To Industry and Vitamin D

Photo: My little bears thought that it would be a great idea to take the dirt out of my flower pot (remember that gift I gave The Husband during our anniversary?), disperse it all over my front porch and in their hair and all over their clothes. Allll of that diiirrt…. all of that curly, curly hair… There was a most epic pre-lunchtime bath today!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to reply to comments from Friday. I’ve been outside… like, nonstop… From my coffee to a brief moment after dinner, I’ve been outside. There was much raking of leaves and moving of leaves into compost piles and cutting down told ugly shrubs and moving a surprising amount of rocks from one place to another… We turned around, saw a project and just devoured it. I tried to take pictures of the progress, but the boys ended up throwing dirt and making a huge mess on my porch today, so I got distracted. Needless to say, I’m looking at my front yard and I’m feeling utterly satisfied.

Inside the house there was much to do, too. The Husband finally put the bathroom back together after our little water incident. I took some preliminary steps to take care of my pre-in-law visit task list (they are coming on Saturday. Oh joy.). In a few found moments, I learned something new about a topic I’ve never really thought about and I started my first real and actual knitting project. I think it will be a quick thing to do (I’m using size 8 needles) so hopefully I’ll have something to show for it by Friday.

The quote of my weekend came from The Husband. who came downstairs after putting the boys down for a nap and couldn’t wait to get back outside: “I’ve never been so happy about a Spring before.”

That’s a big deal, you see, because he’s a burly crazy bearded lumberjack looking man who is constantly harping about his “blood of the North” and his immunity to cold. He’s usually sweating as soon as the thermometer reads 59 or above and bitching about it from April to October. For him to be out there all day and come in covered in dirt from head to toe with a smile on his face.. let’s just say I haven’t been this happy for a really long time. And neither has he. He looked like the boy I met in high school again.

I hope that I can keep this good feeling going until the end of the week. I have so much to do to prepare for my delightful in-laws on Saturday. It’s only a 24-hour stay, and yet I feel compelled to find every speck of anything in this house and blast it away with chemicals. There is part of me that wants to just say “Screw it” and do nothing outside of my normal cleaning routine for the week… but I can just see that woman’s face now…

I do want to mention something interesting that I noticed over the weekend. “Three” has presented a bit of a strain on my relationship with Ursa Major of late, but we’re working on it slowly but surely. There is absolutely no change when it comes to potty training, and I find myself becoming more and more frustrated by this, but there are other things that he is attending to. Ursa Major has been studying “Family” and what it is and what it means to him. The Husband and I have been peppered with questions all weekend at interesting times.

More importantly, Ursa Major is starting to expand his interests and values. Where his life has been alls about trains, cars, and trucks, suddenly he will stop everything he’s doing at the end of the day to watch me cook and then “help” his father clean the dishes. And it’s a sincere interest–he wants to smell all of the ingredients, he wants to stir the stuff in the bowl, he wants to taste every little thing, he wants to know why the grease pops. He has decided that his favorite spice is cumin and he’s disappointed when I don’t use it. He wants to know why my favorite ingredient is garlic and what the difference between powdered garlic and real garlic is. He loves to observe the difference between the raw thing I put in the oven and the finish product that comes out. He’s excited to learn about what you can eat now  and what you have to cook. He likes to watch how I stir things or flip things, and he imitates my hand movements. I won’t let him too close to the stove or to my knife set, but he’s watching me like a hawk and eager to listen to me explain what I’m doing.  And when we’re done and I thank him for his service, he very seriously says “I’m your sous chef, mommy. I’m your sous chef.”

It’s these moments that get me through the other times… the challenging times. And there is more that he is doing and exploring, too, that makes me remember why I get up in the morning. Especially when he stops to look at me as if he’s never seen me before. I see him studying what I’m doing.

Which is scary because clearly  I’m a bad example of humanity on virtually all levels!

