“Why Are You Yawning, Mama?”

Photo: Oh hey, did I forget where my glasses are this morning? Did I have to wear my back-up glasses to preschool today? Did I realize that my back-up glasses actually have a better prescription than my regular glasses, so I should probably set aside my vanity and wear them on a daily basis? Yeah… Little boys this morning: “Mama, what is wrong with your glasses? Mama, can you put back on your real glasses? Mama, Mama? Mama! I don’t like those!” It’s been a great day…


I kinda hate parent-helping for Ursa Major’s class.

There. I said it.

Today was my second time as teacher-helper for his class and it is nothing like parent-helping for the toddler class. I spent my entire morning scrubbing a bathroom and then a kitchen, prepping a snack in said kitchen, serving that snack to 20 children, cleaning up that snack, washing all of the plates and utensils involved in that snack, sweeping the floors and wiping the tables…

and by the time I was doing that, it was time for Ursa Major to clean up his toys, go to small group and then be dismissed for home.

Good Lord! I can’t even tell you what my child did at school today and I was there!! 

I don’t feel like I know his teachers terribly well, I don’t even know the names of maybe a third of his classmates…

and I learned that the kids are mean to each other! I heard all sorts of meanness flying out of mouths today! “Well, I think you’re stupid!” and “Well, I think that you are a meany!” and all sorts of other nonsense. Kids stickin’ out their tongues at each other… I was like, don’t ya’ll understand that you’re the luckiest little punks in the whole universe? What in the world does a privileged child of MetroWest Boston have a care about? Seriously! Makes me wanna home-school… but then again, these children drive me crazy…

ok ok ok ok… I’m going to calm down. That really took it all out of me, and I still have so much to do… Ursa Major is hosting one of his classmates tomorrow for a playdate and that means that have a lot of work to do! The floors are a disaster, the kitchen could use a good scrub, there is such laundry to be done, a bathroom that needs to be done from top to bottom… and we’re in the middle of the dining room DIY so there is really nothing I can do to make my downstairs pretty… hot mess, ya’ll, hot mess. So, when I’m done with this, I’ve gotta head downstairs, put together a batch of tortillas for tonight’s dinner, start a load of laundry, at least sweep the floors in the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and attempt to put the toys away in the playroom. If I can manage to do all of that before the boys wake up from their nap (If they take a nap, as I hear them right now!), then I have a hope of getting this second floor clean before I have to get dinner on the grill.

My mommy secret power: manipulation of space and time!

I told you Monday that I’d give you an update on my writing and here it is–November is going to be a crazy-go-nuts month of writing (or failing at writing! We’ll see), and hopefully you’ll get a chance to see exactly what I have to offer.

November is National Novel Writing Month and this will be my 6th year participating. For those who aren’t familiar, the goal of the NaNoWriMo participant is to write 50,000 words of fiction within the month of November. You can’t start until November 1st and by November 30th, you need to have clocked in 50,000 words. To give a little bit of context to the scale of the challenge, I track my own data and currently, I average about 30,000 words of writing a month right now (based on the last 4 months), but that includes blogging, which I can’t count in November!  Matter of fact, I’ve learned that the bulk of my monthly writing is blogging!

I decided that I am going to be a NaNo Rebel this year (yes, that’s a thing), and do something a little different. Instead of writing a novel outright in November, I’ve decided to write a story for Wattpad, a free social reading/writing community, and publish an act of that story every Friday in November. One story, four acts, one month. That means that every week in November, I’m going to write and edit a part of this story, then figure out the courage to actually publish it and then I’m committing to putting a link to the story at the end of my Quiet Thoughts post each week. While this scares the shit out of me, it’s for all the right reasons: I write fiction but I rarely share. I fear feedback, good and bad. I know some of the people who read this blog and to know them and know that they will be reading (and judging) my fiction is scary. That fear will, hopefully, make me do this better.

