Snow Day!

Photo: Oh, the barn. Isn’t it lovely in the snow? Lord, I don’t know what I’m going to do with that space. It needs a foundation before we can really do anything to it. I fear that whatever work it really needs is beyond us and that it’s never going to be restored and made useful. The Husband calls it “low priority,” which is fine, but I really think that it is a benefit to us and I’d like to brainstorm ways to bring it back to life and bring us a little benefit. I think it could be a great garage or mancave for The Husband. Or guesthouse, even? (a place to put my inlaws? And maybe I’ll always keep it at a balmy 40 degrees for them? mwahahaha) I don’t know. I need ideas and capital to make anything happen…

I am sorry that this is such a late post, and it will be a short one, too. I had a choice this morning: Blog and then write a little fiction, or try to write as much fiction as possible. Next Friday is the deadline for Lightspeed and I really, really want to submit for it. I know that I’ll probably be rejected, but I want to take the chance, especially because I like the idea that I’ve been working on. Of course, I’m a manic perfectionist and I keep erasing what I’ve done. I’ve probably dedicated somewhere in the ballpark of twenty-thousand words to this one story. Each iteration is a little bit better, but it isn’t right yet. I know that my perfectionism in this regard is stifling my opportunity to learn and grow. Then again, I also see improvement with each crack at this idea I’ve taken. There is still time, though it is increasingly short. I also started looking at my manuscript from NaNoWriMo over the weekend after reading stuff about editing and taking the plunge. I’m reading my work and I’m like “This is the worst thing that I’ve ever written in the history of my life.” That’s probably not a good start, right? I’m supposed to push the “Publish” button on a book in 7 months! I don’t know what I’m going to do. The writing will be the easy part. The deciding that it’s worthy for such drastically public view… I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it…

I did, however, take a moment to take the boys outside in the snow today. This was purely for selfish reasons: I wanted a guaranteed nap today! They didn’t take one yesterday and it killed my day! It took the better part of forty minutes to get them dressed for the snow. Of course, upon placing them in the beautiful powdery goodness, both of them immediately started to cry. I walked away, shrugging. “You were both born in New England! Learn to love this stuff!” I detected a southern twang as I shouted this to my children. (Just kidding. I very rarely speak with a southern accent…) Anyway, this was unconvincing to them. Ursa Minor simply screamed louder while Ursa Major resolved to negotiate. His tactics were good enough to convince me to get the shovel. I decided to create a path so that Ursa Minor could walk with me if he wanted to (I needed to make a pathway to the car anyway. We’ve gotta get to preschool tomorrow). Where Ursa Major enjoyed watching me shovel snow (and did not offer to help), Ursa Minor continued to stand and scream. So, you know, outside time didn’t last very long. To be far, the snow was probably up to Ursa Minor’s thighs by the time we got outside today. That’s intimidating, to be sure.

I also spent my day cooking. I woke up this morning to make breakfast muffins (blueberry for me and the boys, cinnamon and cloves for The Husband) and bacon. There was PB&J sandwiches for the boys after the snow debacle. Frozen pizza for me and The Husband (he worked from home today) and then dinner. When it is a snow day, I like to experiment. Today’s experiment? Honey glazed Fried Chicken via Cook’s Country. You MUST make this. You simply MUST make it! I am not always a fan of America’s Test Kitchen (It’s so…very… just… very…), and I’m not always so sure that I want to go through the rigamaroll for the results that they are looking for. Double-frying chicken, in my point of view, is a ridiculously huge pain in the butt. This recipe calls for you to brine the chicken for up to an hour beforehand (not a huge pain, but kinda a pain) and dip it in a cornstarch batter before frying it… twice. I watched the chefs do this on TV with a scowl on my face the entire time. Why go through all this trouble? This can’t possibly be worth it. Well, what got me to try the recipe was the crunch I heard at the end. Both chefs, after glazing the chicken with the honey/hotsauce mixture that they’d made, took two huge bites of that chicken and the crunch came through loud and clear. I couldn’t believe it. I had to try it for myself. Well, let me tell you, it was FREAKING DELICIOUS. You can try to just dip your regular fried chicken in a glaze after you are done, but I suspect what will happen is that your skin will become mushy and icky and lose that nice crunchy goodness on the outside. The double-fry helps it hold up. The crunch, seriously, makes all the difference. So try it and tell me what you think!

I am hoping that on Friday I’ll be able to write a post that says “There are no more workmen expected in my house.” I don’t know yet if this is possible. The carpenters were done on Monday and I was sincerely sad to see them go. The electrician has two more tasks to do, one simple and one more complicated. And then, of course, inspectors need to inspect and sign documents. And there is a freaking ugly dumpster on my property that I’d love to see go…

By the by, thank you for the fantastic discussion over on my Monday post! I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to everyone–I totally will tomorrow. Didn’t know that one was gonna resonate the way it did. Cool! 🙂

I’m sorry to be a neglectful blogger today. I just want to make this deadline! Hopefully I’ll make this happen!

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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