[Bloggy Fail] This Week Was Like Whoa

I have been playing nurse all week to three babies.

I mean… 2 toddlers and a husband.

I didn’t even sleep in my own bed last night. I took to the daybed in the office so that I could a) write and b) sleep without being awoken by the great rumbles of coughing beside me. Of course, Ursa Minor’s coughing woke me in the night, so… mission much fail…

And while I accomplished most of my goals for the week, there are still some glaringly huge projects that I need to get done, which I’m now going to spend time doing before I go to bed.

So excuse me and forgive me. I usually put a lot of thought into my Friday posts. But between the insanity of the nation and the insanity between my four walls and trying my very best to attend to both and yet let neither of them crush me, I have no more energy to sit here. I’d abandon my novel for the night, too, if I wasn’t so committed to finishing before Christmas. So you, my dear reader, are the sacrifice. Again, forgive me. I need it.

Until Monday, take care.


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