I’m going to do that and work on the novel that I’ve been working on all year. Because I want the first draft done by the new year. If I keep up my current pace and do not come up against any more major obstacles (hahahahaha, yeah right!), I should be able to do that. Project Vi currently stands at 60,000 words. I am just about done with the portion that I’ve been working on for a while (I had a bit of writer’s block, but I think I’m through it now), and I’ve been writing down little snippets of inspiration for the fourth and final chunk that I will need to write to finish. When I look back on some of the previously written portions, I love the clay that I’ve started to shape here, but I know that the editing and re-writes are going to be just as grueling as the writing itself… but what is here… this thing that I’ve started… I’m really proud of it. I think it has a lot of potential. Maybe all aspiring writers say that and then put out a turd. I don’t know. I like what I’ve got here. I’m excited about seeing it through to the end.

I’m also going to keep up my usual blogging schedule. 3 posts a week, plus a few over at Black Millennial Musings.

I’m probably not going to get any sleep in November…. at all…

It could all be a colossal failure, with everything just being bad. I’m hoping, though, with good planning, time management and maybe a little bit of luck, that I’ll be able to pull something off here. It would be nice to wake up in December feeling like I really accomplished something the month before… We’ll see. Don’t laugh too hard if I fall on my face, yeah? I’m learning that I need to be ok with that. Failure teaches too. I have to keep that in mind.

I will see you on Friday with my Quiet Thoughts, which will likely be about the Yankees. Hopefully events will unfold tonight in a way that I can have Quiet Thoughts about other things… but likely, I’ll be dedicating 1000 words to the Yankees. I recognize that I have no control over a lot of things, especially baseball. (I’ll explain on Friday… it’ll all make sense.)

Until then, take care!


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  1. Ever think November is like the stupidest time of year for this? Holidays and what not? I’d think picking a blah month would be way more logical, however the alliteration wouldn’t be as catchy, I suppose.

    But since they insist and you are hell bent, I’ve decided to help you by mercilessly making fun of everything you post; so that when you get real feedback, the kind that’s useful, it won’t be so scary.

    Bring your A-game slacker 😉

    Just kidding. I’ll prolly just sit here seething with jealousy over lines I’d wished I’d thought of 🙂

    Good luck, dude!! Knock ’em dead!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Oh my God! I know that you will be the FIRST in line to be super-mercilous! (“There should be semi-colons in the following 10 sentences…”) Oh my God, oh my God!

      It’s true, November is not a sexy month for this. But really, there is only one holiday: Thanksgiving. I only cook for the 4 of us, so that isn’t that big of a deal. I will, however, have to plan 2 major kids events at school, so that will be exhausting and nonsexy. I’ll just, you know, not sleep for the month of November. It’ll be fine! It’ll be great!

      Thank you for the winterizing tips, by the way! I meant to tell you that earlier. We bought some of the 3M stuff, and The Husband also bought some rope caulking and other stuff? I dunno… all I know is that it was 78 degrees today and I couldn’t open the windows and now it’s hot as balls in the house. HOT AS WITCH BALLS IN THE HOUSE. Totally The Husband’s fault.

      Now you’ll have to excuse me. I lost a bet to a friend and I have to research freaking Yankee players and come up with a favorite by Friday… I may or may not be drinking at the moment… ohhhhh the hubris of making a wager against a dude who actually knows baseball! Ohhhhh the shame!!!

      1. Haha I feel ya. Dad put the plastic up too early and it stayed too late. Ugh.

        Baseball tip: pick the one with the cutest butt. End of argument. Man forfeits in frustration thinking girls are too stupid to get sports. Girl wins.


  2. Hey there. Sorry I’ve been missing. It’s all I can do to write my own blog these days and actually hit publish. I recently saw Tipsy Lit was teaming up with Wattpad to help bloggers publish. Anyway, good luck on your writing. I don’t know how you find the time!

    As far as the school volunteering, I recently volunteered in both of my kids’ classrooms and one was complete chaos and the other was organized and calm. The Kindergarten class was the calm one. 3rd grade? CRAZY!!! Anyway, I am dreading going back next week. :/

  3. Lady, you are one CRAZY Mama! You’ve got a ton going on yet you STILL want to be a NaNo Rebel and publish 4 times this month! Geez. I genuflect to you!! I will make noises at doing NaNo this year and post my paltry word counts. But I am OFFICIALLY NOT doing NaNo this year — ’cause this sister needs SLEEP!

    Good Luck! I know you’ll knock it out of the park. 🙂

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