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Photo: Blessed are the hands that bake the bread… or something? I have made bread all week. This is the brioche that I baked today. We’ll slice it for French Toast tomorrow morning. When I started this blog, I was not a baker. I was challenged to learn and now I love it. I’m grateful for this time that I’ve been given to learn and grow and explore the other facets of my personhood. Part of me wonders how much longer of this I have. Another part of me wonders if I’ve been doing the right thing with my time.


My Quiet Thoughts are about sharing, because that was clearly the theme of my week. I started my week by opening up my home to neighbors, family and good friends, and I ended it with phone-calls and impromptu conversations that ended up being a lot more than the usual shallow banter. I’m sitting here right now coming off of a very fascinating discussion about religion and faith with a member of my writing community–I just spent the better part of an hour answering questions and asking some of my own, sharing stories that I’ve told few people. It has been exhilarating and exhausting, terrifying and uplifting.

But when I think about it, it’s more terrifying than anything else. I suppose that it is the introvert in me, but I don’t think of myself as that interesting to begin with, and I firmly believe that most of my thoughts and ideas are fairly foolish. I’m also fairly sure that, especially in person, I’m not terribly articulate at all. So I’ve spent the better part of this week wishing that I could erase the entirety of my Monday, and some parts of my Tuesday and Thursday as well.

I write that and I realize that there is some introvertedness in my words and also some Millennialness in my words. It is so easy to type at this keyboard and fuss with it and censor it to my heart’s content. I don’t spend a lot of time self-censoring, but I do try to erase what seems to be boring or asinine, only putting my moment’s best up on the screen and out into the wide wide internets. As you’ve noticed, there isn’t anything remarkable to see here–I’m a woman and a mother trying to make things work. I woke up yesterday with the grand idea that I was going to delete this blog. “Who wants to read another stupid mommy blog?” I asked myself. “Who are you to write about your life as if you have something to contribute? How large could your ego possibly be?” Indeed, I’ve strayed away from the original purpose of this blog–which was to seek some sort of sisterhood among other suburban Black moms out there. It’s turned into a diary of sorts… which isn’t what I wanted. You all have your own issues, your own diapers to change, your own bills to pay.. right? I have often felt like I’ve written posts that are severely unworthy of your time. When I think about the time that I’ve wasted, I get heart palpitations.

I recognize that there is fear and hurt in the words that I’m typing. As I open up to new people and see to either strengthen existing relationships or create new ones, I remember the ones that I’ve lost or severed over time. The mind wanders to the potential squandered, the intimacies divulged, the vulnerability exploited.

But then again, it feels good to share. It feels good to ask and answer questions, to learn and connect. It feels good to know something unexpected, to be surprised when something comes out of nowhere. I appreciate that I’ve spent my entire week mulling over questions and feeling inspired and yet utterly and terribly inadequate and foolish at the same time. That’s invigorating. (There is the optimism… I knew I’d find it.)

So on this Friday, I’ll share with you, dear reader:

I found a lump in my breast a week after Christmas. While I was sitting in my mother’s house worried over every last other thing in my life, I found it. I sat on it for 2 months, not telling anyone but my husband (and my doctor) because I didn’t want to add to the drama of my life. There were a few times, in the dark moments when I let my mind wander down the rabbit hole, that I thought I’d share on this blog. But I didn’t want to alarm anyone and I didn’t want it to seem like I was looking for attention or unnecessary sympathy. I had an ultrasound last week and they found that there is something there but it is benign. That’s the reason why I posted so late on Friday–I was in and out of 4 doctor’s appointments trying to get everything sorted out. I am relieved and humbled, and evermore cognizant that I have little control over the course of my life. These worries brought renewed urgency to some parts of my life and de-emphasized the urgency in others. To reiterate: I’m fine and grateful to be so.

I’ve been writing this post for the better part of an hour. I’ve written two other things that I thought I would share and have erased them both. It’s funny how we determine what is interesting, what is worthy of being shared. I think that I’ll try to write two “nice” posts this month that share something personal (like what I did when I was on vacation back in September). We give what we get, right? I’ll give a little.

