24 More Challenging Hours


Photo: I really need to go shopping. I’ve had this dress for years. But it still fits and is still kinda flattering, even… and I have new shoes… so… this’ll work for the auction tomorrow night?


Another challenging week is behind me and, unfortunately, I have one more trial ahead of me.

Tomorrow is the auction. I have to go by myself (The Husband is staying home with the babies) and I don’t want to go at all. Especially because I have less than no money to spend, and I’m going to be surrounded by a bunch of folk who plan to get schwasted and spend obs and gobs of money: (Mom  of one of Ursa Major’s Classmates: “I already told my husband that the absolute limit is $2,000.”)


But I have to go because 1) I’d like to see my playmat collaboration totally put together and on display, 2) I’d like to see how much it actually goes for and 3) I promised one of the other moms (who is just as broke as I am) that I’d be there to giggle with her.

Now, I know that some of ya’ll just read all of that and your brain just had a thought:

K.C. where are the “after” pictures of the playroom??? A promise was made!! Show us some pictures!!!

Welllllll…. what had happened was…

We aren’t quite there. The windows, which we are doing in a whitish color, needed a second coat, and so did the blue wall. I just spent the last 2 precious hours of nap time doing the blue, while The Husband did the white on the windows last night (because I just didn’t have it in me. I went to bed because I was too exhausted to do anything after cooking dinner last night.) We are going to do the final part, the orange accents, tonight. After that, we’ll be done with paint, I pray. We got with National Floors Direct yesterday, and they will be installing a new carpet on Monday. I don’t know exactly what time that they will arrive, but I am really hoping that it’s in the morning so that way I can have the “after” picture of paint and carpet in my Monday post. Along with, hopefully, some snippets from the auction.

Hell, I might live tweet the auction… Maybe. I dunno. Only if things just get stupid and mildly entertaining.

Oh, and Terminex came back today. Hornets nest is gone. Ants obliterated. But, I learned that we have Carpenter bees. They live in my basement. I’d never heard of a Carpenter Bee before. Think about drones living in your basement. For realsies, they are that freaking big. “They don’t sting, don’t worry,” the guy told me. Alrighty. “Oh, but they do burrow holes in natural and unpainted wood.”

My whole entire house is made of natural and unpainted wood.

“I seriously doubt they’ll leave the basement. And they only sometimes mess with stained wood.”

Why does everything want to eat my precious house!??!?

Please, Lord. I need a vacation.

I know that I have been inconsistent these last 2 weeks, and I’m sincerely sorry about that because I so respect that your time is precious and you choose to spend part of it reading about my misadventures. Next week presents the first chance in a long time for normalcy. With carpet and paint in the room, little boys and their millions of toys can go back to living in the playroom. That means a clean house again, an uncluttered mind again, and most importantly, a regular schedule again. So back to real blogging, back to fiction writing, and hopefully back to knitting (because I have 2 big projects that I must get done).

I know that this isn’t an official “Quiet Thoughts” post, but I wish you a lovely Friday anyway. I wish you a hearty lunch at a corner cafe, with opportunity to observe people strolling by. I wish you the sound of spring rains falling upon newly emerged and maturing leaves. I wish you the smile and huge of a newly minted graduate, the inspirational words of a fantastic speaker, the memory of your own great achievements. I wish you a phone call from a loved one, a surprise invitation from a friend, or the opportunity to simply sit and do nothing for a spell. I wish you sleep, selfishly indulged in until early afternoon and the satisfaction of knowing that there is no consequence for doing so. I wish you joy, because you deserve it.

24 more challenging hours, then the busy time will be over… for now. If you are one for prayer, I’d appreciate it if you would please ask the Lord to grant me some patience and grace. I usually have a lot of it, but I’ve been too tired to keep them in store of late. And I will need a lot of both to get through tomorrow evening.

At least I got new shoes out of it.

Until Monday, take care.



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  1. Omg wth is wrong with your bug people up there. It’s a bug, Dude; I don’t care where it likes to hang out, what it eats, or whether it prefers pop or jazz, just KILL IT!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      He DID kill it, though he told me that he can’t do much about finding MORE of them. He was like, “When they are flying around like this, there isn’t much I can do…” I’m like, whaaaa? “Anyway, it looks to be a lone straggler anyway…” Alrighty then. Listen, I’m not going into the basement if those little shits are flying around. Seriously, have you seen those things? A bird would choke on one. A CAT would choke on one! They are MASSIVE!

      1. I’m sayin! I would have half the town razed just to make sure. It can be Peggy’s half. Ooh, I think I said that out loud…

        1. K.C. Wise says:

          Lordy. When I think of that woman, the little girl in me just wants to run away. Go find another school and live happily ever after. But, as you so tactfully put it, the Frederick Douglas in me simply won’t allow it. I have to stay disciplined, even when I’m annoyed.

          1. Once you crack her code, she might turn out to be good people. And your heart is strong and kind and big, maybe it’s big enough to handle her insecurities too. I’ll cross my fingers for you.
            If all else fails get her drunk and write down everything she says 😉

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