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Photo: Evidence that my son is having an awesome preschool experience.


I’m having one of those Mom weeks where it feels like I’m in a sustained battle with both of the boys. Of course, it’s over different things: Major and I are fighting about the potty and when to use it (He pretty much refused to use the potty yesterday. I was constantly interrupted by his butt throughout the whole day). Minor and I are fighting over toys and which ones are his and where he can take said toys… and neither or them seem to be following directions. I have been screaming about “focus” and “responsibility” and “good listening” all day every day this week!


It’s not helpful that every day has been jam packed with something. School, errands and flu shots on Monday, baking 3 loaves of bread and crucial laundry yesterday, parent helping and back-to-school night today, dentist appointments and insulation installation and 3 loaves of bread tomorrow, and then I’m hosting our new pastor on Friday morning when I should be hanging out at Walden Pond or the Old North Bridge! Friday was gonna be my big treat, my retreat from a pretty fantastically busy week… but nooooo, I had to say yes to this little coffee klatch like the fearful, old-fashioned southern Christian woman that I am…

And, and… I lost a loc yesterday! A loc!! Swimming is doing a number on my hair! Don’t judge me. I’ve invested a lot of time in getting my hair to grow. My hair hasn’t been shoulder-length since middle school, and hasn’t been this healthy since… I dunno… before my mom started with the heat and the chemicals, so… uh… birth? Anyway. To hear that little thing hit the floor with a most ceremonious thud was just the saddest thing!

I’m gettin’ it together. I am…

And hells to the yes, I’m going swimming tomorrow!

Though there has been stress and not enough time to get all things done, I must write about the bright spot of the week: Today, I was parent-helper for Minor’s preschool class and I finally got to see him in action. I’m very happy to report that he has transitioned beautifully.

First-borns and second-borns are such interestingly different beasts. Where Major is very reserved and observant, spending a lot of time watching how others are playing or what they are doing before jumping in, Minor is easy and breezy in his classroom. He moves from station to station multiple times, he’s very interested in what the other students are doing and wants to participate (Major is always on his own agenda and couldn’t give a damn about what the other kids are doing), and he’s following directions and dealing with other adults very well! I am so proud of him. The best part? He was so excited to have me as teacher helper today that he painted next to me, played trains with me, and then came to give me a bit hug and cuddle in the reading corner toward the end of the day. Major never paid me any mind when I was parent helper last year! Did I mention that Minot had paint in his hair for that stolen snuggle? Did I mention that said paint ended up on my glasses and face? Good stuff there, Minor… good stuff….

I always paint a picture when I parent help at school. This one I did in collaboration with Ursa Minor this morning. I have no title for it... If anyone has a good one out there, please share!
I always paint a picture when I parent help at school. This one I did in collaboration with Ursa Minor this morning. As brilliantly named by ModernIdiot: “Yeti Study in Selfie” Washable paint on print paper.

The best part of the day, though, came at the very end of the day. He’s got this little friend, I’ll call her Yvette, who is this adorable little girl who is very independent and sweet. Though they didn’t play together a lot today, I know that they have become good buddies and they often find themselves playing together. Yvette pinched her finger on her little backpack snaps on the playground today. I happened to be there to inspect and try to console. Minor came right over to investigate, ran away and returned with a big orange ball. He hands it to her in all seriousness.

Minor: [Yvette], you take the big orange ball?”

Yvette, sniffling, looks at Minor for a second.

Minor: [Yvette], you take the big orange ball and feel better?

Oh my God. Yvette, extends her hands and takes the ball. Minor is smiling. Yvette is smiling.

Minor: [Yvette], do you feel better now?

The little girl nods. Minor is satisfied and walks away.

I shit you not. This really and actually happened. Right in front of me. I could have just died.

Of course, about 5 minutes later, Minor comes to take the ball back. He wants to play with it now. I was like, noooooooooooo. But no tears were shed, so… I guess it was ok.

Minor’s entire class is full of younger siblings and it shows. The group comes together and drifts apart in intervals, there are few moments of conflict, and when there is conflict, it is easily resolved. They seemed almost relieved to be able to control their own play, not having to be interrupted, and being able to be with peers. It was nice to see Minor in a role that is not that of “the baby.” To see him hold his own and control his time and day was really awesome. It is going to be exciting to me watch him develop within this group. I’m sitting here trying to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if he emerges as a leader in the group. That’s not the purpose of preschool. It takes a lot of my brain power sometimes to prevent myself from being a snarling helicopter mom…


I hope some of ya’ll were able to see the eclipse this morning! It was storming here in Massachusetts, so I didn’t get a chance. 🙁 I was able to watch a webcast, though, so I got to see the coolness anyhow. I’m going to write a little bit about my love of the moon on Friday, I think. My Quiet Thoughts are forming… barring something silly happening between now and then.

Until then, take care!


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  1. Oooh, good ball story…

    So, uh, I don’t have a title for your pic, but I’ll tell you what my brain thought when I saw it:

    Have you ever seen Sixteen Candles? You know that part where the rich kid, Jake, lets Anthony Michael Hall take his drunk girlfriend home in his dad’s Rolls Royce?

    So AMH takes the drunk blonde to his buddies’ house, and tells them to take a picture as evidence that the geek scored the drunk prom queen. But what actually happens is his friends mess up the shot, so the Polaroid evidence ends up being a bad shot of just AMH’s eye?

    This is like that Polaroid, but it’s of a red-eyed, blue-furred yeti.

    “Yeti Study in Selfie”

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Boom. Titled. You = genius.

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