Oh, universe, you are too cute!

Happy Monday, Reader!

I am so fortunate that i was able to purchase a new smartphone a few weeks ago, because who knew that i was going to have to blog via my phone today? Just as i was about to share the nonsense of my weekend, my house stopped humming. No power. I heard a transformer blow earlier in the day, but we kept power, so i didn’t think much of it. Well, looks like it was a bigger deal than i thought because some 300 folks in my town don’t have power. What’s worse, some truck just spilled an entire load of crap on the road just a few feet from my driveway…trucks go flying down my street like it isn’t a big deal…there is a townmeeting next month and i am SO looking forward to getting my civic duty on. Local government is fun government.

Anyway, i reserved my evening for writing fiction with some other folks, so i can’t write a nice one today. Sorry, y’all! Blame the universe for stealing my power from me!

See you Wednesday!

That’s my whaaaaat? face. Also, first selfie ever.

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  1. [ Chuckles ] You found out the hard way that smartphones come in rather handy.
    I hope your power supply returns soon!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I HAVE!! It was a pain in the butt to write that post, but I am glad to know that if I have to write a post on the fly, I can! It also means that I don’t have any excuses! Bad, Bad, Bad!

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