Three is still a challenge. I’m trying to keep it in perspective. He’s this little thing with a brain trying to comprehend a lot of data coming at him all day every day. He’s got more language to express his feelings, but neither the maturity, experience nor full vocabulary to be able to fully communicate what he is going through. That’s tough, and frustrating, and his outbursts are usually an expression of that frustration rather than anything else. Where he was pushing boundaries before simply to see what he could get away with, he’s now focusing his efforts on testing the limits of his own power. What is he capable of? What can he create? What can he destroy? How can a creature be so fascinating and infuriating at the same time?

Go out there and get industrious today, reader! Go put your hands in some dirt or get your hands on a tool! Let the sun shine kiss your skin, highlight your hair, color your vision! Go discover some green somewhere! It’s too nice of a day to blog and read blogs!

I’ll see you Wednesday. 🙂

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  1. Miriam Joy says:

    “Don’t worry that your children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.” My parents have that stuck on their noticeboard 😉

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Oh my God. The fear this strikes into my heart is indescribable! I really need to stop beating up little old ladies in the parking lot of the grocery store…

  2. We did lots of outside today, for tomorrow is the end of outside for a while. Tomorrow is the first day of the 95’F-and-above weather, and it’s here to stay. AZ is switching on its A/C ’til October.
    Summer here sux for two reasons: it’s so hot everyone stays inside, and thus all Valley activities are relegated to the indoors; it’s FREEZING indoors. Summer here is my winter: cold, isolated, trapped.
    But tomorrow I’m snubbing Arizonans and their fear of the heat and repotting my damn plants that have been living in the garage since I moved here. Then I’m watering, pruning and taking the half acre botanical garden. They can have their A/C and sports bar trivia-I need dirt!
    However when the mercury hits 114′ I’m kicking back with a good book and the plants can fend for themselves.

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Sooooooooo, I’m confused.

      You left the old place because you hate winter.
      The new place has extreme summer.
      So the indoors is, like, winter. From now til October…
      And you’re like…. totally cool with that?
      Did I miss something in this math problem?
      And how can you plant anything there!?!? Isn’t it, like, desert?? Like real and actual totally sandy gets freaking SAND STORMS desert down there??? What grows there other than Wild-E-Coyote Cactus?? And tumble weeds? That’s a thing, right?

      1. Haha I better get you some pics up on the blog, and quick.

  3. Now, back to you:
    As I was reading this I was thinking how it seems they are growing very very fast, and every minute must have its own amazement and craziness about it. I feel so privileged to be an observer. I learn a lot about myself watching y’all do what you do. Thanks for the perspectives 🙂
    And I TOTALLY did not picture Husband as a lumberjack. Fantastic surprise!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I’d post a picture, but he’d kill me.
      The Husband looks like a viking. Seriously. He’s built like a mountain with wide broad shoulders. He’s really solidly built. He isn’t a super-crazy tall man, but taller than I am. Probably 6-foot 1ish. He has a pretty good beard going that he’s had since we started college (only shaved in off totally twice since then. He’s done the goatee for a while, too, which I love. He prefers the beard and I don’t mind it, so that’s what he keeps). He has this pretty golden-brown hair. It isn’t blonde, it isn’t brown, though it has pure gold strands for highlights. It’s lovely. He oscillates between a pretty conservative boy-scout 1950’s haircut and almost-to-his-shoulder wavy rock-star hair. I really (REALLY) like it when he grows it long… but then it gets in his face and yada yada yada… Yeah, he’s something. Most people see us together and don’t really expect it (or get it) and I don’t care. I often tell him that there is something chemical going on: Hormones and pheromones and what what. The babies turned out pretty well, so I’m probably more correct than I realize!

      And I’m so glad that you are here, because you make writing the blog that much more fun. And I found the email! I am going to dig in right now with my coffee before I start my day!

      1. The hell with people–you are all beautiful! What a fantastic blend of people parts and gorgeous minds to go with them. Sounds to me like your family’s just right 🙂

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