[Quiet Thoughts] I Swear I Wasn’t Shopping!

Photo: The view out my window yesterday morning… it’s pretty, yes… but… it’s still a pain in the butt!

This is a very late post for me… usually I get these posts done during nap time! I’m just now sitting in front of my computer and it’s after dinner! What?? And I know you’re thinking, “welp, she’s out shopping like the rest of the universe!” But I wasn’t! I swear. I was doing some emergency babysitting.

My friend and neighbor called me at noon today and simply said, “things just got weird. My husband is at home with the kids and he’s not feeling well, and I can’t get home until around 3. Can you just go help him out?”

I was out the door without thinking. My driveway was not clear, I wasn’t really dressed for cold and snow, and I was in the middle of making the final edits of Meadowlark and then some outlining for Vi. I had enough sense to pick up my knitting and then that was it. Thank God I was able to get the car down the driveway. I watched her boys, made them lunch, set them up with some Baby Einstein, and settled in. Happy to do it.

And when she got home and saw that her husband wasn’t going to be able to drive himself to the doctor, she asked if I could stay. Of course I said yes. Didn’t even have to think about it.

“We’re totally going to pay you back. You and [The Husband] can go out for a date night or something…”

“I’m your friend and your neighbor. This is what I’m here for.” This is the honest truth. I walked out the door without thinking because I know that she would do the same for me. Without question. I can honestly say that I don’t know that about a lot of people. There are people in my life who I love and trust, who I care about, even admire. But I know that if I called with an extreme emergency like this one, I’d get static first, maybe a sigh and an excuse, and then maybe after some begging, they’d come to save me. This woman who I went out for today, she’d just get off the phone, get in her car, and come over. No question, no problem. That’s why I got in the car. How many people do you know would do the same for you?

And so, my Quiet Thoughts are late, but I have no regrets. And there is probably a greater lesson in there somewhere. On this Black Friday when everyone else in the universe is looking for that great deal, can you put a price on knowing that if you call, someone will answer? How much is it worth to know that if you need, someone will come to your aid? If you don’t have that, how much would you give to obtain it? What if all you needed to give was just a little bit of yourself?

I hope that you keep that in mind this holiday season. Your time, your presence and your thoughts are some of the most precious things that you can ever give. Who and how you choose to give those gifts speaks volumes.

It is a bitter cold night in Massachusetts. It’s going down to the teens here tonight! There is snow on y front yard and there is a beautiful half-moon illuminating it all up in the sky. I am here wrapped in a blanket, though I hear my radiators clicking and whistling. There is nothing better than that sweet smell and that unique sound! On this Friday after the holiday, I wish you American readers safe travels back home if you haven’t already started. I wish all of you happy hunting, if shopping is your main mission…and I wish you one trip to a good local small business that you like to support and a very happy purchase there. I wish you one great deal and one fun purchase for yourself. I wish you a cup of coffee with a friend at a good place to people watch. I wish you a phone call from a friend or relative who you couldn’t get to during the holiday, or a surprise run-in with someone you haven’t seen for a long while. I wish you a pot pie made from the leftovers, a good drink to wash it down, and a belly laugh over something dumb a relative said over dinner. I wish you a quiet moment under two warm blankets, and maybe a chance to fall asleep in your favorite chair with a good book in your lap. I wish you the assurance that at least one person in the world would drop their life to help you in a crisis, and warmth and pride of knowing that you would do the same. And, as always, I wish you joy, because it’s the season for such things.

Until Monday, take care.

Fried Rice from last night’s non-traditional Thanksgiving meal: Duck “peking-style” with the pancakes and everything, fried rice, broccoli… mmm mmm good, ya’ll! And that’s after the orange-zest cinnamon rolls for breakfast! What!? Yeah.. you should have been at the farmhouse yesterday. I had my kitchen singing all day!


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  1. My emergency phone call would go something like this:

    KC! Come quick, and bring the duck! I’m hungry, and I can’t boil water!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Hahahaha… that duck would be COOOOLD by the time I got to your neck of the woods!

      Did you have a great Thanksgiving? I really hope you did!!

      1. I did! I bathed and walked the dogs, did some homework, some laundry, made a grilled-steak avocado salad for dinner then went to work at night in shorts and a T shirt cuz it was 80 degrees. Damn good indeed.

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