Torn in Too Many Directions…


I know that the rest of America is having another non-conversation about race in America because two old White men decided to say mean stupid things about Black people. I know that it’s a big deal when old White men say mean, stupid things about Black people because, you know, that never happens and it’s totally unexpected and all… And I don’t really feel like writing about it because, hell, what else is there to be said?

You know what you should know about? You should know about the seemingly lack of urgency that the state of Massachusetts and my beloved Governor apparently  have regarding the rising body-count that the Department of Children and Families is responsible for. Did you know that 2 infants died here in Massachusetts over the weekend? Two infants who were under the supervision of state DCF? Did you know that a 5 year-old kid who was under the supervision of DCF went missing in September, but the state didn’t know about it until December? Did you know that they just found his body 2 weeks ago? Someone just discarded this precious little boy off the side of a highway. Did you know that my Governor didn’t accept the resignation of the woman in charge of our state’s DCF until Monday? Yeah. I love my Governor, but I’m sick to death of this story and his excuses around it.

I want to write more about this story, but I’ve got to finish the embroidery for this stupid playmat. The more I do, the less I feel like I’ve accomplished. I have a check-in with my collaborator tomorrow morning, and I’d like to have more to show than what I have right now.

So, I’m off to continue to put in a field’s worth of strawberries…

Here is the color-scheme that The Husband wants for the playroom.



It’s very… imperialist to me…  He calls it “classic” and “patriotic” but… I don’t know… I just see “nautical” and “oppression.” He told me I was being ridiculous. Am I? Am I?? I told him that he was oppressing me with his name calling.


I will probably be feeling a little more relaxed about this stupid playmat on Friday, so I’ll be here with Quiet Thoughts. I do have something that I want to write about for that anyway. Hopefully the news cycle will have calmed down by then, too, and I will be a little less pissy about things. Thank the Lord for BBC World News and PBS Newshour so that I can get real and actual news right now!

See you Friday!



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  1. I agree about the color scheme. I see patriotic, but I see “Old America” in those colors. Maybe exchange one of the blues for a yellow? Wait…that would be nautical. lol Well, maybe it will look nice!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one! He says that the red would limited and thus it would be a little less pronounced, but still!! I need to look at some oranges or greens or browns or something…

      1. Yes, I would do that too. Good idea!

  2. Imperialist? Can we think earth tones not empire? Just for now, just for a little while, just while we’re trying to fight The Man Show with its conquering and oppressive shitwadism? The earth has many reds, whites, and blues.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Wait… so are you telling me that I can’t call my husband an oppressive imperialist swine?

      1. Oh, absolutely you can, all the while beating him over the head with Fifty Shades of Gray haha

        1. K.C. Wise says:

          Life is only worth living if you are free to beat your husband up about 50 Shades of Gray. We live in the best of times!

          1. Gloria Steinem would be so proud.

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