Merry, Bright and Busy

Photo: The photo doesn’t do it justice, really… but, look! A Christmas Tree in the farmhouse!

The farmhouse smells like a pine tree.

And that is a big deal because yesterday, The Husband and I bought our first real Christmas tree. Ever. We’ve had this little table-top shrinky-dink Target-bought artificial thing since the first year we moved in together, but we never had room or time for a real tree. It is glorious. Just glorious!

Of course, there was two hours of policing the boys around it. “Don’t touch the tree!” “Don’t touch the ornaments!” “No, baby, that car is not for driving, it’s for looking at!”

Minor: “But it’s a golden car….”

“Yes, baby, but that’s not a car for driving. The wheels don’t move.”

Major: “But the wheels… they are… golden….” 

“Yes. We know! But still!” annnnddd we moved ornament to the top of the tree…

The local farmstand that I fell in love with during the summer sells Christmas trees in December, so we went over there to purchase this one. It was nice to continue to give this place our business and I’m going to miss them during the long winter months. We bought a wreath for the front of the house  (which I’m not going to show because, internet), but I feel like it’s a little small. I wanted to get a bigger one, but The Husband was like, “you don’t want it to be too big! It’s going to look bigger on the house than you think!”

uh huh. So I listened. Got a “medium” wreath instead.

When we put it up and marveled at it, he came down the ladder and walked a few feet backward to look at it. “I guess we could have gone bigger…” he conceded.

I may or may not have danced the “I told you so” dance.

The wreath and tree were the last two items on a weekend that had a hell of a list of things to do. And remember, three out of four people in this house were recovering from illness. We were able to get it all done. The big thing that went by the wayside was dinner! I feel like we ate crap all weekend because the men weren’t hungry and I wasn’t going to cook for people who weren’t going to eat. I’m looking forward to making a good solid dinner tonight and getting some real food in the stomach.

And now? Now it’s all a matter of timing. Christmas cards are here and ready to be stuffed. Labels for the 87 envelopes have been printed. The Christmas letter has been edited and printed. Now? I’m waiting on some photo prints for some of the people we were planning on sending them to (grandmas and the like). There is also one more gift that is taking forever to arrive in the mail.

And then there are the two knitting projects. I’m 45% done with one of them and I have yarn for the other one. If I want them both to go out with everything else next Tuesday, I’m going to be knitting until my fingers fall off. And did I mention I’m still working on that novel draft? And there is parent-helping to be done at school over the next two weeks!?

What is wrong with me? Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s just December… I’m pretty committed to being up at 4am every morning for the next two weeks to get it all done.

and it must be done. Because Mamas are the “magic” of Christmas.

That’s right, I said it.

How are you doing with your holiday dash? I am very happy to say that I’ve bought only a few items from Amazon this year, and have bought a lot of stuff from small businesses around me. I know that this isn’t a possibility for everyone, but I’m very pleased to live in a community that is serviced by a lot of small businesses for pretty reasonable prices. My local fabric and yarn shops, especially, are wonderful and I wish I could spend more time in both of them! I am also giving gifts that are fairly near and dear. For a recent birthday party, I gave on of my favorite books: Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm (this is my third time giving this book at this preschool alone. It’s a beautiful and fantastic book with a Black female protagonist. It’s slightly rebellious to give in this very White community, and it seems to be going over quite well). For some of the older kids in my life now, I’m giving Julius Lester’s John Henry, which is beautifully written and even more beautifully illustrated.


If you are looking for other books to give that are beautiful and interesting and feature people of color, I strongly suggest:

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

The Talking Eggs (hands down my favorite children’s story of all time.)

The Fortune Tellers (the boys love this one)

Oh! And The Snowy Day! The boys love this one, too!

I don’t know if you can find these at a local bookstore. If you can, awesome. If you can’t, they are all on Amazon. I don’t just recommend them because of their colorful casts, but because they are wonderful books and because they were so central to my childhood. I always try to give at least one a year to people who I know will cherish them as much as I do.

I have a craving for popovers. Maybe I’ll make those tonight. Of course, I typed that and realized I’ll probably need to bake at least 4 loaves of bread this week.

I really want to know how ya’ll are doing with your busy seasons. How are you coping? What are you doing? What is the gift you are most excited to give? What is the gift you are most nervous about giving (are they one in the same? Mine is!). What is the one thing you really hope someone gets you? What is the one thing you would really hate to get? I’d love to know!! I love that kind of thing! I’ll share if you share.

Until Wednesday, take care.

(Note to self: Kyra, you are incapable of knitting and watching The Roosevelts: An Intimate History at the same time. You say that you can pay attention to both, but you can’t.) <– I’ve got one more episode left and, like reading a good book, I don’t want it to end but I know that it must! Seriously, though, that’s not “background” television. My eyes were glued to my television instead of on my knitting!

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  1. zeudytigre says:

    Those books? Please share with @diversebooks on twitter. We all need to know about good books 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      These books are pretty old (dating from the 80’s and 90s), but if you think they would be helpful, I’ll share!

      1. zeudytigre says:

        One of the problems with reading diversely is knowing the books to read. If the books are still available to buy it is worth recommending them 🙂

  2. Marneymae says:

    Thank you for the children’s book recommendations!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Not a problem! I LOVE to share these books! So instrumental to my upbringing. 🙂

      Ya’ll getting snow or rain from the nor’easter today? It was so cold yesterday! I’m grateful that it is warming up and it is all rain down here today!

      1. Marneymae says:

        No snow yet, but in the forecast there was a snowflake symbol for the next 3 days
        We’ll see how it unfolds
        Enjoy the warm-ish day!

        Are the coughers in your family coughing less?

        Wishing you a merry lovely christmas

  3. I am fighting back the flu, have midterm exams and papers, but working overtime at both jobs, so no time at all to do it. Pleased.

    The tree is the shit, dude! I wanna hug it!

    The moving of the gold car-excellent for a loud laugh. Thank you, so needed 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Awwwww, the flu!?? That sucks!! And the flu during midterms and everything else!?!?! I’m so sorry!! Are you holding up ok? Taking some Theraflu, I hope!

      All of the nice ornaments, at this point, have been moved to the top of the tree. Little boys can’t resist the shiny, shiny temptation!

      1. Magically it cleared up by this morning. Xmas came early!

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