Mommy Reaganing


Photo: The journal has been open all day! I’ve been adding tasks and checkin’ them off like a boss all week!

One of the major similarities between being a stay-at-home-mom and being a classroom teacher is that the rhythm of day-to-day life is fairly predictable, but the tempo is absolutely not. There are fast times, there are slow times, there are the sweet steady spaces in between. When you can anticipate the change in tempo, putting everything on a perfect timeline and start hitting the beats right on time, well, you’ve got something special going.

The geniuses of 30 Rock called this phenomenon “Reaganing”: When you’re on a streak of perfect decisions and everything you do just seems to turn out right. (Shameless plug for 30 Rock. If you didn’t watch it, you better find it on the Hulus and get crackin’!)

In the case of the classroom teacher, it’s when all of the papers and quizzes and tests get graded, your lessons for the week are tight, the brains of the students are in full gear and you are feeling like the greatest teacher since Horace Mann. Every teacher should have a Reaganing day–it’s pretty sweet.

Right now, I’m Mommy Reaganing.

Mommy Reaganing is when you really are the mom who can do it all. The house gets clean, the laundry gets done, you actually get a good shower in and you feel awesome, you get time to eat, the children are well behaved, you actually make headway in a big project… Mommy Reaganing is when you get all of their needs done, your needs met, and you still feel good at the end of the day (albeit with a bit of a backache). Mommy Reaganing is when you’ve set your day up so perfectly, you’ve anticipated all of the beats so expertly, that the tasks just keep comin’ off of the list and you’ve got all of the energy you need to get it all done. You don’t need to be a stay-at-home-mom to have a Mommy Reaganing day. You just need to be a mom who does it all. For one single day.

I won’t bore you with all of the stuff that I need to get done today, but today is a pretty crucial day of the week. I’ve known since Saturday that today was going to be my busiest day of the week, and I prepped myself early–and here it is, not even noon, and I’ve got so much of it in the bag. The house is looking good, the boys are quietly playing, the sheets have been washed and dried and the beds remade, the dishwasher has been cleared and refilled, I made a full breakfast this morning (because I forgot the boy’s yogurt at the grocery store yesterday, doh!), the first load of regular laundry has been washed, dried and put away… and it isn’t even lunch yet. I’ve got 30 minutes to write this post and then I’ll make that happen. Did I mention that the boys have been playing quietly, and that I’ve had no less than 3 discipline incidents that I was able to settle pretty fairly and easily? I even have what I need to make a pretty fantastic snack for teacher-helper at school tomorrow (bottom recipe–homemade pop-tarts. Gonna make a blackberry type and a raspberry type)! Oh, and I finished that outline for the next part of my novella. A day early. Swish.

Boom. Mommy Reaganing. It’s a thing.  I’m doing it.

I’m really not “that” mom. This life of mine is far from perfect and, Lord knows, I have a hard time getting it all done during the day. Streaks like this this one really do make me look like “that” mom, and sorta feel that way, too. It’s a good boost to the moral, especially after the crazy few weeks that we’ve been having. Sometimes a plan just comes together, ya’ll, and I’m not going to apologize for it. You know why? Because I probably won’t be Reaganing tomorrow!

My husband, on the otherhand, is not really Reaganing. As a matter of fact, his arms are covered with poison ivy sores and he’s had a rough time of it. It’s half his fault: he decided to take out a big patch of the stuff in short sleeves: “Uh, babe, I know you have gloves on, aren’t you worried about your arms, though?” “It’s hot.” “Mmkaay…” I bought him the Calamine lotion yesterday and he’s been using the hydrocortisone, but he’s still having a rough time. Anyone have any good remedies out there that I can get for him? He’s resisting going to the doctor because manly manness.

Have you ever had the most perfectly productive day when all of the stars aligned in your favor and you hit all of the day’s beats just right? If you haven’t had that experience, I hope you have one soon! As a matter of fact, I hope you find a Reaganing sweet spot this week–just a series of little victories that make everything go smoothly for the rest of your week. My window is short, thus this post must be as well (whaaa? A post under 1000 words!?). I’m back on Friday with Quiet Thoughts (thanks to Sheri!), so don’t worry.

Now go forth and have a productive and awesome day!


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  1. An assload of Benadryl. You can’t OD, but you might fall asleep where you stand.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      He started taking this and started to feel better… but it’s still pretty ugly and hasn’t gone away. Trying to get him to the doctor today…

      1. Poor baby. Many wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. Britt says:

    Clobetasol. Seriously. Calamine lotion won’t cut it. The big gun steroid cream will make it stop itching pronto.

    So happy to read you in your groove. It’s been a good mommy week over here, too. Sometimes the stars align and the kids are beautiful and smart and kind and amazing and somehow the house is clean and energy is found to make yummy food that they eat making yummy noises and life is delicious.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      So, we looked for this and didn’t find it? Does it go under some other kind of name? The little girl at Walgreens look at me like I had three heads. He’s been doing the hydrocortisone or whatever and it has been helping. But it’s still ugly and itching and driving him crazy…

      Are you ready for Camp Mama or are you sending your boys off somewhere far, far away this summer? I want to cry… school ends this week!!

      1. Britt says:

        You need a prescription for this stuff. The little girl won’t be able to find it. We seriously need to live closer to each other!

        The little boys are finished with school and they are doing one week of intensive (I don’t see them all day) tennis camp up here. Then we all head to the Cape, where there is some tennis, but largely Camp Mama. I don’t want to send them off. I adore them and only have them for another 5 seconds before they think I’m lame. It’s fun being their moon and stars for a bit longer.

        1. Britt says:

          Fun to see you on Black Millenials!! She’s a smarty, that one.

  3. Ten points for the 30 rock reference

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Annnnndd thank you. 🙂 I try, I really do.

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