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A quick post because I just so appreciate your concern and support. I’m so grateful, and I will get to everyone’s comments this week, even if I don’t get a real Quiet Thoughts post on Friday. Hopefully, though, I’ll be done or close enough to done that I’ll be able to write something real… because so much has gone on this week, and I really do have something to write about.

The playmat: Strawberry Field will be done tonight. Will start on Tomatoes and then the “hard” part will be over and I can get to smaller stuff before turning this thing over to my collaborator! There will, of course, be no rest for this weary soul, as all of my energy will then go into painting this dang playroom!

The Exterminator: Came, put down poison, and left. No bugs to be found (including wasps!!), so I’m pleased. Bill was only $50, thank goodness, but now we’re signed up for Terminex’s bigger service for money every month… *sigh* Still better than the $307 initial visit plus 4 additional visits of $160 each that Orkin was going to do, and that only covered the carpenter ants and nothing else. Terminex covers the house, the barn, inside and outside and they take care of rodents and termites. No brainer.

The Playroom: We have to wait at least one more day before we can go into the nest and begin to repair the damage. In the meantime, The Husband is priming a window that we removed from the playroom to regloss (glaze? Reglaze?) anyway. The plastic sheeting over the removed window is a totally classy look right now. We hope to put the window back in tomorrow and then begin the process of repairing the wall.

Tonight: Finishing the strawberry field, starting tomatoes, and baking banana break for snack tomorrow because, as these things go, I’m parent helper.

It has been a week. I’m tired to the point of losing focus. Parent helping will be a welcome, if time consuming, distraction. Then I’ll be back at it like whoa.

But just know that your comments and supportive words (and good advice) over the last few days have meant more than gold to me. You are all just too wonderful. Thank you a million times!


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  1. Lol regloss, you’re killin me Smalls. Orkin bad. They water down their shit. While you’re using Terminix, and after this crazy is all over, talk to the locals. Sometimes a local outfit can do ya one better and uses a better spray than some national chains.
    The embroidery is really cool. I have no patience for that. And I’m clutzy and poke myself. My deepest admiration.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I poked myself a good few times. No blood though, thank God!

      Regloss. Listen, I’m still getting with the vocabulary. My Husband has given me the evil eye a few times like, yes, you MUST actually learn the right word for the right thing. “Thingy” is no longer a thing I can say. I swear he’s gonna make something akin to a swear jar. I’m good at a many thing, but I’m new to the DIY scene!!

      He did it, though, and reinstalled the window. Of course, he broke one of the ropes needed for the opening and shutting of the thing. We bought the rope over the weekend, but we still have to fix the damn thing.

      1. Haha no worries, you’ll get it and soon enough you’ll sound like a pro. We all start somewhere.
        It’s a good thing the rope broke on him rather than on a Major or Minor’s wee fingers or head. Those ropes get old and brittle over time and need replacing after a while. You’re actually one step ahead now 🙂

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