[Bloggy Fail] Just Don’t Got It…


I’m sure you can imagine… I’m just having one of those days. Today is the first “normal” day we’ve had since The Plague of 2014 came rolling through the farmhouse, and between the much needed trip to the park and the much more needed run to the grocery store, the missed (sorely missed!) nap and the surprise run to Cambridge to pick up The (97% better) Husband…. I just don’t have much more to give today.

I think I’m having a slight pause of doubt as I’ve just distributed Project ViBo Part II to some select people and I’m holding my breath for feedback (while, of course, starting Part III this morning). I also have other stuff floating out in the ether that I haven’t heard back about, which is confusing and frustrating.  I feel like I’m doing a lot, writing a lot, hoping a lot, and I think my brain has come to this moment in the day and has decided, “you know what? I’m all done.”

So I suppose that means that I have no words for you today, dear reader. And I’m sorry for that, because I know that you come here trusting that I’ve got something to say. I suppose this is also a moment where I have few things to share: Today I was a busy suburban mom doing what all the other suburban moms you know were doing… I was running around, getting stuff done, not a thought in my head other than “my God, I hope these children nap when I need them to.” They didn’t, of course, because that’s how the universe works sometimes.

I’ll be back on Wednesday and Friday, with real words.

But just to prove how busy I’ve been, my awesome Excel writing log spit back some awesome data for last month:

Total words (fiction and blog) in July: 39,278 (Fiction: 20,264 Blogging: 19,014)

Daily average: 1309.26 words

Pretty good, huh? Not NaNo levels, but NaNo is a totally different beast. I’m pretty pleased with that, especially the even split between the blogging and the fiction. I’m not a data-driven girl, but it’s nice to have the computer show me how I’m investing my time. You know?

I guess I’m going to have a lot to go this month, seeing as this is a pretty short post. I’m sorry again. This isn’t like me. Things are off-kilter and also on their way back on track. Normal post on Wednesday, I promise. Until then, take care.

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  1. This post is perfect. No need to apologize for living your life. Glad to hear everyone is back on the healthy train 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thanks! Did ya’ll finally get some rain? You aren’t near the wildfires, are you?

      1. We did get rain, but not near what we needed. It’s like a tease.

        Wildfires are mainly in the hills and forests out if town. We are down in the valley and it’s all city, so the fires we have here are usually caused by human, stupidity strikes rather than lightning lol.

  2. You sound tired. It’s okay to have an off day, especially if a plague has been hanging out chez toi! I don’t get here often but I love the pace of your posts, and your voice. And you have interesting things to say so take a day off, relax, refresh, and come back all guns blazing when you’re ready to. Congrats on the regular gig – I’ll be heading over there shortly!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thanks! I’m always so excited when your name pops up in my comments section! 🙂

      And I AM tired. And I know what’s wrong with me and DON’T know what’s wrong with me….you know? It’s confusing and terrible… but I think I’ll have something to write about for the rest of the week. I hope. I think. …

      I think you’ll like Black Millennial Musings. I’m really excited about the work that is happening over there! I’m a very, very small part of it. I really take no credit at all. Nonetheless, I’m excited to be included!

  3. Miriam Joy says:

    1.3k a day average is a totally respectable amount — go you! 🙂

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