Quiet thoughts?


I was such a hot mess yesterday. I tried to blog no less than four times! There was not a single point of my day that was quiet enough for bang out a few paragraphs.

Until about 9 o’clock last night.

At 11, my husband found me in bed, laptop in my lap, jazz playing in the background, my fingers on the keys….very asleep… glasses still on, mouth just open… not a good look. Just… just a mess…

The best part about motherhood is that your plans for the day usually go out the window as soon as the babies let out their first wail of the day. Usually, I can power through and get through my agenda. Sometimes… I fall asleep with my mouth open at 9pm.

Forgive me. 🙂 Order is just about restored in my life. We had our Friday morning muffins yesterday, and I’m putting a duck in my oven tomorrow…

What a month, huh? What a crazy few weeks! I’m almost there. Consistent blogging starts again on Monday!

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