It’s Better to LOOK Good than to FEEL Good

Photo: Bliss is water, history, and a quiet moment in my own head. The Old North Bridge is another very good reason to love where I live.


My Father, God bless him, has a favorite quote: “You look marvelous! Simply marvelous! And as we all know, it’s much better to look good than to feel good.”

This is the quote of my life. Right along with doing challenging things “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” 

Ohhhhh the folly of writing that lovely little post on Friday!

“Make time for others,” I wrote!

“Our time is precious and should be shared with the worthy,” I instructed!

“We don’t know how much time we have, it is our greatest gift to give and receive,” I pontificated.

Ohhhhhhhhhh and how the universe does laugh at me. Ohhh how it laughs. Because I’m sitting here on December 2nd with quite severe lower back pain. For seriously, it hurts to get up, it hurts to sit down, it hurts to walk. It hurts.

And do I have time to be all laid up like this, in pain, not moving? Hells to the no, because I’ll be a woman moved into a new house by the New Year. And I’ve got this blog post on one side of my screen and on the other side? Oh, that’s just my task list for this month. The Christmas tasks and the Moving tasks. How many items on it so far? Only about 20. But don’t get it twisted, because that’s going to probably double, at least, before I’m done. So I needs to be limpin’ around getting all my stuff done, because this little lady has too much to do!

Let me tell you what I have done.

I have received my Christmas cards and they are adorable. Just lovely. I’m very pleased. If you haven’t done yours, mosey on down to Snapfish. That’s where I did mine this year. Usually, I’m a Shutterfly kind of girl, but I think that their prices are straight up over-the-top this year. So Snapfish got my money and I’m very pleased.

I have also drafted my Christmas letter and have had the language approved by The Husband. I need to add the pictures and get a final approval from him (for formatting and margins and what what, so that way everything fits and looks good. Including pictures, that are always small and what what) so that he can go ahead and print them. I’m trying to decide if we are shelling out for kinkos to print them all nice and quick, but I suspect that is going to be money I don’t feel like spending. Then again, once you plop down the money for the ink that we need and the paper… hmmm… a discussion for this evening. My goal is to have this stuff printed and addressed by Sunday, with them hitting the post office no later than next Wednesday.

And what else have I done?

I have six out of twenty three gifts ordered. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but most people have asked for gift cards, so a lot of these are going to be handled in a matter of a few clicks. I am trying to decide what I want to do about The Husband’s gifts, seeing as they are on an amazon list and he’ll immediately know when I buy them. Same thing with my sister… it sucks when they know what they are getting. Other folk will be getting various prints of the boys from the year, and those are ordered, also from Snapfish and on their way. Am I buying frames, I wonder? Me thinks the answer is going to be a resounding no… 

And then there are the moving tasks. I have a mover, that’s the good news, but there are other things that need to be taken care of–like moving over our cable (and we’re trying to decide if we’re sticking with Comcast or going back to Fios) and getting with other utilities. If I’m not at this keyboard, I’m going to be on the freaking phone. I have a snowplow guy lined up to take care of our drive-way, but not an oil guy to take care of my heat. Priorities, clearly. Clearly.

I also need to buy a stove. I’ve been trolling the interwebs all weekend for a good deal. My contractor also requested that we pick a vanity, a medicine cabinet, and some light fixtures for the kitchen. Those, I just need to choose, but still, that’s a process with the husband because there has to be agreement and what not.

And speaking of my contractor, after a come-to-Jesus phone call this week, I’m going to get one of my two requested walls taken down. As much as I want to be displeased that it’s only one wall, I’m satisfied. Most of the work being done on the house is in the gut, so I’ll never see it, but I’m grateful that it’s getting done. But having the wall between the living room and the dining room partially removed will go a long way toward opening up the house and making it feel larger than it is. I’m looking forward to the boys racing between the living room, dining room, and kitchen and slowly driving me to madness.

So that is all the crazy-crazy. Let’s talk about the good stuff that happened this weekend.

First: My contractor’s crew found something very cool in the barn at the house last week. On my way over to pick up pizza and wings for my visiting brother- and sister-in-law, I ran into the two men in the parking lot. They were like, “we found something at that house.”

I started immediately with the “Oh please, Lord, I can’t deal with any more ‘finds.’ What in the world did you find? I don’t even think I want to know.”

And the leading guy, we’ll call him Sal, put on a big smile and started his story with, “I was in the barn to pop out a window for painting, and a wad of paper came out of a corner. And all I saw were 5s in the corners.”

Oh, now my ears have perked up. “Uh huh?”

Sal’s partner, Reese, starts laughing, “Oh, now you’re interested!?”

I mean, yeah, who wouldn’t be? So he tells this tale of looking at the wad of paper and realizing that it isn’t quite money. My heart deflates.

“It was something else,” he states, “they are old profit sharing notes. Wrigley’s Profit Sharing notes. There are like 40 of them. They are 100 years old.”

Whaaa? Now, half of my mind is like “this is it, this is it! Buried treasure! My bills are paid!!” because I’m crazy. The other half is like “totally useless, good grief, wish it were real money, probably wouldn’t keep it if it was.”

“Anyway,” Sal continues, “I took the roll home, picked out the best preserved one, and framed it for you and [The Husband]. It’s out the house if you want to see it. You can Google and see if the notes are actually worth something. My wife did a search but couldn’t find anything.”

Cursory Googling has found the the notes aren’t worth anything. The United Profit Sharing company no longer exists and they seemed to have done similar things like this with all sorts of different companies. The notes clearly state that the bills (which have serial numbers on them, by the by) can only be redeemed by the person who they are registered to. Sooooooo no big crazy monetary Christmas miracle for this mama.


But it’s pretty to look at. And it was very kind for the gentlemen to frame it for us.

The other cool thing I did over the weekend?

I took my day off on Saturday. Sat in a cozy Panera and banged out 5,000 words. I’m two thirds of the way finished with the story that I started on November 1st. I have so much, too much to do this month, but I plan on finishing that book by Christmas. I was going to put a knitting project on my tasklist, too, but I think I’m going to have to put that on the back burner. I need better knitting needles, anyway. Did you know that there are sets of $100 knitting needles out there?? I’m like, whoa.

But the writing isn’t the cool part of my Saturday off. The cool part of my Saturday off is that I decided to go to the Old North Bridge and see what I could see. It was cold, it was quiet, it was beautiful, it was perfect. What a wonderful place. It is such a privilege to be able to get in my car and be able to go to such important and profound places in our country and our history. To stand on that bridge and to contemplate its significance was wonderful. Moreover, to be able to stand in a beautiful place and allow the mind to wander for a while is a supreme privilege that I rarely get to indulge in anymore.

If you are ever able to travel this great nation, put Minute Man National Park on your must-do list. I can’t wait to revisit in the Spring when color reviews to the land. I really can’t wait to revisit next fall, when I’m sure it will be simply glorious to behold.

I have to make phone calls. And finish this task list. And write some fiction. And purchase more gifts!!

May your Cyber Monday purchases be thrifty! See you Wednesday!



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  1. Treasure! How cool.
    Love this blog, best of luck with your move x

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thanks! And thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

      I wish it was VALUABLE treasure, but that’s the greedy greedy part of me talking. It’s a pretty cool thing to have a little piece of history in the house. 🙂

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