Me Thinks It’s Nap Time

Photo: A rainy morning that lead to a cloudy/drizzly early afternoon resulted in a completely empty playground on Friday. I couldn’t have been more happy! I let the boys stay out there way past nap time. It was the best! …I’m such an introvert…

I was up and writing at 5:30 this morning. Outlining, actually–there are three stories that are jostling for position in my brain, and I’ve decided to create outlines and worldbuilding for all three of them and then write my draft zero of one of them next month for NaNoWriMo. Not being able to get down the stairs to my living room without waking up the boys, I’ve set up a little writing area in my bathroom. Yes, my bathroom. For some reason, my toilet and bathtub are separated from my sink/vanity by a door, so I’m able to sit on the floor, close both of the doors, prevent the light from getting into the bedroom (waking The Husband) , and then get a lot done. 5 pages worth of handwritten work, actually. I’m pretty pleased with what I got done with my early morning hour.

i spent my next hour getting husband and babies dressed and fed in preparation for playgroup. We spent an hour and a half in the car driving the 20 miles between home and playgroup. Ridiculous. The entire time, I was wondering if this was really how I wanted to spend my Monday mornings. Is this a great way to open up my week? Why hike up my blood pressure first thing in the morning at the opening of another week?

Then our assigned circle-time leader sang three songs in Finnish to the kids. Wow. 

And the other moms/caregivers are really gelling together and becoming a cool little community. It hasn’t taken long for all of us to get comfortable with each other, and the kids are becoming friends. The two hours come and go so quickly, and then next thing I know, I’m in the car again. This takes so much out of me in the morning, but it is just worth the time. I’m worried about trying to sustain these good vibes in the winter time. When we start talking about walking around in the cold and dealing with snowbanks that are taller than I am, am I going to be able to pull this off? I can only hope so. Maybe we’ll get an easy winter like we’ve had an easy hurricane season.

(is anyone else freaked out about the easy hurricane season? Global warming is real, ya’ll.)

The weather here is absolutely amazing. Breezy and gray and beautiful, perfect autumn weather. I celebrated with two great meals: Chicken pot pie on Saturday and a glorious Pot Roast on Sunday. Of course, I couldn’t enjoy the pot roast in its fullness because when it was served, I was at a Dunkin Donuts with my husband and my contractor.

We were at the house on Saturday, taking last measurements and talking final needs. We had to set up the meeting because the HUD consultant informed my husband on Friday that we may need to replace all of the windows in the house because they have peeling paint in them. Not the outside of the windows, no no, those are stained beautiful wood. No, I’m talking about the inside of the window, the sashes and framing or whatever. Yeah, those have peeling paint. It’s a “health and safety” issue, you see, so the HUD/FHA people won’t even think about giving us money until we get that done.

How many windows, you ask? Oh, you know, 20.

How much does that have the potential to cost? About $125 per window.

I mean really… I’m ready for a break

It would seem, though, that when all of the numbers line up, we should end up with a very beautiful and functional home when everything is all over. But we haven’t closed yet. We still don’t know if we’re going to make it to closing. Nobody at the bank can seem to tell us how/if the Shutdown is going to do anything to us. 

So we have to change some of the numbers in the bid to reflect the potential of the windows. When my husband informed the bank, they sent him a very nasty email about it. We can’t have any more extensions, we were told. We never asked for an extension to begin with, you told us that you needed it, we told them. Well, they said, you should have known that this might happen. Oh really? I understand that we’re kinda smart folk (or, at least, my husband is) but we’re first time homebuyers so we don’t know anything from anything. Well, just make sure that you get exactly what is needed so that we don’t have to do anything else, the bank demanded. Dude bro, this was your dude, who you made us hire. Don’t give us any lip about it! Ever since we got that email, I’ve been in angry black woman mode. Don’t get mouthy with me when I’ve been busting my butt to get this done. We’ve both gone above and beyond to facilitate this.

Well, my husband really took it personally. He barely slept a wink on Saturday night and last night was even worse. This dude is jumping out of bed every 20 minutes or so to go to the bathroom or to do something on his computer or to pace around the bedroom and then he would flop back into bed like I’m not sleeping in there. I’d be like “are you ok?” and he’d say, “I’m stressed out” and I’d offer help and then he wouldn’t accept it. Eventually I said, “cool, but could you not flop around in the bed like a freaking giant?” It was a rough night.

So when The Husband woke up at 6:30, he looked like the walking dead. I’m not sure how much sleep he got, but clearly it was not enough. It was a well maintained and respectful silence for the majority of the ride from MetroWest to Cambridge. Only interrupted for a few quips while listening to NPR Morning Edition.

But the energy that I had in the morning is lost to me now. The boys are sorta sleeping and I’m sitting here contemplating a nap myself. The thing is, there are so many more things to do–people to email, people to call, appointments to make (we really need to get flu shots before it’s too late), a newsletter to write and send out, a grocery order to put together.., Lord, it never seems to end.

But I really believe in the power of sleep. 1 hour wouldn’t hurt, right? Just one hour?

Friday is my fifth wedding anniversary. We convinced mom to take the boys for the day. I was hoping that she’d take them overnight, but it doesn’t look like that’s going happen. It means Gene and I are going to really have to carpe diem… Part of me wants to fill the day with as much as I can. Another wants to tell The Husband to play video games till he drops and I’ll sleep and read all day (romantic, no?). What I want to do is go to Mt. Washington and get a really good gander of the view. Buuuuut can we do that in a day and have a nice dinner and get back in time? And then there is the gift… 5th anniversary is the year of wood. And yes, I did indeed giggle a little bit when I read that. Clearly I’m 19 and not 29. Holy context and interpretation!

But I’m classy. Really, I am! I’m contemplating a wooden chess set that I found, or a pretty wooden clock that I found on Etsy. The Husband loves to collect clocks because he’s eccentric… I want to pretend that my husband is not eccentric, but he is… So what I should be doing is planning my anniversary day and purchasing a gift or two… but seriously… nap… I needs it…

I’ll leave you pictures of the boys from Friday. We had the entirety of the playground to ourselves just because it had rained in the morning and it was a little drizzly. The boys absolutely loved getting as dirty as I would ever allow them to–the pre-nap bath when we got home was a disaster. They even had the opportunity to watch the groundskeeper drive the big crazy lawnmower over the fields. Ursa Minor wanted to chase it. I always gave him a 20 step headstart before I’d chase him down and get him. Ursa Major really enjoyed hoarding allllllllll of the trucks in the community sandbox and digging and building to his heart’s content.

Alright, alright… my eyes are drooping.. I’m taking this nap. But only 30 minutes!! Seriously, I have things to do!

I wish you all at least one siesta this week as well. Adults really should take mandatory naps, too. Sleep is important!

See you Wednesday. 🙂


Cooperative play? Sorta... More like "I'm choosing not to oppress you by taking that truck by now. You're welcome."
Cooperative play? Sorta… More like “I’m choosing not to oppress you by taking that truck by now. You’re welcome.”


Ok, this might have actually been cooperative play.
Ok, this might have actually been cooperative play.


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