I’m Totally Not Freaking Out about NaNoWriMo… Obviously….

Photo: I may have a new phone that may have a better camera than my old one. It may take awesome pictures of my stone fence. Maybe. Does this mean no more blurry pictures on the blog!?!? Studies show…


I sat down in this chair and started writing this post and started having a little freak-out. NaNo starts on Saturday. There are probably 100,000 tasks that I have to get done between now and Saturday, few of them having to do with NaNo… and that’s a problem, because the NaNo stuff must be done and must take time to do right sooooooooo…. I’m trying to take deep breaths here.

It is also causing me a little concern that we’re probably going to start painting the dining room next week. My dining room smells like joint compound and joint compound smells like… it smells awful. Every time I step between the kitchen and the dining room, I wonder if there is something rotting in my pantry, or going moldy in the closet, or dying under the front door steps. Seriously. The Husband is almost done, that’s the good news, but then painting will begin. That’s the bad news and also the good news. Good news because, yay! Bad news because, well, I have to be part of the process. So…. less writing time. Less writing time!!!! 

I went to the paint store on Friday to see about a pretty Hunter Green for the dining room. Very traditional, very dark and moody and formal, which is totally what The Husband and I thought we wanted. Well, by the time I’d walked out of there, our fantastic color specialist had convinced me otherwise. So she sent me home with some reds, yellows and lighter greens, but told me that The Husband needed to come back with the painting that we currently have hanging in there to make sure it’s all gonna work:


I wish the photo had come out better here… it was a wedding gift from The Husband’s side of the family. That’s his great-grandparents on a Missouri field tending to crops. I actually like the painting because it reminds me of where my food (could? should?) comes from and how it used to be done back in the good old days (my maternal grandfather, too, grew up on a farm, so I imagine that there was a time when he may have done the same thing…). So we have it in the dining room. When the specialist saw this picture, she immediately told me the Hunter wasn’t gonna work: the picture would be drowned out because of the color of the mat and frame. Well, poo. but then she started looking at the pinks and the blues and the lighter greens, even the color of the soil, and this was her pallet idea (keeping in mind, too, the other colors that we’ve chosen around the house. This lady, I’m tellin’ you, is special.):

Tried to take this near the window sill and the wooden stools we have in the room so you can see the color up against the wood that is throughout the room…

Left to right: the red will be the wall color. It’s a Benjamin Moore “Affinity” line color, I think it’s Dinner Party, but I’ll confirm is someone cares. The blue and green, out of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection, can be used for the fabrics that I choose for the space. Curtains, table clothes, napkins, etc etc… and then the very light brown, which has a yellowish hue, can be used for anything else. Plates? The painting of the walls inside of the built-in cabinet? So many possibilities! I’ve said it many times, but I want to reiterate: I’m not paid by Benjamin Moore or anything like that to mention them on the blog. We keep going to the store because it’s close by and the color specialist who works there is absolutely outstanding. It’s one thing to support a local small business (which is what we were doing when we first started going there) and it is another thing to get, time and again, service that it just outstanding. I don’t know what I’d do without this wonderful woman! She’s a genius!

And as a bonus, she has ideas for what to paint the living room and the kitchen playing with this pallet. While those rooms won’t be painted any of these exact colors, elements of these colors will be found in the decoration of those other rooms (she calls it “throwing” the colors in different parts of the house, creating a visual theme and adding cohesion instead of a hodge-podgy kind of feeling). I’m just so pleased. I can’t wait to share more. I decided that we will paint the red on the walls and then I will take the swatches over to the fabric store so I can make curtains. But not until December because November is BOOKED SOLID! But something to look forward to! I’ve got two curtain patterns that I could try out… and since I got some embroidery books for my birthday, I could get really fancy if I want to… stay tuned for that!

So what do I need to do between now and the end of the week? Well… my house is a disaster, and it’s hard to write under these kind of circumstances, so I hope to clean this house top to bottom. There are parent-teacher conferences for preschool (Ursa Major) this week, so that will eat up a good chunk of my morning (but give me great fodder for blogging, so I’m cool with the trade-off). I’ve got a bunch of other school obligations this week, so that means lots of running around and baking. I also need to retwist my hair. No, seriously, it’s a mess. It’s horrible. It’s gotta be done. Can’t write with hair that looks like this.  So that’s a big chunk on Thursday… plus swimming and laundry and cooking and babies… how many gray hairs can I collect in this week alone!?

On Wednesday, I’ll tell you about teacher conferences… and my new preschool dilemma that I haven’t had a chance to tell you about yet. Even more, I’ll give you the title of the work I’m doing in November, along with a little preview synopsis thingy, and maybe a link of where you can find it starting on November 7th? … hows about that? Hmm?? Would that be good?

Until then, have a productive day!

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  1. Excellent painting. Great color choices. Way too much to do! Good luck!!!

  2. Shahidah says:

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo! Its my first go round. Glad to see some close to home participating as well!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you and Welcome to NaNo!! It’s such a fun event! You’re going to really enjoy it!

      Are you really in Providence? One of my favorite places! My husband and I have been down there a few times and have really enjoyed ourselves! Waterfire is one of my most favorite things on the planet (Haven’t been in a while, unfortunately. We keep saying “next year” and then it comes and goes…). Just followed your blog! Can’t wait to read it!

      1. Shahidah says:

        I’m orignally from Boston, grew up in Mattapan and Middleboro, but yes I really am in Rhode Island LOL Fourteen years and I commute to Boston every morning! I actually love it although I really only started living where I sleep a few years ago. I consider myself a newbie because I never really allowed myself to get to know the place. I discover something awesome all the time!
        I have a completed novel that I am sending out to agents, just perfecting that query letter, but I’m excited to get some of my other fiction out and join this huge writing community.
        Looking forward to reading your stuff as well and I really like the stuff on your blog!

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