I’m a history teacher, but I won’t lecture you about those who died for you ability to choose. I’m the mother of boys of color, but I won’t scold you about the link between non-participation and the oppression of powerless or disenfranchised groups. I’m an educated Millennial with student loans, but I won’t push you to consider how powerfully linked money and politics are in this country. I’m a homeowner and a taxpayer, but I won’t harass you about the financial stability of the lower and middle classes and how hard it is to attain. I’m the proud owner of a vagina, but I won’t berate you about the erosion of my ability to make choices about my health. I’m a married woman, but I won’t ask you to consider that too many of your friends and family members still can’t join me in the powerful legal status that I and others take for granted…

But I AM a citizen, and I AM voting, and if you choose not to… well… I may judge you, just a little bit. I don’t care the who or the party, I don’t care about the initiatives,  I just care that you take the time to perform your civic duty.


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