False Summit

Didn’t I tell ya’ll not to congratulate me?

Didn’t I?

E-mail from the selling agent:

“i will know tomorrow if the town will be able to issue us a Title V certificate for the septic on Thursday. Usually, they can take up to 14 days. They said they’d do their best to get it done before then. ”

If you knew that it would take upwards of 14 days to get the Title V certificate from the town, which is required for you to have five days before closing as according to our Purchase and Sale agreement, why, exactly, would you wait until the absolute last minute to get the septic done? Why would you do that? Why would you string us along and do all this bullshit and pussyfoot around when we were going to close? Why would you do that?

So, Friday may be just a regular Friday. Friday may not be closing day.

And if Friday isn’t closing day, it means that I have to delay everything else required for this house by another week or two. We’re talking about moving toddlers in the snow. That’s what we’re talking about. And we’re talking about the potential of not having such a clean and perfect break for our lease, where we might have been able to more easily find someone to move into the place we’re currently living.

I realize that I’ve received more than my fair share of blessings. Then again, I feel like my husband and I are putting a lot of positive energy out into the universe, enduring a lot of crap with patience and graciousness… I’m just wondering when/if the universe will decide to send just a little bit back to us. Those are probably some of the most childish, selfish sentences that I’ve ever written, but it’s how I sincerely feel. I’m just looking for a break, however small, right now.

I’m going to keep this post pretty short because I’m way behind on my novel (I want to be at 15,000 words by tomorrow night at 10–also known as Scandal time, the best time of the week!), but there are other things to talk about, too.

First off, Peggy was completely oblivious when I saw her yesterday. I was all smiles as if nothing was wrong. And not in an icy passive aggressive kind of way–I was sincerely warm and happy to see her. All I gotta do is look good, feel good, and make sure she sees me turn in Ursa Minor’s application for next school year. Mwahahaha.

Second off, I’ve had two phone calls this week related to my search for diversity resources for the preschool crowd–one that was incredibly useful and one that was not so much. Today’s extremely helpful phone call came from the head of an independent school here in New England that makes it clear from bottom to top that diversity and anti-bias education is their mission and their focus. Their clientele is affluent and white, and yet they have put diversity education at the forefront and they are constantly reminding families that diversity is key to academic and moral growth and wellbeing. I’m in love with the school. More importantly, the gentleman who is the headmaster totally spoke my language and gave me real viable strategies on how I can bring conversation to our school community, how I can keep being an advocate for my sons in this environment, and how I can even find resources to share with other moms in my situation. I am beyond pleased and I’m really looking forward to putting as many of those resources on my blog as possible. When I have time… you know, after NaNo.

A short post today! Whaaaa?? So rare! I figure ya’ll needed a break, since I blew your minds with 2500 words on Monday!

If we confirm that we’re closing on Friday, I’ll put an addendum on this post, and then I’ll only post on Friday once I have keys in my hands! So no Quiet Thoughts, just happy dance.

Or, if we’re not closing on Friday, I’ll put an addendum for that, too, and then I’m just going to write the saddest post of all time.

seriously… just like tear shaped paragraphs full of sad sadness.

In the mean time, have a great day!

Update: supposedly the Title V will be ready “by noon tomorrow.” but I don’t know if I believe anything that these people say anymore… so… I’ll probably need to write another addendum tomorrow…

Good news update: I have laid eyes on the Title V. Last anxiety: Finding out how much these closing costs are going to be. Should get that number tomorrow. But either way, we’re on track for Friday closing!

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  1. zeudytigre says:

    Wow. And luck. And (*swear word I would use but you may not appreciate*). The fact that I am following this like a prime time TV show is not a good thing. Except for the skill with which you write. Great post (as ever) but I sincerely hope things work out. xx

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      hahahaha, I’m glad that my blog is entertaining for you! And I’m grateful for your compliment. 🙂 I still feel bad that I’m representing my country so poorly–I’m sure that the American realestate biz is not actually –this– bad. We’re just doing it… wrong… we’re breaking it!!

      And thank you for the positive energy. I’ve laid eyes on the Title V. Keep your fingers crossed, though, because I’m going to be in a lot of trouble if the closing costs are through the roof. We find out the number tomorrow.

  2. Hope it all comes together!!!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you!
      I’ve laid eyes on the Title V!
      Now I have to pray that closing costs aren’t going to break my bank. My bank is so small… so very small…

      We’ll see!

  3. Awwww…some good things are definitely coming your way! God is getting you ready for something great! I will say a prayer for you right now.

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