With Every Victory Comes Two New Challenges…

Photo: I took the boys to Drumlin Farm today so we could all get some fresh air. Best decision I made all day.



I have a landline, but I can only dial out and cannot get phone-calls in.

I have a 2nd floor toilet and sink, but cannot use the very lovely clawfoot bathtub.

I can use the bathtub and shower in the 1st floor bathroom, but there is no light in it.

As a matter of fact, the only working light-fixture on the 1st floor is in the kitchen.

The ice has receded from my yard, allowing me to walk on the grassy part and get to my car. The is a good thing, because the rest of my front yard is a very, very wet and gooey mud.

The carpenters have put together my kitchen island and have started working on my countertops. However, my stove isn’t being delivered until Friday (was supposed to be delivered today) and my dishwasher has been “backordered indefinitely.”

My plumber is just about done with all of his work, including making it so I can use the upstairs tub. But he won’t finish until the day of his “Final” plumbing inspection. He can’t call for the inspection until the arrival and installation of aforementioned dishwasher.


The electricians may or may not be coming tomorrow to “finish their portion of the job” which would allow us to actually use lights downstairs, and plug in things, and start setting up a playroom for the boys (where there are currently naked electrical wires… and also, no working outlets so I can put in a little space heater).

My carpenters are taking the day off on Friday, and MLK day is Monday…so the soonest I’ll be able to have a functional kitchen is Tuesday if I’m lucky, Wednesday or Thursday if I’m not…


Am I missing anything?

Oh, right: I never made it to Stitch n’ Bitch on Monday night because the boys sorta lost their minds and The Husband (who is working on a big project) was unexpectedly late for work. It’s fine, I didn’t really feel up to it anyway. My husband keeps telling me that I “really need” that social opportunity, and he’s right. But you’ve gotta be in a good headspace for that, you  know? Especially when you are meeting up with people who you don’t know terribly well.

Rose has been offering to help out all week–and after a good back and forth of me basically putting over her overtures, I finally wrote: “…you know what? I’m strong enough to know when to accept help so graciously offered.” So I asked her for a big bowl of salad and pasta.

Why, you ask? Well…

I bought a $5 salad from Roche Brothers yesterday on a whim, sat it in my lap with some chicken that I carved off a rotisserie bird that I bought for dinner, and took two polite bites of it with a fork before the boys and I tore it apart like heathens. Seriously, imagine a grown woman and two toddlers eating a salad by the fist-full–no utensils–and the salad disappeared in under 3 minutes. We sat there, staring at the empty plastic container feeling only partially satisfied. I’ve never missed vegetables so much in my life.

I did take myself to Whole Foods and purchase some fruit–pre-cut blueberries and pineapple for way too much money, and a whole crate full of clementines that’s already 2/3rds depleted.  It is really hard to give these two boys this crappy, crappy food every day. It makes me want to run screaming back to mom’s. We’ve just gotta make good choices about what we’re eating during the day. I’m doing my best, but it’s still not awesome.

But even with alllll of that, and even though I know that I’m not going to be able to bake a batch of muffins in my kitchen this Friday, I’m still feeling optimistic. Because Friday is still going to be better than Monday and next Friday will be pretty damn awesome in comparison. This was a good idea. We’re making a little bit of progress every day.

In order to help keep the toddlers from rebelling, we got out of the house and went to my favorite place: Drumlin Farm. Because we’ve relocated, I was able to take a different way that didn’t involve the major highway here, though I missed driving passed Walden Pond and enjoying the icy view. Instead, I took a beautiful country backroad that was lined, end to end, with farms, estates, and a frozen-over river that simply took my breath away. I don’t think that the winter is a beautiful time, especially in this weird in-between time when there is dirty snow everywhere and not much green to speak of. But MetroWest is changing my point of view every single day. This place seems to just be a showcase of natural beauty no matter what time of year it is. I can’t wait to drive back there as Spring emerges… and heaven help me in the Fall, when all I’m going to want to do is pull over and stare.

The boys enjoyed the farm immensely, getting very close to the sheep and the cows, staring at the chickens and listening to them cluck and crow. They even took the time to notice the changing of the grass and the chirping of the birds, and they absolutely loved staring at the tracks that the tractors made in the mud and ice. It was such a treat to be out in the fresh air, asking them questions, answering theirs, and watching them critically explore. Drumlin Farm is really just a special place. I’ll treasure it and what it gives the three of us for all of my life.

I think that chickens are really cool, but the boys weren't really particularly impressed....
I think that chickens are really cool, but the boys weren’t really particularly impressed….
The sheep, literally, walked up to Ursa Major when we were in the sheep barn. He was too excited!
The sheep, literally, walked up to Ursa Major when we were in the sheep barn. He was too excited!

And when we left, I took a look at the farmstand, which was selling super fresh eggs (for $6, which is ridiculous, but…I can’t help myself). And you know what? They were GREEN! Greeeeeeennnn eggs!!!! Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? The three of us marveled at the carton of a dozen different sized green eggs.

And, of course, we read Green Eggs and Ham when we got home. 🙂

The good is sooo good. The bad is sooo frustrating. But every day is a little different  and a little better. What I see is a house being restored, and a family getting used to it. I love this house more and more by the day, and my plans get grander by the hour. I also see this community and learning how to love a place (outside of Maryland) with a fullness that I haven’t felt in a long time. Dare I write it? I’m proud to own a little part of Massachusetts. I’m proud to call this little part of the world my home.

Ursa Major is turning 3 next week, and I can’t write about it because it makes me all weepy-eyed. Where does the time go? I’m trying to come up with a way to celebrate… The In-laws are coming NEXT month (thank you, Jesus!) for a “party” but we still need to mark the occasion. There will be cake, for sure, but how can I’m going to have to figure out a way to make the day a little extra special. I’m working on it…

Quiet Thoughts on Friday? No muffins or coffee, but I’ll see what I can do.

See you then!

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  1. I really love reading your blog. Thank you for writing so beautifully and honestly! I hope your house comes together sooner than you expect xx

  2. Truthfully, your home struggles really make me feel like babies could possibly come before house completion…you didn’t hear me say that.

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