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Photo: My Aunt in Maryland sent the boys a stomp-rocket toy last week. This weekend, which was bright and sunny and very comfortable, was the perfect weekend to try it out. At first, the boys were content just to watch The Husband do it, but soon they realized that they could power it themselves and would tolerate no more of their father’s shenanigans. The boys dubbed the things “ice cream rockets” because of their coloring and shape and it kept them entertained for hours!


I said goodbye to Mom yesterday. I won’t see her again until Christmas, most likely.

It was one of those unceremonious goodbyes, which seems to be how it goes this summer. People are here and then people are gone, sometimes with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, sometimes without so much as a whisper.

I know that Mom wanted to spend more time with us, but the movers are arriving today and they’ll drive all night tonight and be back in Maryland tomorrow. So she stayed with us for about an hour yesterday, just enough time to drop off an enormous amount of stuff as a farewell gift. I want to go crazy and post a lot of the coolness right away, but I think I’m gonna spread it out this week. No, seriously, you want to tune in. Especially on Friday. Let’s just say there are pictures. 8th grade pictures. My husband and I had a good giggle yesterday looking at them! A whole album’s worth!! I’m sitting here trying to decide if I’m gonna embarrass a bunch of folk on Facebook this week…


The big-ticket item that Mom brought over yesterday was the grill.


Ain’t she just gorgeous right next to the stone fence? Like she always belonged there.

She was a complete mess when Mom brought her to me–grease trap still full of grease, plenty of just grossness all over the place, grates not scraped… Lordy. Mom: “I mean, I haven’t used it since last you cooked on it… I could have cleaned it, but I’ve been so busy.”

Mom never took good care of her. She’s only a year old, but she looks like she’s been around for a while. She’s a free grill and she came with a tank and a half of propane, so I ain’t complainin’. Now that she’s mine, I’m going to take awesome care of of her.

Yes, “she.” Yes, I’m probably going to name her at some point.

I don’t think you quite understand. I cook, I bake… but I was put on this earth to grill. There is magic that happens when you put meat to flame… and not just meat–I grill fruit and veggies, too! Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? I can do it all! And I grill rain or shine, snow, sleet, hail… there will be something on that grill during a Massachusetts January day. Not every  winter day, but some winter days. Because, damnit, there just isn’t anything better in the world.

And outside of the fact that I have a passion for grilling, this grill means that for the remainder of the summer, my house won’t be hot in the evenings. With no air conditioning, the bottom floor of the house has been pretty uncomfortable after dinner. Now I don’t have to turn my oven on for anything but baking (which I usually do in the morning) and with the grill’s side burner, I barely even have to turn on my stove for side dishes. This grill is a supremely awesome addition to the house.

And now I can’t wait to get people over so that I can really show off. 🙂

Mom also cleared out her fridge and brought me the bounty–good thick bacon, a baker’s dozen of eggs, onions and fresh parsley, random salad dressing, a whole bunch of jimmy dean sausage for no reason, bread, a few blocks of good cheese, and beer, glorious beer!

And that is kinda Mom in a nutshell. She has to leave, she’s sad about it, but she wasn’t going to leave me wanting for anything. I’m stocked up on food for at least a week (and thank God, because my grocery store is currently in disarray… another post for another time), and I have enough that I can really play with my grill (Those blocks of parmigiano reggiano are absolutely translating into grilled pizza this week). And while I’ll be missing her a lot and thinking of her, most of the thoughts will be warm and full of gratitude. They’ll be a lot of whispered “Thank you, Mom” this week when I open my fridge or put dinner down on the table. That’s pretty awesome. I know that I’m really, really lucky.

And, because the universe is always in balance, long-time readers will be happy to know that a long-overdue In-law post will be coming in September.

Because they’ll be traveling to Massachusetts. And will be staying with usFor 3 nights.

For the love of God.

Why? Well…

I wrote last week that we had insulation blown into the walls of the house. We were supposed to get it blown into the floor between our second-floor and the attic as well… basically, the most important place to have insulation put in, as heat rises, and that’s where a lot of our heat is escaping from. Whereas we paid for the insulation to the walls, the insulation that we’re having installed in the attic will be free thanks to an awesome local Massachusetts energy saving program. It’s pretty sweet. Buuut, the consultant for the contractor who is doing the work told us that we didn’t need to take up too many floor boards in the attic to get the work done. Of course, when the site leader got here to do the work, he told us we needed to take up every board. Our attic is not a small space, and the boards (and nails) in the attic are 100 years old…. so it will be a significant undertaking to get the floors up. So The Husband enlisted his father to come and help with the work.

And where my Father-in-law goes, my Mother-in-law goes as well.

My Father-in-law will be mighty busy doing that in the attic, and I won’t have to deal with him but for the meals I’ve gotta cook…

but my Mother-in-law… what…. what am I supposed to do with her?

With no brother- and sister-in-law to break up the noise and distract her with their own nonsense?


And since they are doing us a big-huge favor, I will be obligated to be patient, and graceful, and accommodating, even when that woman is cold, ignorant and insulting.

It’s gonna take everything I’ve got. I know it already.

On Wednesday, you’ll see the second big-ticket item that Mom dropped off. And a few small, but wondrous, surprises that I wasn’t expecting but am delighted to have! Until then, let’s have a awesomely productive week!




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  1. i thoroughly enjoyed and relate to your posts…you have such gorgeous boys:)

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you so much! And thank you for stopping by! I hope that I will continue to write posts that are worthy of your time!

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