[Quiet Thoughts] Taking Stock at the End of the Month

Photo: Proof that I have been knitting! There are a certain amount of rows of stockinette stitch curled up around that needle. Also, this is the first picture I’ve taken with my new (pre-owned emergency) phone! And…uh…. I dunno, I feel like the quality isn’t any better than I’ve had with my other phone. Seeing as I’m now the common denominator here, I’m starting to wonder if I just suck at taking pictures? ….. uh…. Well, there are a lot more options for manipulating the camera, so I’ll try to improve…


Another late post on a Friday. The end of the week, I must say, was a bit of a bear. The Husband had to travel… that meant me in this house listening to every crick and crack and bump and thump for two nights with no sleeping. And two babies who were delighted to do a little bit of rebelling, seeing as there was no daddy around to impress. As soon as Daddy didn’t show up for dinner on Wednesday night, it was on like Donkey Kong. 

We survived. I heard all the bumps and thumps and none of them seemed to be the boogie man or an ax-murderer. Interestingly, when I woke up on Thursday morning, I got to listen to a fascinating discussion about the news and how we consume it, and how our local news makes us all think we’re gonna die. Fascinating stuff, really. I love OnPoint so much. 

Anyway, I’m still in recovery. It’s funny how The Husband is the one who traveled but I’m the exhausted one. It didn’t help that I was poked and prodded at no less than 4 doctor’s appointments today in order to capitalize in The Husband’s day off today. Now I’ve got to get myself together enough to create beautiful delicious kinklings tomorrow. Though, I just read through the recipe and 1) I need nutmeg and I don’t have any…so… I gotta go buy some first thing tomorrow morning and 2) the first rise is 90 stinkin’ minutes! Whaaa? How did I forget that!? I gotta get started EARLY tomorrow… 

But my Quiet Thoughts aren’t about tomorrow. My Quiet Thoughts are focused on the month. Can you believe that it is the last Friday of the month? Again? Where does the time go? 

First, I’m going to congratulate myself for surviving an entire week without a cell phone. What a warrior I am, running around the world not being tethered to the grid! And I only got a nervous twitch once! My reward for my suffering? My new (pre-owned) phone came today! Hurray!! I get to play with it and get it all customized and junk after I’m done writing this post! 

Let’s look at some other accomplishments, shall we? 

1) I learned how to Stockinette Stitch. That means that I’m knitting and purling like a pro! I can even knit stitch an entire row without looking at my work, and fairly quickly! Purling is a little slower, but I’m gaining speed with every row. Next step? Figuring out this whole gauge thing and probably expanding my needle set so that I can actually do projects that I read. Oh.. and I should probably learn how to actually read patterns? I think I’ve got the hang of it, though. 

2) I submitted one short story this month and I started looking for other places to submit to! How many more times can I chronicle my submission to Lightspeed before you stop reading my blog? Well, I’m proud of myself, so there! I haven’t found my next conquest yet, but I am working on my next story and outlining ideas. This is for a longer project, though. Because, as we all know, I hit a huge snag in my Worthy Challenge this month. So I have to mine the Muse for ideas. Thank God for NPR… every time I turn on the radio, new stories just flood my brain.

3) I had no less than 3 separate social outings this month, with new friends and old ones. And it was very nice. Time consuming, but nice. Especially last Sunday morning, when I got together with a few old work friends for a good 3 hours at a coffee shop and gossiped and cackled like days of old. It was a great day.

4) I learned two new recipes that are delicious and a couple of techniques as well! Which is giving me a big confidence boost, because after Fish Fridays for Lent, I’m going to try for one month of Meatless Mondays. Need to feel like a confident home cook going into these new menu plans!

I’m feeling pretty good about these! There were bumps and bruises along the way, but this is really good. And you wanna know the best thing about the month of February? On Monday, the final inspections on the work for the house were done. No more workmen. We’re completely finished. I enter March workmen free!!! 

For the month of March, I’m looking forward to dedicating my mind to a bit more study. Not only do I plan to read the Bible nightly during Lent, but I’d very much like to start listening to EdX lectures again. As I’ve been thinking about writing and exploring what I like to write and how, I realize that some of my best ideas come from stories I hear on NPR or concepts I encounter during lectures or documentaries. Writers are learners and I love learning. Time to reestablish a learning routine this month. Reflection and contemplation are also an important part of writing, so I’m looking forward to recommitting to my faith and spending some of my time reconciling my faith with my intellectual convictions. It is going to be a fascinating few weeks, for sure! 

What have you accomplished this month? Was this month better than last month? (I can certainly say that my February was significantly better than my January!) What are you goals for the month of March? Did you know that tomorrow marks meteorological spring??? Good thing they are talkin’ ’bout snow here on Monday, huh? Lordy. 

Oh and one more thing: That I think my new phone has a better camera on it than the one on my old phone. So, better, less blurry pictures are in the future for the blog? Movin’ on up, ya’ll! 

On this frigid Friday, I hope as ever that you are warm and that you’ve taken the time to secure that other people in your life are warm as well. During these cold-snaps, I hope that you’ll consider donating (or making!) a blanket to a homeless shelter in your community, a family in need, or a faith community that can send it somewhere it is needed. I hope that you will consider donating food to any of those options as well, as we know that food supplies can sometimes run low after the holidays are over and people forget. I hope that you’ll choose to give your time and your passion to someone who is worth of it in whatever way you are able to give. Sometimes our presence and our thoughtfulness is worth more than any money we could possibly give. I wish you a tight hug on this Friday, with a welcoming laugh and a pat on the back. I wish you a mug of strong coffee or tea accompanied by music and a good story. I wish you a “good luck” or a “great job” or a “I’m proud of you” from someone you admire and respect. I wish you the opportunity to say those words to someone who looks up to you. On this weekend, I wish you love and joy. 

Until Monday, take care. 

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  1. Miriam Joy says:

    I don’t think my February was as productive as my January, but I did finish the book I’d been writing, and I’ve had a LOT of schoolwork to cope with. (Four essays this weekend — I’ve done three of them so far…) Although technically this weekend was the beginning of March … and I really hope it’s not starting as it means to go on because I will actually cry. It’s been … reasonable, I think. A lot of things happened.

    Congrats on getting the knitting going. I tried to learn to knit a couple of times and failed every time. Like, I understand the concept and I can do it very slowly while looking at my hands, but I think I just don’t have the patience to do it long enough to be able to speed up or do it without looking. It’s not my skillset. I’m tolerable at sewing, though…

  2. K.C. Wise says:

    You finished a book AND all of your school work? Go on, girl! That’s awesome! You’ve done more than I have this month! Do it, do it!!

    There are so many women who I admire who knit and I like the connection that I feel so something very old when I’m doing it. It is not easy work, and I haven’t been able to FINISH anything yet. But it is nice to be able to do something and keep my fingers busy when my mind is in knots. My first craft was embroidery and I absolutely love it. I love the intricacy of it, the fine lines and pretty details. It is not good that I learned to embroider before I learned to knit because I am averse to knitting with large needles now. I want to knit everything with size 4 needles which is NOT a good idea and makes everything take FOREVER.

    Seems like you had a pretty awesome month, Miriam. 🙂 Hope March is treating you well already.

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