What? It’s Monday??

Photo: There are leaves on our lawn. We need to rake them and put them in our compost pile. “Need a wheelbarrow for that,” says The Husband. Children see the wheelbarrow and beg until The Husband puts them in it and carts them around the yard. Good job, Husband. Way to set a bad precedent. Mama ain’t gonna do this. Mama thinks the wheelbarrow is a tool, not a toy. ūüėČ

Can we talk about how I didn’t write a single word of fiction this morning because, first, it was too freaking cold in the house and there was no way in hell I was getting out of bed (more on that in a sec) and because, second, The Husband and I were inexcusably tired this morning after a super-full weekend?

And can we talk about how The Husband and I went to bed at 8:30 on Friday like freaking old people because we were just that tired? 

And can we talk about how it’s getting down into the¬†low 40s at night around here?

The low 40s, ya’ll!


The Husband and I are holding out on turning on the heat in the house until at least October 1st. Why? Morale. Having heat on means to concede that winter is coming again and that we poor inferior mortals are too weak to handle it. My viking-built husband claims that his “blood of the North” protects him from being cold, but even he came down to the kitchen complaining this morning. While I’m sorta looking forward to hearing the rattle of the radiators and smelling the sweetness of the wood in the house because of the nice moist heat that they give off, I’m not quite ready yet. NOT READY, I SAY!!!

The upside to this cold thing? I bought a sugar pumpkin today for Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal that I’m gonna rock tomorrow. Yum. And I found a beautiful and perfect little pot roast¬†for less than $8 (which feels like a steal) that I am going to put in the oven as soon as I’m done with this post. It’s gonna be nice to have that smell in the house… and the warmth of the oven, too!


It really was a full weekend. Birthday parties and Home Depot runs… A couple of drop-ins at Ace for the stuff we couldn’t find at Home Depot… and church and hosting neighbors for a cook-out… We managed to get a little bit of the wallpaper down in the dining room, and I even managed to get 2 episodes of House of Cards in… but we both fell into bed last night in a heap and woke up blurry this morning. No rest for the weary, right?

Can we talk about church for a second?

I will admit that I was not looking forward to church this weekend. We had to go early, too, because there was a parent-meeting for Sunday School, which Ursa Major won’t be eligible for until January. They asked us to come in to the meeting anyway just to hear the spiel¬†and see the classrooms and to meet the other parents and teachers. The Episcopal Church has created a really interesting and wonderful Montessori-based Sunday School curriculum that starts at age 4 and follows kids all the way up until Confirmation. I learned that this community has really embraced the curriculum, ¬†with several of the moms doing multiple levels of training on it and what not. What I really got from the meeting, though, is that these mothers (pastor included) were dealing with all of the same stuff that I’ve been. They each walked in, sat down, and gave the most relaxed and happy sigh you’ve ever heard. The head of the program seemed to voice the theme and gist of the goal: “Just get them to the car. I know that they don’t always want to be here. I know that with the busy schedules they require we don’t always want to be here… but I want you to know that they let out that same deep relaxed sigh like we just did when they get here. It’s good to set aside these two hours, every week, to be with God, to be with community, to do things as a family (even if we’re not in the same room all the time.”

We saw the classroom where the 4 year-olds start, and it was sweet and beautiful and full of interesting manipulatives. The only thing that I remember about Sunday school back in the day was coloring pages of The Ark and maybe a cross and various postures of scripture on the walls… this was nothing like that at all. While there were manipulatives that were clearly religious (like dolls dressed in priest vestments representing the different church seasons), other things were things that could be found in any Montessori classroom (a tray with two bowls, one filled with beans and the other empty, and a small scoop. The children scoop, one at a time, beans from one bowl to the other. As the bean drops into the glass bowl, the child is asked, “doesn’t it sound like ¬†church bells?”) and is meant to be a quite environment meant for exploration, reflection, and learning. Not just babysitting while parents go worship, you know? I was really impressed. It grows and builds as the children get older, tackling all of the stuff that Sunday School should tackle, but thoughtfully and age appropriately…

I admit that I was still distracted by worry about the boys and their behavior while I was there. I checked in on them while they were in the “nursery” with other kids no less than three times. They were fine, playing nicely and respectfully, all three times. I had intended to bring them upstairs for communion, but they didn’t want to leave… and when service was over, it was actually hard to get them out of there. I have to learn to relax and trust them. When I choose not to trust that they are behaving badly, it means that I am not trusting myself and my mothering. I’ve gotta take a deep breath and know that they are doing the right thing.

And the service itself? It was much better this time around, especially because the head pastor gave a very interesting and thoughtful sermon (on forgiveness, believe it or not. God’s talking to me, and I’m trying to listen). I’ve actually been thinking about the lesson (Matthew 18:21-35) a lot since I heard it. I’ve been thinking about how quick I am to forgive some people and horribly slow to forgive others (if at all). I’m not saying that one sermon is gonna get me to a fully clean slate with my in-laws… but it has moved me to ponder about it. That’s powerful enough for me.

I know that this isn’t a faith blog. I’m not going to write about church every Monday, I promise. But, again, I know that there is a little interest to see if I am actually going to go… and stay…. and I’m not saying that I’m fully there yet. But I’m giving it the old college try and, right now at least, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I hope that you started your week happily and productively (my God! I am¬†never going to finish this book!!!). So looking forward to blogging,¬†baby free, on Wednesday morning! That’s right! Wednesday is Ursa Minors first day of school!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

See you then!

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  1. Eily Nash says:

    I so love reading your blog and imagining life in Massachusetts, your Pumpkin baked oatmeal sounds delicious! Wishing your lovely little boy the best time on his first day of school. My baby boy just started secondary school and my baby girl University…time flies, and your blog is creating such wonderful documented memories for future years. Kindest regards, Eily in England x

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