On this and all Fridays, I congratulate you on your accomplishments and wish you the opportunity to indulge in an end-of-the-week ritual. Even if that’s going to be at 9 tonight and sleeping until you can’t sleep anymore. I wish you the song of a returning bird in the trees, or a pop of green in the ground under the melting snow, or even a glimpse of the first buds emerging from awakening trees. I wish you a seat at a sugarhouse, cutting into a stack of buttermilk pancakes and syrup fresh from the maple tap. I wish you the sight of an animal (the foxes just left from under the barn. They are so gorgeous!) and the reminder that we humans weren’t the only ones who suffered this extreme winter. I wish you a smile from across a crowded room, a text from a random friend, a good story from an elder, or a pleasant chat with a friend in a beautiful place. I wish you one good meal prepared by skilled hands and a loving heart. I wish you a moment of feeling foolish and the reminder that you aren’t always the smartest person in the room. I wish you the opportunity to help someone else–to be the hero of a person’s day. I wish you inspiration, great or small, and the exhilaration that goes with it.

Until Monday, stay warm and take care.

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  1. zeudytigre says:

    In opening up to others you are granting them a gift, a part of you. I guess we self censor every conversation to protect ourselves. There is a fear perhaps that the gift will not be understood, valued, appreciated.

    I would certainly miss your blog if you chose to discontinue it. I am also curious that you envisaged it as a way of linking in with other black women, not just women. I wonder if I need to ‘check my privilege’ for not getting that.

    Two big positives struck me from this post: that you are finding people with whom you can confide, and that your health issues are not as you feared. Obviously the latter is a big one. Alongside everything else you have had to cope with this year that must have been draining.

    When I read other blogs it is often the mundane that I connect with, how others cope with the day to day issues that I can relate to. I choose to read a fair number of mummy blogs. Yours is that and a good deal more besides.

    Hugs xx

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      You are always so kind to me, Jackie. 🙂 Thank you! And I’d never tell you to “check your privilege” and if I did, it would be in a joking manner!!

      It’s funny, I started this blog because I thought I could use it to seek a community that I currently wasn’t feeling connected to. I thought that maybe there were other motivated, successful yet at-home suburban Black moms out there who I could find and connect with. Over a year later now, I’ve come to realize that my scope was very narrow, that my experiences as a mother have far less to do with my race than they do my class and my geography, and that motherhood is difficult for everyone. I was, essentially, a fool when I started this blog. (I’m still a great fool now, but just in many different ways). I’m grateful for every single person who has every decided to read one of my posts, and I’m ESPECIALLY grateful for you and Meredith and Amber and Miriam and the others who are constantly coming back and saying hello. I’m richer and wiser because you are reading. The gifts that you bring are very precious to me.

      I think that I hit one of those mommy walls of “is this REALLY what you should be doing with your life? Couldn’t you be doing something MORE?” this week. I have the great privilege of knowing several people who are incredibly successful and interesting and on trajectories that will take them to places that I can only dream about. When I spend time with them, I am inspired and reminded of my days of great ambition and potential… and then they leave and I’m left with diapers and laundry, and that lingering feeling that I’m not living up to my potential. This is the foolishness of having no patience, not understanding that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be (and that I actively made decisions to put me here) and that the grass is always greener on someone else’s lawn. It was a moment of weakness and being unappreciative. (A Millennial Moment, even!) I love this blog. It is one of the few things in my life that is purely mine and has all of the potential of whatever energy I want to put into it. I get what I give here, and that’s awesome. I won’t give it up. I’ll just try to elevate it more through more thought and better prose. If I keep improving with every post, I’m succeeding.

      The posts that you write about your own family and your older kids makes me hopeful and scared at the same time. I feel like you’re doing just as much work as I am with even less appreciation (because Lord knows, teenagers always miss the forest for the trees). I really think that you are amazing. If you;re here, I’m here. That’s how it’s gonna be!

  2. So glad to hear that everything is OK. What a relief. And, I’m so glad you choose to share your life. I agree with Jackie, I would miss your blog too. 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you so much, Meredith. You and Jackie are always so wonderful! I’m not going anywhere… I just had one of those weeks. 🙂 I’m here to stay!

  3. Miriam Joy says:

    I think there comes a point when every blogger wonders why they’re doing what they do and if anybody actually cares. Personally, I read your blog because it gives me insights into a life that I’ll never live (because I’m white and British and don’t plan to have children and therefore we are very different people). As a writer, I consider blogs a form of people-watching that I can do from my bedroom. Plus, I’ve got kind of invested now. I’ve been reading long enough that I want to see how things work out. Hang on in there! 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Sooo, if I read any of your work and I encounter a spastic crazy Black woman, I’ll know that she’s based on me?? 🙂 I’ll take that!

      1. Miriam Joy says:

        Ha ha ha, well … now that you come to mention it. 😉

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