and banging of the pipes as they heat up. If you listen carefully, you can hear the wood creak and groan as the house settles and resettles. It’s that cozy winter symphony that made me turn off my alarm at 5am but decline to actually getting out of bed until 6. Prime writing and editing time gone, time to get with some morning knitting and coffee instead. My feet didn’t hit the floor of the kitchen until damn near 6:15. Bad, bad, bad. Bad start. Very unlike me, too!

The second mistake was assuming that I could resume our normal school-day routine with the same tightness that we had pre-break. It has been 2 weeks since little boys have been at school, and it showed from top to bottom. Little boys didn’t want to get out of bed. Little boys didn’t want to sit on the potty. Little boys were distracted at breakfast. Little boys were not trying to get dressed. At our best, I can get us from wake up to buckled-in in about one hour. That includes two trips to the potty with Ursa Major and at least one meltdown from Ursa Minor. Plus the putting on of two layers of the various winter gear required for survival in Massachusetts winter.

This morning? It took about  one hour and twenty minutes.

Long time readers and friends will know that I don’t do late.

But that’s where mistake number 3 comes in: Oh hey, it’s Massachusetts Winter!

It snowed on Saturday night. Not a whole lot–maybe 4 inches, and then it rained afterward. The snow that remained afterward turned into slush, and then that slush quickly froze. But not until after The Husband spent time playing with his new toy snowblower (“Baby, there isn’t enough snow to need the blower, is there?” “Um… I mean, maybe? I dunno… if there isn’t, I’ll put it away.” That boy was gonna do anything to be able to turn that machine on. I don’t know why I bothered!), and in so doing, did indeed clear a path for me to drive out of today. However, when I asked him if we needed sand to help with the rest of the stuff he didn’t plow, he was all full of excuses and air. “I mean, yeah, it’s nice for grip, I guess, but you don’t need it,” he told me. “We don’t really have any, and I’m telling you, you’ll get out just fine,” he assured me. I let it go. Told myself that he was right.

And then I fell right on my ass this morning when I went to go turn on the car and warm it up for the boys.

Yeah, we didn’t need the sand for the driveway, we needed the sand for the walk from the house to the car!

And while I bundled the boys beyond what they needed (Ursa Major got the snowpants and everything), I was the idiot who put on sneakers instead of my sturdy winter boots. So many mistakes and I haven’t even left my driveway.

Once I did, it was no better. Massachusetts roads in the winter are like a good cast iron skillet; they need to be well seasoned with that salt mixture for the roads to be navigable, even after nuisance storms like what we got on Saturday. We actually haven’t had a lot of silly little snows, so there isn’t a lot of melt mixture on the roads and that meant a lot more ice than I would have thought there would be. So…you know… slow driving…. slooooowwwww driving…..


We made it to school. Late. So late. Apparently everybody was because none of the parking spaces had been shoveled out. Indeed, we had to practically skate from our parking spot to the school because apparently nobody worked on sidewalks over the weekend. Really could have used those boots that I didn’t put on. Oh, and Ursa Minor insisted on being carried for all of that, too. Great for the balancing needed for ice-skating in sneakers. And by the time I was done with the meeting and the greeting and the hugs and Happy New Years and yadda yadda… I was nearly 45 minutes behind schedule. What!? How does this even happen!?

The good news is, it all sorta worked out in the end. I’m sitting here having gotten babies to and from school, grocery shopping done and put away… but it wasn’t pretty. There was no grace to it. No style, even.

It’s so funny how it takes only 2 weeks to dismantle a pretty well-oiled machine. Lessons learned. We’ll be back to normal by the end of the week. I hope.

The unexpected reward for my efforts? Our first busy morning in a while has made both boys pretty tired. I think they are in for a good neap today! Does that mean that I’ll be able to get all of my work done before it’s time to cook dinner?

The wind is still howling, the windows are still rattling, and I just heard the boiler cut on. That means that the radiators will be hissing soon, and that wonderfully sweet smell of old wood and the feeling of warmth that comes with it will soon fill up the office. I hope that I can resist the temptation to fall asleep in this chair. Must resist!

It is going to be a great week, dear reader! I can feel it!

Or maybe I just feel the heat from the radiator…

oh… so sleepy….

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