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4 years ago

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Remember how I said that the house is a mess and all of our systems of order have broken down because of how busy we are?

Last night at 11:30, I realized this terminex guy is gonna be all over this house.

So, precious embroidery time is going to turn into frantic clean the entire house time.


Life is good.

This was all just a bad idea.

6 Replies to “Oh, and…”

  1. I’ve missed so much!! 5yo had his tonsils out today, and I’ve been working a ton. But, forget the fact that you have to clean that house for that guy. Trust me he’s seen so much worse! Haven’t you seen hoarders? And believe me, those people have bugs!! So, don’t even worry about crap like that. And, I like the color palette you chose for the playroom. Can’t wait to see the final result!

    1. Poooorrrr baby!!! I didn’t know they took out tonsils anymore! Poor little dude! Hope ya’ll are ok! Gonna pop over to your blog for the low down!

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